• 5 Years Later

    28 avr. 2011, 13h40m

    I've been using for years now, even back when it was Audioscrobbler lol. Since then my musical taste has grown, which is pretty awesome in my opinion.

    It used to be all classic rock all the time. Boston, REO Speedwagon, etc, etc. That's what my parents listened to. Then my brother sent me about 6 mixed CDs that he burnt for Christmas one year. A whole mix of stuff. Limp Bizkit, Triumph, even tracks from movies like . It really broadened my horizons.

    And now, 5 years since my last journal entry about The Used, it's pretty crazy what I listen to. Linkin Park had a huge burst of music a year or two ago, then came A Day to Remember. Now it's a whole mix of , , , and other shit.

    Music is awesome and it's gotten me through a lot of shit in my life. Word to that.
  • Blah, Alternative

    3 mars 2006, 4h04m

    Yeah yeah, I'm really beginning to like alternative rock and such. The Used, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, I dunno. It's safe to say The Used is now my favorite group. They just rock. And emo, too. I like emo rock. I can't really explain it but eh. Now I'm reaching for stuff to write about. Peace out Girl Scout.
  • The Used

    7 sept. 2005, 20h08m

    I actually just discovered The Used... They're pretty good. I actually started listening to them thanks to Carly, she sent me I Caught Fire over AIM and I really, really liked it haha.

    Okay, end post.