• Great!

    3 déc. 2012, 10h02m

    Sat 1 Dec – Nearly Dan Very pleasantly surprised to see a trib. band tackle Steely Dan's formidable repertoire. To do so, this 10-piece pull it off admirably. My only gripe was the lack of sitar/'plastic organ' on 'Do It Again' but you can't have everything. Initially, it was slightly disorientating to see the lead vocals handled by a guitarist - my eyes were constantly drawn to the keyboard player, expecting a Fagen! Anyway, a great night and highly recommended to all Dan fans who are unlikely to see the real thing.
  • The Box Set/Henry Cow live

    14 sept. 2009, 14h02m

    When I bought the wonderful 40th anniversary box setHenry Cow 40th anniversary, it brought back vivid memories of the two occasions I was lucky enough to see Henry Cow live. Both gigs were in 1977, and in Nottingham. The first was in the February at the Victoria Leisure Centre. Not really a regular concert venue - more used to hosting beer festivals. The second was late October at the University. By then, Dagmar had left but the band was still in cracking form. Just wondering if any others were lucky enough to see this great band live?