• Port O'Brien at Blå, Oslo.

    11 oct. 2008, 11h05m

    Fri 10 Oct – Port O'Brien, Jim Protector
    This concert was fantastic, best concert I've been to in a long time! Unfortunately they had to pay attention to the time because of an upcoming hip hop event. After Port O'Brien finished, we all had to go out, and the hip hop audience entered the venue. Despise all that, this concert was great: the mood was perfect, and they played our hats off with for example Close The Lid (one of my favourites). The young man with the Rickenbacker had his own corner on the side of the stage, and sometimes he came out to dance and play in the front, with the others. Fantastic! They finished the gig with "I Woke Up Today", and this was even better than my expectations! The audience sang the opening melody, and some of us even got to bang the rhythm on pans or casseroles. Port O'Brien, come back to Norway, and let's hope the venue won't be double booked the next time.