• Hello.

    28 jan. 2007, 13h44m


    Finally, after a long time of absenteeism, i decided to write something.

    First of all: Thanx to all you people, who wrote a lot of mails and left some words at the shout-box!
    When i read all those mails, you maybe get an answer...
    (There are around 200 mails, only, first i have to sort them)

    Ok, here we go...

    It was in June, when one of our cats REALLY get sick.
    I don't know the right English medical term, but he had a lot of water in his heart; diabetes and some kind of renal failure.
    So he needed silence, that's why i stopped listen to music and i don't gave a f*ck about all those internet-stuff and computers and what ever.

    My wife and me was very depressed at this time 'cause this cat was like a child to us.

    All the money we spend at the vet didn't made a difference.
    2 months later we layed him to rest in our garden.

    At the same time my grandma was sick and we spend many times at the hospital.
    But she was cured and now we have to visit her every two days, to look how it goes and if she needs something.

    Some days later i got a new job as a removal man.
    So the list of my jobs grows bigger and bigger...
    In my life i was working as a coal miner, lathe operator, electrician, construction worker, gardener, driver and some more...

    It's a really hard job and i spend my free time rather with my wife & my friends than with my computer, but i like to meet other people every day, lost some weight and get some muscles. *lol

    Some other things happened and i had a lot things to do, but this were the biggest changes in my life.

    I also got me a new car, my parents were sued by their landlord and won, the district were i live should be torn away and some of my computer-hardware was destroyed by an overvoltage and many of my mp3's were gone.

    Last but not least I'm a procrastinator, so don't do me no harm...

    One or two times a week i will take a look at but if i don't, then it will be the next week.
    I decided to turn off the shout-box 'cause the shouts are gone to fast and if you want to leave a few words, leave it as a comment or write a mail.

    So i hope you all feel fine and the new year started nice for all of you!

    Hugs and \m/,
  • Left Winamp behind...

    3 juin 2006, 4h03m

    Ok. Approximately 10 years of Winamp lies behind me, finally i tried foobar2000.
    I heard a lot of it before but the screenshots haven't really attracted me...
    And i couldn't imagine that there can be a difference in sound.
    Strengthened from my successfully research on Linux(Ubuntu), i tried foobar.
    I know that Linux has nothing in common with foobar but if i can change from Windows to Linux than i surely can change from WA to foobar. ;)
    (And yes, my Workstation now completly runs on Linux.)

    The first steps were, humm, very reserved 'cause it really dosen't look familiar and it tooks me some time to get through all the stuff.
    But looks like it's worth it!
    Foobar & Channel Mixer do a much better work on my sound system than Winamp inclusive some plugins AND my driver settings! The sb-driver-panel is not needed any longer. :)
    I'm really pleased!

    Next time i'll try the kX-drivers.
    The only reason for using the creative drivers were the sb-driver-panel to set 5.1...

    So my conclusion is very positive, i absolutely recommend foobar! But of course you had to test it yourself.

    Here are some links to make testing easier:

    1. A complete guide to foobar2000

      some presets

      3rd party foobar2000 components

      a german forum

      another german forum

    2 hours later:

    After a little testing i can say:
    The kX's sucks.
    Maybe there are some tricks but i like my creative-drivers.

    Thank God i made an image!

    if you're looking for the volume:

    klick there:
  • Other bands play...

    6 mai 2006, 0h04m

    ...Manowar SMELL!

    Long time ago, in my teenage years, i was a big fan of Manowar.
    First time i had seen them was in '86, they were the co-headliner along with Motörhead at the "Easter Metal Blast"-Festivals.

    I didn't knew them before, just went to this Festival to see Lemmy&co.

    As Manowar entered the stage and started to play i was really overwhelmed.
    I can't remember what song they played for opening but i can assure you that i was a fan from the very first second.
    Next day i searched the local record stores for their albums and bought them all.

    I really loved(and still love!)

    # Battle Hymns (1982)
    # Into Glory Ride (1983)
    # Hail to England (1984)

    but i never really was a fan of

    # Sign of the Hammer (1984).

    I also bought all the following studio-albums but i drifted away from them more and more...

