Xandria - Neverworld's End


22 fév. 2012, 12h10m

1.Xandria - A Prophecy of Worlds to Fall
Oh god, not generic gothic chorus intro, please no...cue 1 minute of people "Aaah-ing". Cue typical metal riffs. Oh Hello Tarja...oh wait, that's not Tarja, that's new vocalist of Xandria singing bored, accompanied by generic metal riffs and transitioning into generic operatic refrain. Repeat that for 7 boring minutes and you have the first track of this album....Not. A. Good. Start.
Verdict: 2/5

2.Xandria - Valentine
More generic guitarwork, more generic operatic Nightwish-y vocals, more generic chorus. Another entirely flat and stale song without any dynamic or energy, focused way too much on being sad.
Verdict: 1/5

3.Xandria - Forevermore
Guess What? Yep, Guessed right, another church chorus intro transitioning into generic nightwish-y vocals, generic guitarwork and bland un-dynamic songwriting.
Verdict: 2/5

4.Xandria - Euphoria
More Xandria intro, yet again ruined by operatic gothic genericness and completely uninspiring melodies that we have heard millions of times in all the other bands. And yet again the whole song without any sort of change in it.
Verdict: 0/5

5.Xandria - Blood on My Hands
Yet again the same old story. Generic operatic vocals that try to be old Nightwish, generic "gothic"-y guitarwork, nothing of the real Xandria there to see. Yet again an entire song without any sort of emotional or musical rollercoasters. Stale. Uninspired.
Verdict: 2/5

6.Xandria - Soulcrusher
Oh look, another try to be as generic as possible, imitating Nightwish. Generic guitarwork, generic operatic vocals,
Verdict: 1/5

7.Xandria - The Dream Is Still Alive
Sorry, Xandria, but Nightwish's masterpiece, The Islander, you are not. And you can't every compare to the masterpiece that was real Xandria's Eversleeping.This is a completely uninspired, completely generic try at "oh my gawd, so sad" ballad.
Verdict: 0/5

8.Xandria - The Lost Elysion
Generic nightwish-wannabe intro, generic power-metal riffs then. Really, Xandria? Now you have fallen ever lower.
Verdict: 1/5

9.Xandria - Call Of The Wild
Yet again, Xandria, you are not even close to masterpieces like Nightwish's , The Islander or I Want My Tears Back. I just "love" how copy and pasted the song is. Its like they devised a part of the song till reffrain and then copy-pasted it for the rest of 5 minutes.
Verdict: 0/5

10.Xandria - Xandria's A Thousand Letters
A pathetic try at recapturing the awesome that was Xandria's Xandria's Eversleeping. Sorry, but without Lisa's melancholic vocals, these types of songs just sound generic.
Verdict: 1/5

11.Xandria - Xandria's Cursed
O congratulations, Xandria, you just fell even lower and became a mix of Nightwish and Rammstein. Yeah....
Verdict: 0/5

12.Xandria 0 Xandria's The Nomad's Crown
A pathetic try to get back at the awesomeness that was Xandria's Xandria's India and yet again a failure. Finished with a pathetic gothic-chorus instead of hindi-melodies and mystery Lisa's voice and the strange narrator brought to India.
Verdict: 0/5

Seriously, Xandria, If I wanted that I would go and listen to Visions of Atlantis or older Nightwish. But I do not. There are only few songs of old nightwish I liked (Wish I had an Angel, nemo, wishmaster), but otherwise I find the current Nightwish refreshing from overly sad overly gothic operatic vocals that plague the genre now. If someone said this was a Xandria album, I would not even believe them since I always Xandria always associated. Completely uninspired piece of work, completely stale songs without any dynamic approaches. The opposite of eclectic. With the vocals completely unfitting Xandria's style to boot.

Overall Verdict: 1.6/5


  • adelinadarkstar

    I agree that the album was literally a carbon of say Nightwish's Once album. But overall I'd say the album deserves an A. But I'm a huge fan of old NW so go figure..xD.

    7 mars 2012, 3h18m
  • papaengel

    Also, so schlecht ist das Album nun wirklich nicht! Manuela Kraller hat 'ne tolle Stimme. Ich hatte zuerst "Blood on my Hands" gehört und gedacht, Nightwish hätten 'ne Compilation mit alten, unveröffentlichten Titeln rausgebracht. Ja,es erinnert an old Nightwish, aber da das genau die Musik war und ist, die mir gefällt, gibt's von mir für Xandria - Neverworld's End 5/5

    22 mai 2012, 19h16m
  • TabooEv

    Yeah it's nothing new nor original, but I definitely don't agree with that score..

    3 jui. 2012, 20h47m
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