• Songs as paintings

    15 fév. 2007, 20h41m

    Have you ever listened to a song and then imagined what that song would be like if it were a painting?

    Well I have, so the other day I used this program called ArtRage to do so.

    Here are some examples of what I've done:
    (and I didn't realize how big the images were, but whatever)

    She is Fiona

    Salvatore Amato


    I Was Born (A Unicorn)

    Young Shields

    Any thoughts? =D
  • Woohoo, or 10 things

    31 jan. 2007, 2h39m

    I'm in a VERY happy mood at the moment.

    #1- We won our school basketball game today, somethign like 55 to 10. It was against some school for aboriginals, and they weren't so good, to say the least... Near the end our coaches made us make like 5 passes before a shot. In any case, WOOHOO we won.
    (our record is 3-0-0 so far =D)


    I made an EGGPLANT BURGER the other day. I took a slice of eggplant and rubbed in some soy sauce, powdered ginger, and a teensy bit of cumin. And grilled it, and so was DE-LISH. ARGHHHH I WANT SOME RIGHT NOW

    Sorry, food gets me a bit too excited sometimes...

    #4 I might be going to the Hawksley Workman concert in March. I'm not his biggest fan or anything, but I love seeing artists live so I might as well

    #5 My dad hasn't bothered me about being vegan for quite awhile.

    #6 New Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album

    #7 New Deerhoof album

    #8 The Andrew Bird leak is SUPERB and I'm really looking forward to Armchair Apocrypha.

    #9 I got a haircut on Thursday and it's real nice.

    #10 I'm going to HAWAI'I for spring break. That speaks for itself.
  • Guitar

    5 jan. 2007, 16h50m

    I got my guitar yesterday!

    It's an Epiphone G-400 SG Electric Guitar.

    Finally, I have my own guitar! I used to share an acoustic with my little sister, and it was actually her guitar in the first place.

    And I got a spiffy Kustom amp, I'm pretty sure it's a Kustom Arrow 16. With spiffy effects.

    And I also got a cool strap and a stand and a gig bag that has infinity pockets. And the guy at the store threw in a free pick! Woooo!

    It all amounted to about 600$ but we got 10% off because my guitar teacher is a good friend of the store's and everything. I only had to play half, too, because my mom decided to "help out". Aha I love my life.

    On another note, yesterday I printed out the tab for Two-Headed Boy and now I've mastered it. So maybe I'll sing that at the talent show after all. (read my previous journal mmk if you haven't)
  • 2007

    1 jan. 2007, 21h43m

    Ugh I hate the whole idea of New Year's Resolutions (why not change your life anytime, not just january?) but I should make some anyways.


    I think of myself as confident but I've realized lately how little self-confidence I have. So from now on, if I want to change my personal style in clothes or express an unconventional opinion of mine, I WON'T HESITATE and I'll go with it 100%.


    I'm going guitar shopping wednesday I think with guitar teacher so woohoo this resolution is pretty much guaranteed to be done.

    3. GET A JOB

    I'd like to work at Urban Outfitters and I handed in an application there awhile ago but I guess I lack experience. Which is all too true. So I might start working at IGA or Safeway or something like that first.

    4. PLAY In the Aeroplane Over the Sea AT THE TALENT SHOW IN MARCH

    I don't like to talk in front of people. Pfft, I don't even like talking on the phone.
    But SINGING is different. I'm no Regina Spektor, however with practice I could belt out Jeff Mangum's beautiful lyrics well enough.
    And I'll be playing guitar too, of course! Woohoooo.

    Doing this is front of my wholllllllleeeeeee school will need CONFIDENCE, definitely.
    And it'd be awesome because it's a well-known fact in the school that I = but only a few people actually take an interest in my music.

    wow this is getting pretty intense. enough resolutions for now.

    I'm off to go sing and play some Neutral Milk Hotel and The Moldy Peaches.
  • Christmas was 2 days ago

    27 déc. 2006, 16h33m

    yeah, it was pretty great this year for me. I wasn't as excited as I usually am because school ended on the 22nd which is wayyy too close to Christmas.

