• Review of my library in 2012!

    31 déc. 2012, 18h35m

    It's new years eve therefore let's see who I played the most in 2012!

    Most played artists of 2012!

    1. Janet Jackson with 5,583 Plays
    Last years #1 as well with 3,805 plays therefore a big increase this year! The Janet obsession continues for me each year. Janet to me is timeless and so nostalgic. Really hope another record is on it's way in 2013.

    2. Madonna with 3,821 Plays
    Big increase this year considering Madonna was not in my top 20 most played in 2011 last year. A new album and tour this year helped the plays increase easily. MDNA Tour = one of the best live experiences ever.

    3. No Doubt with 3,188 Plays
    Last years #2 most played but with 2,224 plays. So happy to have them back after all these years. First studio album in over 10 years is CRAZY. Love the new record and can't wait for them to do their world tour next year. I predict No Doubt to be in my top 5 next played next year too.

    4. David Bowie with 2,493 Plays
    Love Bowie but surprisingly wasn't in my top 20 most played last year. Something obviously ticked me off this year to continually play him. Bowie is the type of artist that you keep finding interesting stuff about his records due to different themes and sounds.

    5. Nicki Minaj with 2,127 Plays
    Last years #11 on my end of year chart with 1,108 plays. The first half of this year I was loving Nicki. The first record released in 2010 and the Roman Reloaded one that was released at the beginning of 2012 but during the end half of 2012 I wasn't feeling Nicki tbh. She keeps milking this Pink Friday business and that EP thingy she released really wasn't good.

    6. Kate Bush with 1,600 Plays
    Not in my chart last year either but I do love Kate Bush. Big fan of her older records and not really her new ones. Shame we have to wait SO long for them though aye?

    7. Lana Del Rey with 1,473 Plays
    Born to Die easily the best album of 2012 for me. Love love LOVE Lana. Very excited that she has finally announced a UK tour for next May and I am for sure very excited to see her on her first proper tour. Both Born to Die and The Paradise Edition have for sure made 2012 more enjoyable for me.

    8. Beyoncé with 1,260 Plays
    Last year at #7 on my chart with 1,420 plays therefore a small decrease but Bey has not released a thing in 2012 though next year with her performance on the Super Bowl and new music confirmed for 2013 I am sure Beyonce will be far higher than she was on my charts this year and last. Honey B is yet to disappoint me.

    9. Garbage with 1,048 Plays
    Another band from the 90's that have made a comeback. Even though they weren't on my top played list last year and the majority of the plays this year is from their older albums, the new record does contain some killer songs. Unfortunately I couldn't go see them the two times they toured the UK though I hear they are making another record so fingers crossed I get to see them when they tour for the next album.

    10. Azealia Banks with 1,024 Plays
    Easily the best newcomer of 2012 with Lana. Love her to death and I have already played her over 1,000 times and she only has demo's, a 4 track EP and a mixtape. Her album has been delayed several times but it is coming in 2013 and I am SO excited. Seeing her live with year was one of my highlights of 2012.

    11. George Michael with 996 Plays
    Faith still remains as one of the best albums of all time to me. Timeless and every song is practically a hit. A British classic. Saw him on his Orchestra tour this year too and 'Wow' is all I can say. We got a few new songs from George this year too this summer and apparently a full album in 2013 therefore I am looking to that.

    12. Bruce Springsteen with 975 Plays
    The boss himself Bruce Springsteen! Wrecking Ball was surprisingly a really good album I enjoyed most of it. My plays still increase a lot from his older classic albums 'Born to Run', 'The River', 'Born In The USA' (Obviously) and 'Tunnel of Love'. I am very excited to see him too next year in the summer. Good seats and everything!

    13. Drake with 859 Plays
    Last year in my top 20 at #16 with 708 plays. I keep forgetting that 2012 is the year I saw Drake 3 times live. Wow. As if 'Take Care' being one of one of my favourite records of 2011 wasn't enough, he was easily one of the best entertainers I saw. Especially The O2 Arena and LG Arena shows. Really hope we get something new from Drake in 2013.

    14, Marina & the Diamonds with 847 Plays
    If I did a chart of my most played artists in 2010 then I recon Marina would have easily been in my top 3. Her debut album 'The Family Jewels' blew me away. Her 2nd album didn't disappoint. Even though I feel there were a few filler songs there were still some really solid pop songs on it. Love Marina's tongue and cheeky lyrics.

