Basinski's Garden of Brokenness


5 fév. 2006, 13h30m

FROM The Article

There is a controlling and yet benign power within William Basinski’s haunting soundscapes. Poignant piano loops rest aside enduring and minimalist drones, hums echoing as if down endless corridors. There is a tangible distance between your speakers and the musical source, the delicate air invites you to explore the subtleties of your memories; cautiously guiding you through a destitute reminiscence. Periods of silence leave you alone in contemplation until the piano picks up and moves on. Underlying themes of melancholy and contentment leave you in a state of calming helplessness analogous to the recognition of unbearable and universal weakness. This restrained hypnosis is as eloquent and perfect as they come.

William Basinski’s latest album, “The Garden of Brokenness” builds upon an already innovative and original anthology that emanates aural mastery. He received overwhelming acclaim for his composition, “The Disintegration Loops (I – IV),” a magnificent musical commentary on the inevitability of Mother Nature’s slow destruction in response to the world trade center terrorist attacks in 2001. Basinski’s technique of employing discreet drones and simple melodic loops to generate a complex tour de force is proving successful once more. I keenly suggest you turn off the lights and immerse yourself in these broken gardens.William Basinski


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