This TRULY deserved the Academy Award (2009)


28 fév. 2009, 5h43m


This year - AGAIN! - I am seriously disappointed with the Oscar award winning score - and most especially with the jury's decision. The nominees for the "Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original Score)" were just GREAT - with one exception! Alexandre Desplat was nominated for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", and I also really like James Newton Howard's work for "Defiance", Danny Elfman's "Milk" (both of which are GORGEOUS!) and Thomas Newman's "Wall-E" (the last one is quite lovely), but AGAIN they chosed the only score which SERIOUSLY does not deserve that award.

I mean, come on, the music is simply NOT good enough, especially when you compare it to Howard's, Desplat's and Elfman's works. Just because the US have that revolutionary president now who will safe the whole country and make everything good and enjoyable again does NOT mean that they have to award everything which fits their mood, as it was the case with A.R. Rahman's "Slumdog Millionaire"-shit I suppose… I'm so angry an disappointed. It's not that I give too much about those awards, but it's nevertheless the most important one - and obviously the jury consisted of IDIOTS! I would have been quite happy with an award for "Milk" or "Defiance", really, but THAT ONE? No!

I think I just lost my faith in the Academy for ever…


  • Scullwidth

    You still had faith in them? It's a bygone conclusion that Oscars are worthless.

    1 mars 2009, 22h31m
  • Epitymbidia

    I know what you mean. It's just that I'm always so very happy when a score that I think is simply fantastic receives that award - and it makes me quite sad when it happens that the most unworthy nominee wins.

    2 mars 2009, 20h54m
  • lady_sati

    completely agree. the award should go to Elfman or Desplat. also Zimmer should have been nominated for 'Frost/Nixon'.

    8 mars 2009, 19h04m
  • Epitymbidia

    I haven't listened to "Frost/Nixon" yet, mainly because I don't care about Zimmer's scores too much, but maybe I should give that one a try - simply because it's not one of the usual heroic movies he could've used his typical bombast-schemes for, which make the music turn out to be ever the same again and again whenver he uses them.

    9 mars 2009, 0h51m
  • Jane-Margaret

    The Academy sucks, I totally agree with you. Newman or Elfman should won this year, they're both waiting too long for this prize...

    20 mars 2009, 19h27m
  • Reevaluation

    The worst thing is that I lost my faith in Cannes Film Festival... :)

    3 déc. 2009, 1h20m
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