    15. Alanis Morissette with 826 Plays
    Last year on my chart at #19 with 674 plays. An increase of plays this year for Alanis because Jagged Little Pill still remains epic and a new record was released this year that did contain some really great songs. Seeing her twice this year probably helped too.

    16. Florence + the Machine with 785 Plays
    Number #20 on my chart last year with 642 plays. Florence Welch is seriously a goddess. Epic live shows, powerful voice and brilliant music videos. What else can I say?

    17. Carrie Underwood with 763 Plays
    A huge increase of sales overall for Carrie in 2012. A killer new album, great live show and I also met her at her album signing in the summer. Very excited to be seeing her live again next March. It's the 2nd time she's coming to the UK to do shows therefore you never know when she is coming back. My favourite female country artist of today.

    18 Jennifer Lopez with 743 Plays
    Last year on my chart at #10 with 1,220 plays. Finally a world tour from J to tha L-O! I don't know why It has taken her like what about 13/14 years to actually do a tour?! But W O W worth the wait. She did everything I wanted and more. She delivered SO well. Easily in the top 10 shows I have ever seen. Seeing her at Wembley Stadium last year for Capital FM's Summertime Ball was good, but this was something else. It was so nostalgic seeing all the old hits I watched on MTV when I was younger being performed right in front of me.

    19. Rita Ora with 740 Plays
    Another newcomer of 2012. I really enjoyed her album. Even though there are a few filler tracks, I think for a debut album it's pretty good. Rita has for sure had some of the best singles of 2012. 3 number 1's in a row is impressive too.

    20. P!nk with 697 Plays
    She's back! Love P!nk and all her albums. Her current 'The Truth About Love' did not disappoint. I especially enjoyed the collaborations on it with Nate from fun, Eminem and my absolute fave, Lily Allen! (or Lily Rose Cooper from now on). Lily seems to miss my top 20 countdowns by a few plays because she hasn't released anything new solo since 2009 :(

    Top 20 most played songs of 2012:
    1. No Doubt – Push and Shove (feat. Busy Signal, Major Lazer) - 259 Plays
    2. Azealia Banks – 212 (feat. Lazy Jay) - 214 Plays
    3. Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans - 200 Plays
    4. No Doubt – Looking Hot - 196 Plays
    5. Janet Jackson – Miss You Much - 195 Plays
    6. No Doubt – Settle Down - 181 Plays
    7. Janet Jackson – If - 159 Plays
    8. Janet Jackson – Velvet Rope - 155 Plays
    9. Azealia Banks – Liquorice - 153 Plays
    10. Garbage – I Think I'm Paranoid - 148 Plays
    11. Janet Jackson – Love Will Never Do (Without You) - 141 Plays
    12. Janet Jackson – Because of Love - 138 Plays
    13. Nicki Minaj – Va Va Voom - 136 Plays
    14. David Bowie – Modern Love - 134 Plays
    15. The Throne – Niggas in Paris - 133 Plays
    16. Lana Del Rey – Diet Mountain Dew - 132 Plays
    17. Nicki Minaj – Pound the Alarm - 131 Plays
    18. Lana Del Rey – National Anthem - 128 Plays
    19. Azealia Banks – 1991 - 128 Plays
    20. Garbage – Only Happy When It Rains - 127 Plays

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  • Review of my library in 2011!

    30 déc. 2011, 22h29m

    This is my first time doing this but heres my review of 2011! I will be including the top 20 most played artists and songs in my library this year!

    Top 20 Most Played Artists!

    1 - Janet Jackson 3,805 Plays

    I am not suprised in the slightest that Janet is number one on this list! I have been a fan for years and have grown up watching her and her brother Michael. She is such an icon with timeless albums that I play constantly! I was very lucky to see her live this year in London! I have wanted to see her live for yeaaaars and finally the day came! I hope Janet plans to release another studio album soon and hopefully another world tour but hey... atleast I have seen her which many cant say they have. I will forever remain a fan!

    2 - No Doubt 2,224 Plays

    No Doubt are another band I have loved for years and years! Gwen is super cool and can pretty much rock anything. I love all their albums and how they always have a new style each time. Whether its ska, reggae, punk, pop, rap - these guys never fail to impress me! Its been AGES since they last released a record and they said their album was supposed to be released in 2008/2009 then it was 2010 and apperently it was supposed to be this year but obviously they are still doing the finishing touches! It is rumoured to be out in March/April but we will see won't we? As long as the album comes out next year and they tour the UK I will be more than happy! They may even be number 1 on the list next year considering they are number 2 with over 2000 plays and no new music!

