Rather Late: Discussion Of Top Artists for Week ending 14 Jan


21 jan. 2007, 18h54m

Well, it was a strange week because about halfway through it I deleted almost all the music on my Dad's laptop which I'm using to scrobble from Qatar, where I'm currently residing for another few weeks.

At the top of the charts is Elliott Smith, who after a recommendation from a musical neighbor I got around to listening to, the album Either/Or, which is wonderful, very sparse. This was one of the few albums i had left on the computer (although I'm not sure why), and so it got high rotation during the last few days. This also explains why I had Pictures of Me stuck in my head endlessly... "so sick and tired of all the pictures of meeeeee"

Billy Bragg, I picked from one of my Dad's work friend who lives near us in the compound, after recognising the name from my book of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Talking With the Taxman About Poetry, quite a distinctive title. The songs were so catchy that I caught myself grabbing his copy of Mermaid Avenue, which also got high rotation, after creating a party shuffle with a few folky things, Nick Drake as well if I remember correctly. I liked these albums so much, that I decided to listen to the man whose lyrics Mermaid Avenue was created from Woody Guthrie, although this got very limited listens, don't think I've listened to it this week.

I also managed to get my hands on all the Radiohead b-sides, which created their large presence there, also considering i only have OK Computer with me, it satisfied my desire to listen to Life in a Glasshouse by listening to the "full version" on the Knives Out EP.

This week will probably mark the end of my spree of listening to Josef K, quite an interesting indie/new-wave band. I really like a couple of the songs (Sorry for Laughing and Revelation) but overall its a bit to rough and inconsistent. I'm interested in listening to some Orange Juice tho.

What can you say about Ys, I got it for Christmas, and i just couldn't stop listening to it last week. Its one of those few albums i could listen to over and over again without listening to anything else. Cosmia just has this ending, which doesn't really resolve, and just begs for you to play Emily again. I just love the way the narrative flows, until there is a pause, and Joanna Newsom just pulls out this glorious snatch of melody. "And all the lonely nights down by the river".

Listened to Astral Weeks through, and was very impressed, also had a throwback to obsession with The Strokes after listening to Room on Fire, and also kept working my way through Guero which was a recent purchase.


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