bossa nova: characteristic bands + users (by comparing several groups)


6 déc. 2011, 20h27m

full report available here (incl. account for playing/user identifying)

short summary: 7 artists from >160 selected

currently at top:
Nara Leão
Baden Powell
Antônio Carlos Jobim

(click on picture to see more)

also in list:
João Gilberto
João Donato
Gilberto Gil
Elis Regina

groups include:
Bossa Nova
Bossa Lovers
Chill to Bossa Nova
Bossa Nova Clube
Cafe Bossa
Bossa N' Marley

- the analysis is NOT based on group connections (which the group leader sets), but: on unique group artists (which are influenced by group members)
- the image is automatically updating
- the table is cut + shows only the top artists


Envois approuvés
Bossa Nova, Chill to Bossa Nova


  • mcgiacometti

    Helo Erkan, how are you? :-) I was looking at your more-bossa-nova journal and I think there's a lot of guys you must include in your list! First of all, the creator of Bossa Nova, with Joao Gilberto and Tom Jobim - Vinicius de Moraes (he's the one - poet and singer). And then there is Roberto Menescal, Carlos Lyra, Astrud Gilberto, Bebel Gilberto, João Donato, Toquinho, Marília Medalha, Sylvia Telles (who was the first professional singer to be part of Bossa Nova), Luis Bonfá, Miúcha, Sérgio Mendes, and a lot of others... ad then there is the groups - related to Sergio Mendes, there is Sergio Mendes & Brazil 66' and Sergio Mendes & Brazil 77 - and then Tamba Trio, Zimbo Trio, Os Cariocas... you should definetly take a look!

    20 déc. 2011, 16h45m
  • Erkan-Yilmaz

    I asked Maria to put all here, so it stays on one page: original reply: Thanks for your comment, Maria. I can not "manipulate" the list since it's based on listener data (this one). So, what will happen is: over time the list of characteristic artists will increase. I just looked: since 2 weeks ago, there are now 4 more artists in the list also there were good questions about Gilberto Gil + Vinicius by Maria, which I explained like this: well, I don't want to manipulate something, but since you know of the genre, you are surely right. I'd interpret it like this: right now with the data available, people who like bossa nova also like Gilberto Gil, this may change in future, because more data will be added (e.g. look here please: bossa nova has currently in column "total bands" only 163 bands, the more come the better will the artists on top be, you could open the other analysis with more bands to get an idea). So, I'll make also a comment about Gilberto, so people know.

    20 déc. 2011, 16h58m
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