    3 - Avril Lavigne - 1,888 Plays

    Another favourite from my childhood. Avrils release of Goodbye Lullaby may not have been as HUGE as her other releases but considering most of the songs on it arent radio friendly, it did pretty good. I love the new album and im obviously still playing the old stuff too. I was lucky to see her on tour again this year (my 2nd time overall). It was so cool, i was at the front again like last time. I liked this tour because it was intimate and more personal. Avril is supposed to be releasing another album next year so she should be high on my charts again next year too!

    4 - Hole 1,723 Plays

    You can never beat a bit of grunge right? Courtney Love may be known for being a 'bitch' or a 'drug addict' or whatever but theres no denying that she is talented. I love her albums from the 90s especially Live Through This! Its so raw and the lyrics are amazing. Celebrity Skin, their second album from the 90s is my second favourite album from theirs which contains some lighter hearted songs which I can play constantly too! Their 'comeback' album in 2010 may not be as strong as their older stuff but it still contains some strong songs that are some of the best they have done!

    5 - Rihanna 1,496 Plays

    Even though this woman gets on my nerves there is no denying she has had an amazing 2011 and hits after hits with sucessful albums! I may be bored of hearing most songs from Loud but I did love it end of last year/first half of this year! It contained many big hits worldwide and some great collaborations! Talk That Talk, her 6th album released late this year may contain a few filler songs but again, theres no denying that there are some really good songs on there that will become massive hits next year like 'We Found Love'. I saw RiRi this year on her 'Loud Tour' and I must say.. she put on a really great show! I hope she tours again next year!!

    6 - The Saturdays 1,421 Plays

    A bit of a guilty pleasure but I LOVE The Saturdays! They do not get given how talented they are, especially for a british girlband! They have actually written songs on their new album 'On Your Radar' and three members can play the guitar and 2 members have proved that on their tour! I saw them on their first arena tour this month and they were fantastic! I have been to all their tours but this one was their best yet! Due to Una's pregnancy and engagement they are going to take most of next year off but in 2013 im sure they will be back on the road in no time! TEAM SATS!

    7 - Beyonce 1,420 Plays

    I am obessed with this perfect woman! For me, she can do NO wrong! Before '4' was released I honestly thought this album would flop hard. 'Run The World (Girls)' was getting bad reviews from a lot of people including fans and did not chart as well as everyone hoped. Then the album leaked and their were rumours that the album was being pushed back so they could record another album so people would buy it etc etc but this was all false and the album was released when originally planned too. I bought the album the day it came and out and to be honest when I first heard it, I didn't think it was going to be a more ballad type album.. Judging the first single I thought it was going to be a more 'dance-pop' album. The more I played the album, the more I grew to love the songs lyrics and how they all sounded. To me its her best album, I don't dislike or skip any of the songs and I really wished we got a mini UK tour before her pregnancy! The album had success thank god and I love all the music videos for all the singles released. Its a shame they only promoted about 3 out of 5/6 singles released. Bey did not dissapoint!

    8 - Jessie J 1,349 Plays

    For me, Jessie J is the best newcomer of 2011. Even though she came out the very of 2010, she broke through properly in 2011. When I first got her album some songs I fell in love with straight away (Whos Laughing Now, Abracadabra and Mamma Knows Best) and obviously the first two singles Do It Like A Dude and Price Tag! As the months went on I grew to love every one of the tracks eventually and my favourite changed from time to time which I really liked. I saw her twice live this year including her on her first solo tour which was amazing. Her voice is SO amazing and blows me away everytime! I also love the deluxe edition songs she released a few months ago. I had heard Domino a while ago and fell in love straight away, I had heard 'My Shadow' for the first time on her tour which was about 2 weeks before the deluxe came out and I heard Lasorlight feat. David Guetta when the CD was released. All 3 songs are brilliant and all have a different vibe to them in a good way. She is very versitile.