    I only got 1 CD, but I guess that's ok. It was The Unicorns: 2014 and I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

    CONFORMITY! I also got an iPod Video, the 80G. Wow, that's a lot. 80. I've already got a bunch of videos on there and random pictures. Just last night I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. :D

    It's so cool because I can put in the lyrics for a song, then while I'm listening to it on my iPod I click-click-clikc with the center bottom and I can see them.


    My mom tripped on some toy that one of my sisters got AND SHE STEPPED ON A CD WHEN SHE FELL

    AND NO NOT HER GROSS Destiny's Child CD



    YES THAT'S RIGHT IT WAS In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.


    So that's broken and she's volunteering at the casino at the mall today so maybe she can stop by at HMV and see if they have any Neutral Milk Hotel there. My fingers are crossed.

    About a week ago I "discovered" Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, and I'm addicted. Such great music. Cold White Christmas is THE SONG for this Christmas, I've decided. Even just the title works. Cold. White. Christmas. That's exactly how it was, cold and white. :D

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas and if you're Jewish then I hope that Hannukah was great too.

    dang I want to spin a dreidel someday.
  • today. I was ON THE RADIOOOO and rode in a limo.

    14 déc. 2006, 0h25m

    (Does anyone listen to CBC and live in Alberta? Or FRENCH CBC even? BEcause then you'll have heard me and/or my BAND!)

    I woke up at 5:00am and I had Communist Daughter in my head. I don't say that it was "stuck" in my head because that seems negative and I love that song.

    Then I had breakfast and left my house at 5:45 with my guitarrrrrr.

    Then I got downtown at the CBC studio at maybe about 6:30 because my mom parked like 2 blocks away

    SEE, my schoool is doing a turkey drive where we donate money or turkeys to give to the Food Bank so that the less fortunate can have a delicious turkey dinner too.
    And this turket drive is actualy CBC's, and my principal was going to be interviewed on the radio because of his contribution.
    So he SO AWESOMELY asked that our JAZZ BAND play for the broadcast.
    So anyways, we got to play "Greensleeves" and a bit of "Carol of the Drum" and I played rhythm guitar and I did pretty well.

    Two of us got to talk on CBC, BUT GUESS WHAT

    On CBC Radio-Canada! Woo!
    See, our school is french-immersion so we're all bilingual and my principal wanted to do something in frnech to.

    And I got to go IN the studio. :D

    Here's how the interview went, translated into english:

    Frenchie Radio Lady and my principal talk about the turkey drive
    FRL: So what instrument do you play?
    Me: Guitar
    FRL: Oh, neat. How long have you been playing this instrument?
    Me: 3 months
    All the french radio people and my principal too: HAHAHAHAHA
    excpet they sid it all frenchy, so HEEHEEHEEHONHONHON

    she asked me a few other questions but yeah.

    THEN we rode to school....

    IN A LIMO!


    And we didn't even have to PAY because my wonderful band instructor did.

    It was a pretty good day, and that was only up to like 8:30.

    I'm pretty tired now though, I've woken up at 5:00 for the past 2 days.......

    AND, I'm pretty sure I'm FINALLY getting an electric guitar, wooo! Exciting indded. I've got all my money saved up.

    On the Radio
  • Artists I MUST see live before I die, hopefully much earlier than that though

    8 déc. 2006, 23h51m

    Ok, before I list them, I'll let you all something about that one sub we had a few days ago.

    THE DAY AFTER, my french teacher, who is also my homeroom teacher, was back.
    And I told her that Mr. B was FANTASTIC and that we should definitely have him again
    And she said sure of course WOOOOO
    His real name is Paul Borchert
    And I saw his phone number on the sheet but I'm not a creeper so i didn't memorize it and write it down in my agenda.

    ANYWAYS, I've decided that there are some bands that would just MAKE MY LIFE if I saw them live.

    Regina Spektor because I can't sing ever except for her songs. Well, I think I sound fantastic but I dont know if my brother does

    Sunset Rubdown
    Frog Eyes
    Wolf Parade
    Swan Lake
    Mmhmm all of them.
    I ALMSOT saw Wolf Parade and Frog Eyes live, but OH GUESS WHAT I'M NOT 18.

    Xiu Xiu
    Je t'aime the valley OH!!!!!!!!

