Best/Worst of 2007


24 août 2007, 17h02m

Yeah I know, it's far too early to post such a list but I'm too oblivious to remember everything I've heard in one year. So I will update this throughout the rest of the year.

Best album: Fear of a Blank Planet (by Porcupine Tree)

Worst album: Lead Sails Paper Anchor (by Atreyu)
- I listened to this album only by accident and i still can't believe how much they suck. Even worse than this Billy Talent crap. The two songs (Bleeding Mascara & Right Side of the Bed) I've listened to before sounded somewhat promising. Oh well...

Most disappointing album: Year Zero (by Nine Inch Nails)
- Can't believe it's even worse than With Teeth. NIN is dead baby. At least I can listen to Pretty Hate Machine, The Fragile etc. over and over again :)

Best song: Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize

Newcomer of the year: Digitalism

Comeback of the year: Rage Against the Machine
- Although The Smashing Pumpkins released a new album (which isn't that bad) my favorite is definitely RATM and their fantastic performance at Coachella Festival.


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