    9 - Nicole Scherzinger 1,287 Plays

    Even though Nicole is having problems releasing her album 'Killer Love' in the US, she had no problem at all releasing it everywhere else especially in the UK where its singles and the album have had success! This album suprised me a lot! Its very different to the Pussycat Dolls and Nicoles earlier solo stuff. This album was very mature and had a lot of range! My favourites on the album are Club Banger Nation, Say Yes, Desperate, Poison, Wet and my favourites on the re-packaged edition are Try With Me and Tomorrow Never Dies. I saw Nicole live at the Capital FM Summertime Ball in June and she impressed me a lot. I enjoyed her set list and she entertained a massive crowed! She happened to peform twice because Enrique was performing too that day and she performed on his set to 'Heartbeat' which was cool. Happily Nicole is doing a tour in Europe next year and I am seeing her next Febuary and I am very excited to see a full concert of her. I have good seats and woo, bring it on!

    10 - Jennifer Lopez 1,220 Plays

    I remember hearing 'On The Floor' for the first time in Febuary this year and being BLOWN AWAY! I loved it SOSOSOSO much, I was literally was obsessed! I have always loved J.Lo as a child and had bought her 'famous' albums so I was excited she was returning! With me knowing On The Floor was the first single she was releasing off 'Love?' I really wanted it to be a hit but worried it was going to be a huge flop! When the video was released, it seemed to be picking up a lot of talk in a good way which made me happy. When the single was finally released in the US, it seemed to climb up the iTunes chart really quick. By the time the single was released worldwide, the song had gone to number one in nearly 20 countries! I thought... WOW - What a comeback! I was so happy to see someone who was successful in the early 2000s to come back with huge success! The whole 'Love?' album is her most consistent to me. There are NO bad songs and no fillers. I was very lucky to see her live at the Capital FM Summertime Ball too in June and I loved her setlist. She did new and old songs and ticked my 'who to see live before I die' list. Even though I have seen her live, does not mean I won't see a full concert. Its shocking that someone who has been around since the late 90s as a musician with massive worldwide success and still hasn't done a solo tour worldwide let alone her own country! With her releasing a Greatest Hits next year (ABOUT TIME!), hopefully she does a world tour to match it. You owe it to us Jenny from the Bronx!

    11 - Nicki Minaj 1,108 Plays

    Looove Nicki Minaj SO much. 'Pink Friday' is a solid hip hop album! Its perfect with no bad songs, maybe a few that im not crazy on but other than that its incredible! Lil' Kim and Missy Elliot for sure have competition after this record! Nicki is another artist I need to see live! Its a shame she didn't tour the UK for Pink Friday because I feel it is going to be hard to beat it and judging by new recordings shes made, it doesn't yet sound like shes going to top this album! Whether i like the next album or not I am pretty sure my plays for Nicki will be high next year too.

    12 - Sade 1,088 Plays

    What a british legend! How many artists/bands can you tell me that can go away for 10 years and come back with an album with not much hype at all and have a number 1 album pretty much worldwide with an arena worldwide tour to match? I doubt you can name many! Sade's fan base are just as big as it used to be and there music is still decent! She is so beautiful and so is her music. I am so greatful to see a musical gem like her live. Its not everyday Sade tours your country! Whether its there classics from the 80s or there more recent music from the 2000s this band are still going strong and so are my plays for them!

    13 - Shania Twain 1,035 Plays

    A slight guilty pleasure but everyone loves a bit of Country music right? Ahh, I love Shania. Another artist I loved when I was younger. It may be nearly 10 years since she last studio album but Shanias music is so timeless, all you have to do is turn on the radio and its still there! 'Come On Over' being the MOST SOLD ALBUM BY ANY FEMALE IN THE WORLD is such a classic. This is the album that made me a fan and wow.. what memories I get from it from when I was about 6 years old. Up! released in 2002 is another album I enjoyed when I was younger that still from this day I can enjoy. I know Shania plans to make a new album one day but please, don't make us wait longer than we have already! Your song you released this year for your TV documentry sadly wasn't that great :(

    14 - Britney Spears 1,012 Plays

    The princess of pop still has it!! Femme Fatale is a solid pop album.. no bad songs! Much better than Circus and I think maybe better than Blackout! The collaborations work very well and all the songs go well together! Sadly this song didn't have a massive single from it in the UK though Hold It Against Me did get her another Top 10 single! I saw her live for the 2nd time this year and I thought the tour was fun, energetic! I was happy to see Britney singing live aswell. People can say what they want about her, but her fan base and sales are strong considering people that came out when she did with similar musical style can't sell anymore and aren't around.

