New Additions to my Rotation


25 jan. 2006, 19h39m

And no, I'm not posting a list like some mindless Live Journal using fuckwad.

Mogwai: I have to admit, I'm a late bloomer here, and I still cannot give an honest answer as to why I tried them out in the first place. I know I DIDN'T try them out for a long time, simply because of too many Indie fuktards had them on their lists, and I tend to avoid that shit like the plaque. Needless to say though, I proved myself wrong here, as this is some GREAT late night chill music. Pure instrumental goodness to be had by all.

NOFX: Again, like Mogwai I tended to avoid NOFX for the most part because some of my punk type cohorts I happen to hang out with, celebrate them so. I've never been partial to "modern" punk rock, but after hearing The Decline a few times, I was sold. I've since pretty much picked up their entire discography.

Fu Manchu: With these guys, it's been a long time coming. I've owned The Action Is Go since it's release in the mid ninties, and always thought it was great, though I never got around to picking up any more of their stuff. In recent weeks though, I've picked up 2 more albums from circa the mid ninties by these guys, and I must say, I should have bought this shit earlier.

Jerry Reed: Another country artist I've started to explore. He's hit or miss, but the few songs I do like, I'm sure will be around in my rotation for a while. Think Amos Moses.

Reverend Horten Heat: Another artist I've always liked, but never really explored much. Not so anymore, as again, I've picked up more then a few albums by him in the last few weeks. Some of the shit here is just killer rockabilly, with songs like Marijuana and his cover of Get Rhythm

The Advantage: More great Nintendo Rock. They have a decent catalog of songs, all of which remain pretty faithful to their 8-bit originals. I do wish they would rock some shit out though, along the lines of The Minibosses

Luther Wright & The Wrongs: I picked up their cover version of The Wall, which is a country/bluegrass rendition of the entire album. I was a bit aprehensive at first, but I must say, I came away gleaming. It's gravy, and something that must be shared among all fans of the original. Fiddles and banjos on "Hey You"? Sign me up.


  • gnarlyhotep

    Now I've got lots more cool stuff to check out! Thanks, Poptart of Evil.

    7 fév. 2006, 14h32m
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