• The Adicts at warehouse live!

    25 mars 2011, 4h47m

    Wed 23 Mar – The Adicts

    This was a fucking amazing show! Sadly I walked in around the time hell city kings were finishing but they were good what little I saw of them. Te next band that played was Los Skarneles. They beautifully mixed ska, punk, and cumbia. Brilliant live show they were composed of 2 guitarists, a bassist, trombone, sax, trumpet, 2 singers, and a conga player who also played maracas and tambourine. They had a good skankin pit which warehouse live seems to be famous for. Next up were the Adicts. I was amazed. They seem to play just as they would have back in 76 at their first show. Monkey had a ridiculous costume that consider of a suit and a giant top hat that was covered in streamers. Throughout the set he would through out streamers, cards, glitter, and confetti which luckily none of the glitter hit me. They also seemed not to have aged a year except for the rhythm guitarist and bassist. The rhythm guitarist, who looked quite old, was an asshole at times and the bassist, who looked like a goofy kid, was one they had met just 23 days earlier which is sad because they had the rep of being the oldest punk band with the original line up (having added only 2 new members). The song that got the most attention was viva la revolution, their most popular song. The circle pit was one to put H-Town on the map. After their last song everyone cheered for an encore. After a few minutes, the keyboardist/violinist came out and was amping up the crowd. Monkey came out last in another ridiculous outfit from right behind the drummer and they continued for four more songs. Overall beautiful night.
  • Magrudergrind at white swan

    19 mars 2011, 1h59m

    Thu 17 Mar – Magrudergrind/Cough Southern Spring Tour

    Brutal ass show. Injurious Physical Violence (painstakingly fastcore) and Guerrilla Piss (Satanic PCP worship) wrecked as the first two bands, followed closely by Pretty Little Flower who had the biggest circle pits of the night. Cough set up and melted faces with their rendition of droney sludge. Magrudergrind went on at 12:30 and ground down the town with tracks from their self titled release as well as their latest scion release for a matter of minutes. Grind at some of its best. El Desmadre topped off the night with fast Htown signature punky thrash.