00s 70s 80s 90s acdc all things annoying in the world put together into one stupid bitch alternative alternative rock approved by satan approved by ulrich schulz as trve as slipknot attention whore australian australian metal australian rock barneycore british british punk british rock brutal death metal with nordic influence and guest vocalist satan brutal gay metal cant believe there are people actually listening to this cant sing chevre chuck norris does approve chuck norris does not approve classic punk classic rock cool crap despite being a pacifist i am deeply in favor of death penalty for those who listen… disney metal electronic epic fag metal female vocalists folklore intellectuel gay gay metal gay power metal gaycore guilty pleasure guilty pleasures hard rock heavy metal hitlercore hitlers evil twin sister i adore this regardless of how embarrassing it is i would rather eat shit for the rest of my life than listen to this indie j-pop japanese jpop kvlt legend lolicore male vocalists metal more gay than a san fransisco man in a hawaiian shirt sniffing some liquid gold and… nsbm officially retarded officially shit pedobear does approve pedophile people i dont want to have sex with people who have no talent people whose mothers i wish had health plans which included abortion pop pop bitches punk punk rock rebelcore rock sexy music shemale shemale fronted metal shemale fronted rock shemale prog shemale vocalists shit shit being pumped into my head through a fire hose sieg heil some gangsta shit of catastrophic proportion stupid stupid metal super mario hates this crap and wants to shit all over it symphonic gay metal talentless teencore the worst thing ever to happen to music tr00 kvlt metal from the depths of hell ubergay ugly ugly metal uglycore ultraviolence virgin metal what the armies of satan listen to as they impale babies what the hell happened to my music taste worst of 2008