• Compare my top played to what i have/will see this year live

    21 nov. 2007, 10h13m

    Off the bat

    Top 5 most played Artists
    1-Nine Inch Nails
    3-Rage Against the Machine
    5-Dream Theater

    What ive seen live since 31 January 2007.
    2-Nine Inch Nails

    Whats to come within the year.
    1-Rage Against the Machine
    2-Dream Theater

    I don't think i could have asked for a better year of music, well maybe the Venga Boys :P kidding
  • The year to be.

    12 oct. 2007, 14h20m

    From Jan 07, to Jan 08...

    Great lineup it was and continues to be, starting of with Muse in Jan, followed by NIN in may.. Shooting though to Nov for Muse again, and now with my tickets in hand. Big Day Out '08... for Rage Against The Machine. Few other bands ill hope to check out on the line up. The Arcade Fire, Battles... few others out there. but RAGE :D

    Wish me luck :D
    Advise me on any other bands i should check out, as im always looking for new music :D