Titres (10)
Titre Album Durée Écoutes
Scene Three: Fishies Vs. Lines 3:04 2
Scene Four: Bridgett Foutainhead 3:45 2
Scene Five: Farmers Can Be Jedi, Too. 4:55 1
Scene Seven: During Dinner At The Imitation Canals... 2:33 1
Scene Ten: There Are Still Stains From The Tears. 5:09 1
Scene Six: The Paradigm Of The Introvert... 4:45 1
Closing Scene: Timothy's Militia (How To Blow Up A Candy Factory) 5:30 1
Scene Eight: He Could Not Save Her From The Cold Blade In The Pale Moonlight. Coups de cœur 4:49 1
Scene Nine: The Funeral For Martha Bigsby... 3:51 1
Scene Two: Joseph And The Divine Intervention Of The Recreational Center 4:05 1