    15 - Gwen Stefani 999 Plays

    Love. Angel. Music. Baby. is one of the best pop records ever! I have been rocking that album since my iPod video in like 2005! I love every single track on the album! Gwen has such a cool style and her music videos and sound show that. Her second album 'The Sweet Escape' may not have been as consistent as LAMB but it still contained some great pop songs and a few songs that I consider to be the best of career. I am sad to say that Gwen doesn't ever plan to make anymore solo music which means I will never get to see her solo stuff live :( but on the plus side, surely that means more No Doubt albums? thats if they decide to actually finally release a new album by them!

    As long I get something new involving Gwen, I am a happy person :)

    16 - Drake 708 Plays

    What an amazing second part to this year for this music this year has been! Especially because of Drake's new album 'Take Care'. I consider his album and Beyonce's album '4' the best of 2011. This album contains NO bad songs, amazing collaborations especially songs with Rihanna, The Weekend and Nicki Minaj. The lyrics in this album are so much more stronger and mature to last years 'Thank Me Later' that seemed a little rushed and not much feeling went into some of the songs on that album. Take Care is the complete oppisite. His best album by far and I am so excited to see what singles will be released from this album and I can't wait for the rest of this era next year! Oh.. and bring on March next year where I get to see him live! Sosososo excited!

    17 - Adele 708 Plays

    Yes, Adele annoys me because she is SO overplayed but her voice is still incredible and I happy for the massive success! Even though 21 is no where near as good as 19, there still is some great songs on the album. My favourite songs are I'll Be Waiting, Rumour Has It, Someone Like You (Before it got overplayed by radio) and Set Fire To The Rain.

    18 - Laura Marling 701 Plays

    Love this womans voice. Its so strange to think shes about 20 because her lyrics are so mature. Even though her second and third album do not live up to her first album to me, I still love her music. I am so happy she won the Best British Female at the Brit Awards this year! Well deserved! Most of my plays come from the first two albums but mainly the first. I hope to see her up for another Brit next year due to another album release but we'll see. I will always support Laura Marling because of her unique sound due to the charts sounding and looks the same all the time! Change is good!

    19 - Alanis Morissette 674 Plays

    Love Alanis's first album so much! One of the most sold albums ever and of my favourite albums ever too! Its so timeless and to this day artists still look at it for inspiration and ideas for their music! Artists are constantly covering songs of hers due to one album making a massive impact on music! Alanis is apperently recording another album since giving birth earlier this year. I hope to enjoy the new album and for her to tour because I would for sure be interested in seeing her live!

    20 - Florence + the Machine 642 Plays

    Florence's first album is faultless! Its a modern day classic! Ceremonials, her second album does not dissapoint.. it has some amazing songs. My favourites are No Light, No Light, Breaking Down, Lover To Lover and Shake it Out! She is a modern day Kate Bush which is a great compliment! I respect her work a lot and I am always interested in what shes doing to do next. Shes a real artist and I am happy of her worldwide success! I am seeing her live next March which I am so excited for because it was one of my goals to do in 2012! I am sure she will be much higher in my charts due to me playing her albums loads, seeing her live and her continuingly to amaze me! Gotta love Flo!

    Top 20 Most Played Tracks!

    1 Avril Lavigne – What The Hell 238 Plays
    2 Jessie J – Do It Like A Dude 228 Plays
    3 Avril Lavigne – Smile 212 Plays
    4 Jennifer Lopez – On the Floor (feat. Pitbull) 201 Plays
    5 Nicole Scherzinger – Don't Hold Your Breath 194 Plays
    6 Hole – Violet 185 Plays
    7 The Saturdays – Notorious 181 Plays
    8 No Doubt – Excuse Me Mr. 170 Plays
    9 The Saturdays – All Fired Up 170 Plays
    10 Hole – Miss World 168 Plays
    11 Avril Lavigne – Push 159 Plays
    12 Rihanna – We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) 154 Plays
    13 Jennifer Lopez – Papi 143 Plays
    14 Parade – Louder 139 Plays
    15 Nicki Minaj – Super Bass 138 Plays
    16 Jessie J – Who's Laughing Now 134 Plays
    17 Nicole Scherzinger – Wet 131 Plays
    18 Hole – Awful 130 Plays
    19 Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation 130 Plays
    20 Jessie J – Mamma Knows Best 126 Plays