    From year to year they appeared to be bigger posers than all other bands in the world(except the ).
    Ok, they are perhaps great musicans and so on, but if i want to hear some classical stuff i will NOT listen to Eric Adams' "Nessun Dorma".
    And whats the silly "glory hallelujah!" in "An American Trilogy"?
    AND WHAT IS "An American Trilogy" FOR A SHITTY SONG????

    Thats not Manowar.

    So all you Manowar-fans out there, i know you will hate me for this, but Manowar are only fakes of themselves today, with all these stupid posing and "Look! I'm so true it hurts!"

    These "If you're not into Metal, then you are not my friend!" is so absolutely senselessly, it's unbelievable.
    E.g. "Sting of the Bumblebee" and "Nessun Dorma": Wtf is metal in this songs??? And the lyrics of "An American Trilogy"? WTF?
    This should be a country song, eventually americans like it but over here in europe it's a needless one.

    A few weeks ago i borrowed a Manowar-dvd from a friend of mine, just wanted to see them again after a long time...
    I couldn't stand this stupid posing and all the prattle about true metal, fans, bikes and tits. I don't want to hurt somebody but this is really, hummm, not childish but.... it's the right stuff for teenage rowdys.
    (BTW: I listened to the songs without looking at the screen.)

    They should lay down their clownish leather-clothes, erase this stupid lyrics, stop this gay bodybuilding covers and make some good metal songs without this pathetic attitude.

    And oh, i think Eric Adams has a little dick! All this bodybuilding has let his dick shrink, so now he needs another way to prove that he's a real man ->

    This is so retarded...
    No, i'm not a vegan or a vegetarian but why kill animals out in the woods? There is no cause for this moronic behavior.

    So blow your speakers with Rock'n'roll, no matter of what kind! Just avoid Nu metal!!!

  • 4 gute Gründe gegen Kinder/ 4 good reasons against kids

    3 mai 2006, 13h33m

    Better die out than this...

    Tokio Hotel's Bill allein im Hotel -> SKANDALÖS!!!
    (only in german language)

    In the "100 Unsexiest Women In The World"-charts, Bill holds the 7th place!
  • How to avoid mistagged files

    27 avr. 2006, 11h14m

    Dear group leader,
    please accept this journal, the more user read it, the more effective becomes tagging!

    All of you have seen them, most of you hate them: mistagged songs.
    They look like -> "The Rolling Stones - cd01-(i can't get no) satisfac" or In Flames - 09 - Episode 666.

    Why this is bad?
    e.g. Bon Jovi
    "You Give Love a Bad Name" has 14676 plays and is the most played song of them. But at a closer look you can see that "Livin' on a Prayer" has 14448 and "Living on a Prayer has 5238. So this would be the most played song, if people has tagged it correctly!
    You can easily see how mistagged songs corrupt the database, a very little error with a big consequence!

    Song/artist/album names won't be fixed 'til gets its databases integrated with MusicBrainz. So it's up to you!

    You can do few things to make's charts more significant.

    Please tag artist - track.
    Even if it´s a live/studio version or a cover. If it's a live album, delete all the "(live)" or "- live".
    If it's on a studio album and have explicit something like "live" in it's name then ok. And please no (bonus track) except thats the name of the song.

    If you find mistagged songs, you can use the following tags: "mistagged artist", "mistagged album" or "mistagged track"
    It's the best we can do now imho.

    If you have some other suggestions don't hesitate to write!

    You can use the MusicBrainz Tagger and this pretty freeware-tool -> Mp3tag to tag your files right.
    If you find some errors on MusicBrainz please correct them so that they don't spread any longer!!!!

    Let's spend a little time and make the more meaningful!

    If you like Mp3tag you can perhaps join the Mp3tag-group...? :D

    Hope this is comprehensibly...
    Like Ralph Wiggum said:
    Me fail English? That's unpossible!
  • Shoutbox history!

    23 avr. 2006, 13h35m

    Never noticed that there exist one, a little one only, but after all it is one!

    If you click there, the last 20 shouts will be displayed!
    Am i the only fool, who never noticed that???? (>_<)

    It is new or since the shoutbox exists? I never noticed this little arrow...
    I didn't know how many shouts i missed, 'cause of my "blindness".

    So it is only me and all you people know it??? (-.-)
  • Why do people think that pandas are evil?

