• Bericht über das konzert der prog-metal Gruppe Vanden Plas in Kaiserslautern.

    22 avr. 2011, 13h57m

    16. Apr. 2011, 18:24 (bearbeiten | löschen)
    Fr., 15. Apr.2011 "Hautnah"-Konzert
    Benefizkonzert der Gruppe Vanden Plas im JuZ Kaiserslautern mit der Anwese-
    ndheit des Rundfunksenders"Radio Antenne Kaiserslautern",zugunsten von
    3ten Welt Hilfsprojekten.Dieses im kleinen Rahmen,stattfindendes Konzert,wur-
    -de zum Schmankerl,da VdP vor dem harten Kern seiner Lauterer Fangemeinde
    gastierte,und alle Anwesenden begeisterte ,2 Stunden lang,mit einem routiniert,
    aber auch einem solchen lebhaften(live!) Auftritt.Das Ganze wurde in der Pause
    mit einer gelassenen Gesprchsrunde untermauert,wo gezielte Fragen des Publikums recht przis von den Bandmitglieder beantwortet wurden.Ein sprich-
    -wrtliches super-gelungenes "hautnah"Konzert!
    Frenchytj (Thierry.jean Lanza)
  • A certain opinion about Aliens activities on planet Earth

    16 avr. 2011, 22h05m

    I am helpless!
    Bad aliens/fallen angels already here and traded secret technology with secret luciferian govt to build weapons and super flying machines to fight good angels/aliens that they will lie and say they are a threat while they turn this world into a one world luciferian stronghold to make a last stand against our true creator and his son that has allowed satans agenda of ruling with sold out wicked men and greed proving itself as an empty hopeless tyranical slave system.
    If this text is not mine ,it could be mine.
  • Reset the clocks.

    8 avr. 2011, 10h01m

    Yes,i'm a Frenchman,living in Germany,since 35years now.How comes?All this
    time ,i am convinced,that Germany is the right place for me to live in.Because
    the Germans showed to me things like:hospitality,courtesy,civility,non-xenopho-
    -bia,non-racism,and finally punctuality.An universal proverb says:"do never spit
    into the reached hand that feeds you .I will never allow to myself to rewrite or cri-
    -ticize the history of foreign countries.Why?Because my native land has enough
    problems with its own history,too much blood has flown. Result : Everyone,on
    this planet,should sweep before his house,and keep the sweepings in his home...
    My guiding principle is:I have 8.7 billions of friends on this planet...,but only a
    handful of them knows it!
  • I like this sentence! thanks for sharing it!

    5 avr. 2011, 8h42m

    Our generation will have to repent not only for the words and acts of the Children of Darkness, but also for the fear and apathy of the Children of Light...
  • ich muss eine Nachricht senden...(kein Datum)

    23 mars 2011, 15h43m


    Frenchytj and Gabriela48 users at :(
  • What a Happy new Year?

    17 jan. 2011, 10h37m

    Hey, out there!
    the new millenium has turned 10 years old now:
    Our planet is bleeding,nature's bad,climate's bad.
    Let's inoculate the virus of Peace and non-violence,by sharing music all over
    the world.
    I have 8.7 billions of friends,but only a handful of them knows it...