    The Mountain Goats

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs


    The Thermals
    Ahaha of course

    Andrew Bird

    And plentyyyyy more but I can't think right now because I'm at school and Conrad is listening to gross music and Colby at Kelly are talking at me.
  • "So, who's the music fan here?"

    6 déc. 2006, 23h35m

    I seem to be having great luck with older men lately.

    I feel like SUCH a creeper.

    Today, we had a sub for French named Mr. B (I can't recall his last name). When he first walked in, he looked young and kinda indie so that got my hopes up.
    Then we went to the computer lab to work on a project.

    While we were working, I had my french binder out on the counter.
    AND SEE, that binder is COVERED in a collage made up of pictures of my favorite bands and artists.

    So Mr. B came over and was like, "So, who's the music fan?" and I was like "ME!!!!" and then he proceeded to name some of the artists on my binder, like Regina Spektor and Robert Smith and many more. AND I WAS WEARING MY "ISLANDS ARE FOREVER" shirt, so he asked if I went to that and I nodded and grinned.
    He told me that he had seen The Unicorns live a few years ago and I told him that was like my one wish.

    Anyways, for pretty much the full French class we talked about music (he said that he went to that FInal Fantasy show that I missed, and I guess it wasn't that great) and lots of other things.
    Hahaaa, he asked if all our core subjects are in French and I was like "Yeah" (because I'm in a french immersion school) and then Brian was like "Even English is in french!" and we all got a good laugh out of that.

    and at one time brian and kieran were talking about penises and I gave them a weird look and then Mr. B (who was right there) told them to stop and yeah that was funny too because mr. b was laughing.

    thennnnnn, at the end of the day I needed to go back to the french class to retrive my guitar but it was locked and dark so I was sad because then I wouldn't say bye to my new friend. heh.

    but then mr. B came back and opened the room and asked what kind of guitar I played and I said "Acoustic but I'm getting an electric one for Christmas" and he was like "cool"
    and then I asked him about when he saw the Unicorns and I guess it was a few years ago at Red's when they were opening for someone else.

    then finally I left and he said "Have a nice day" or something like that
    and I said "you too"

    And yeah.
    I want him to be our substitute every time now.
    he was so cool.
  • "You bet it's The Go! Team"

    4 déc. 2006, 14h43m

    A FEW WEEKS AGO, I was in Urban Outfitters and I bought the most awesome coat ever.

    (Pics from the website:)


    Anyways, after buying it I helped the guy working there to take out the little threads that tied up those pleats at the bottom.

    And a song started play, and of course my mom (who was there) tried to be cool and said "Hey, this is Islands" and I was like, "Nooooo, I don't think so" because it was Friendship Update.
    But to be sure, I asked the guy:
    Me- "Hey, this is The Go! Team, right?"
    Him- (SMILING) "You bet it's The Go! team"
    And of course I grinned so widely that my mouth fell off my face.

    He was pretty good-looking, I must say. He had the cutest half-lisp and his shirt said "WEST SIDE" but the W was made from 3 fingers, like how gangstas and my friend Illusia do it.

    And, when I asked for a Job Application Form he smiled and gave one to me. I really can't wait to work there.

    When I got home, the pockets of the coat had 15 buttons in them. Even though he had given me one of those little extra-button baggies.
  • EW & The Weird Weeds

    28 nov. 2006, 0h11m

    Ok, so this saturday was my littlest sister's birthday- I can't BELIEVE she's already 7. Anyways, she got a pet fire-bellied toad as a present.


    See, in the car my mom was telling me that I need to eat more meat.
    I responded with "Well, I like beans, can we have those more often? Like chickpeas and stuff? AND OMG, I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO TRY BLACK-EYED PEAS. I don't like them though but I think I will. Hahaaaaaa" (I laugh at my own joke)
    THen my mom starts talking about the Black-Eyed Peas and says "YEAH I LIKE FERGIE"
    And this sister says "OMMMMG I'LL NAME THE FROG FERGIE!"

    Of course, I helpfully offer better names with some indie tie-in but I guess Fergie it is. Argh.

    Also, lately I've been listening to The Weird Weeds. They're brilliant, kind of likePort O'Brien in some ways too. The first bit of Paratrooper Seed is amazing, to say the least.
    Give them a listen, mmkay?