    12 avr. 2006, 18h52m

    Ok, this time i'm tagging my artists and look at some artist-pages. So i've seen some pics like this:


    They look like:

    That makes me create a new tag -> <-Feel free to use it!

    But the Giant Panda isn't evil!!! He don't even eat meat!!! And he's living in China, where people are communists, so they don't believe in satan!!!

    Are the pandas an invention of satan??? Are they satans special forces from hell???
    Perhaps they are some camouflaged demons from hell, awaiting the order to take over the world, using china's secret Weapons of mass destruction!!!!2000 nuclear warheads!!!!!Land-based Intercontinental Ballistic and Cruise Missiles with a range of 8,000 km - 10,000 km with a Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle capability!!!!!

    But noooo, pandas aren't evil....
    They just suck on bamboo.

    Wait...... Suck on bamboo??? Are they gay??? Is this the secret meaning of looking like a panda?????!!!!!!

    OMFG!!!! This is much more gruesomely!!! They are the gay task force from the underworld!!!!


    I listen to some of those bands and i have have no objections against gays. I'm just wondering why the hell those paintings should be evil.

    King Diamond
    Limbonic Art
    Blut aus Nord
    Anorexia Nervosa
    Judas Iscariot
    Nokturnal Mortum
    Old Man's Child
    Dark Funeral
    Cradle of Filth
    Dimmu Borgir
    Carpathian Forest
    Mercyful Fate
    King Diamond
  • Stick 'em up punk, - it's the Fun Lovin' Criminals

    5 avr. 2006, 3h44m

    As you can see, i'm a headbanger/metalhead.
    So it may be kinda strange that i love the Fun Lovin' Criminals...
    Don't know why, but their melange of rock, hip-hop, blues and soul has a great appeal to me.
    Sometimes i listen to rock or blues, but i never listen to soul and if theres hip-hop on the air, i turn it off.

    So i really don't know why the FLC fascinates me so much?
    Maybe it's the "coolness" of their songs, never heard a band before which is so, hummmm, cool. I can't describe that, but their songs have really some vibes that are cool, easy and schmoove(their own word).
    It gives you an easy feelin' and lets you flow through your life, with a feeling that no one can piss you off.

    The cover(especially the backside) of their "Mimosa"-album, which included very interesting versions of their own songs and some cover versions of various artists (e.g. Ozzy's "Crazy Train" or 10cc's "I'm Not in Love") can not be more perfect! The pic shows exactly what you get with this album.(But this album does NOT shows the FLC! I think it's more a gimmick for the fans...)

    If i have a long ride in my car, you can bet your life that there's FLC on my player!(Not the whole time, but quite a lot...)
    Even if i have some work to do on my pc(writing long texts, do some layouts) FLC is really relaxing.

    I don't know why they are so underrated on, only 27,662 listeners. I've seen a lot of shitty bands with more listeners...
    Maybe it's the same thing that they are in their homeland(USA) known as a "one-hit wonder"? In europe, especially on the british islands, they found way more attention, which is exactly what they have deserves!

    So give them a try, i recommend "Come Find Yourself" or "100% Colombian" for the entry into schmoove!(Of course the other albums are great too!)

    And to all the "true" Metalheads out there: open your mind. If you don't, don't try this band, you will not like them.

    Oh, and by the way, if you like FLC already, why don't join the Fun Lovin Criminals?

    Best regards,

    There are only TWO other bands(beside all the metal-bands & FLC) whose complete discography i own: Cake and The Pogues. So i'm at least a little true...*lol
  • "Delirious" not "Delirious?"!!! (A recommendation to all thrash metal-fans)

    4 avr. 2006, 1h20m

    Again the TwoArtistWithTheSameName-bug strikes.

    This time it's the thrash metal band "Delirious" which is listed under "Delirious?", a Christian rock/worship band...(ô_o)

    Will this bug ever be fixed...???

    Anyway, they are recommended to all thrash metal-fans!!!!

  • Guestbook

    25 fév. 2006, 5h01m

    Hi and welcome!

    Make my day and sign my guestbook!

    If you only shout at the "shoutbox" (which is re-enabled since 20.05.12) your shout will probably gone before i read it! So leave an entry here at the guestbook and be sure that maybe i'll answer it.