Music Albums of 2010(and some left overs) - Part I


21 juin 2010, 10h39m

Leftovers from 2009:

Mosh - Bastard

Surprisingly aggressive and awesome album by this , band

Tracks worth mentioning: Rage Within, Everybody Hates a Bully, Liar


Dejafuse - DejaFuse

A decent effort by former Autumn vocalist. MOre autumn feel at least, than in the lackluster newest album from Autumn...

Songs worth mentioning: 2Faced, Exploring, State Of Being



Marc Rizzo
- Legionnaire

Decent instrumental album. Nothing that special but still a good listening experience.\



Orden Ogan - Easton Hope

Promising yet flawed work of music. All These Dark Years is an awesome track with good vocals and decent melodies, maybe a bit too reminiscent of some sort of fusion between Keldian and Blind Guardian

Rest of Tracks like Easton Hope,Nobody Leaves, The Black Heart,Goodbye sound like an unholy and heretic fusion between DragonForce, some sort of metalcore abdn and Blind Guardian

Currently having really mixed opinions on this band and album, but one fact is clear. Its still one of better Blind Guardian clones and it brings something innovative to the formula.



Orphaned Land
The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR

Interesting work of music. Interesting work of art. Most of songs have unique sound with a spice of oriental.

Tracks like Breath in The Abyss ,The Path Part 1 - Treading Through Darkness, The Path Part 2 – The Pilgrimage To Or Shal, New Jerusalem Really leave a strong and unique impression.

The guitar solos in The Neverending Way deserve a honorary mention too.



Solution .45 - For Aeons Past

Possibly best album of 2010 hands down.

Tracks like Gravitational Lensing, Lethean Tears and the killer track Clandestinity Now make sure that you come back to this album again and again.

Really unique and awesome work that retains the spirit of old Scar Symmetry while bringing something new to that feel. Awesome solos and awesome dual vocals.

Can't wait for their second effort.



Bruce Kulick - BK3

A decent, if a bit generic solo album with a lot of quest musicians.

The style varies and changes with each song. From a bit more aggressive Fate, which has shades of Freak Kitchen in there, to deliciously evil and malicious Hand of the King, to glam, hair metal like Dirty Girl, to relaxing and almost alternative I'll Survive

A decent album of mixed genres.



Diabulus In Musica - Secrets

Possibly one of the best albums of 2010.

The opening track Come to Paradise is strong and impressive, even if a bit reminiscent of Epica.

Nocturnal Flowers is a bit more traditional track for the genre. Great melodies, awesome female vocals and strong refrain - all what it needs to draw you in and never let go.

Evolution's Whim - Possibly the best track in the album. Female vocals, their beauty, their power really shine in this track. These magnificent and strong vocals combined with awesome, catchy melody of the song and very unusual refrain make the best song of this album.

New Era - Second best track of the album. yet again awesome female vocals and catchy melodies.

Under the Shadow (of a Butterfly) -is the third best track and possibly my favorite one. soothing and awesome melodies and meaningful lyrics.

Songs like Lonely Soul, Lies in your Eyes and St.Michael's Nightmare(for first 1 minute and 30 seconds and their uber awesome catchy-ness that I could re-listen again and again) deserve a mention too.



Avantasia - The Wicked Symphony

Another lackluster effort of Tobias Sammet. Most of tracks are completely bland, uninspiring, with forced bombastic feel and pop music elements.

The title track, The Wicked Symphony is uninspiring and bland The intro for it is decent, but is soon followed by pop-music-jon-bon-jovi-like song, where tobias tries to impersonate Roy Khan of Kamelot...Which is really sad.

Wastelands - a generic power metal filler track with Kiske on vocals. It actually hurts to listen to it, as you can feel that Tobias Sammet TRIED to create something reminiscent of old good Avantasia there, but just could not find that spirit, that emotion anymore and it came out as generic power metal track with mainstream refrain :<

Scales of Justice - Great track thanks to the vocal abilities of Tim Ripper Owens. The lyrics and melodies are still generic, but the vocal performance gives the song power and livens it all up.

Dying for an Angel is the "shame" of album. Its totally bland, uninspiring commercial song in the line of Bon Jovi songs like Have A Nice Day. Generic repeatable refrain, simp0listic pop lyrics and stagnant song style.

Blizzard On Broken Mirror - A decent track.with decent melodies. Sadly the refrain is generic and the lyrics are as generic as they can get.

Runaway Train - Now this song I would have expected to hear as a filler track in some Jorn Lande album or some generic band

Crestfallen - Another "shame" of this album. Tobias Sammet Meets Donald The Duck. Bland uninspiring mix of , and

Forever Is A Long Time - What is this? Avantasia tribute band? Jorn Lande Tribute Band? While lyrics are decent, the whole song just screams filler-track...

Black Wings - "generic rock" meets emo lyrics meets ozzy-osbourne bombastics....

States Of Matter - Decent power metal track. And hey for the first time in this whole album, the song has the spirit, the emotion of old, good Avantasia


Avantasia - Angel of Babylon

Better than Wicked Symphony. In a sense, if both albums were one album, with bad tracks taken out and good tracks left or improved, this might have been quite a good work...

Stargazers - Generic power metal track. But way better than Wastelands. Sure its in style of nu-Edguy, nu-Avantasia, with all its pop elements and etc, but this is actually one of those cases where it works. The refrain feels like it coems from Helloween song.

Angel of Babylon - Good title track. While it is still full of nu-Avantasia, it retains some of the feel from back the times of The Metal Opera. Listenable. Awesome refrain.

Your Love Is Evil - A "shame" of this album. A commercial metal song that would fit right in with "artists" like Rasmus or Evanescence....

Death Is Just a Feeling - generic filler track that tries to impersonate The Toy Master

Rat Race - nu-Edguy like power metal track. Good quality melodies, paired with mediocre lyrics and generic, but awesome refrain.

Down in the Dark - commercial metal intro, followed by generic Jorn Lande track, followed by Bon Jovi and nu-Avantasia.

Blowing Out the Flame - generic nu-Edguy/nu-Avantasia ballad filler track.

Symphony of Life - Oh, the Evanescence track of album, which pretty much defines ~99% of commercial female-fronted "metal". While track is catchy and vocals are quite unique(but annoying), the track yet another Dying for an Angel and Lost in Space

Alone I Remember - Ah the generic hardrock filler-track of album.

Promised Land - now if everything in the three albums of nu-Avantasia sounded like this, I would be friggin happy. Awesome song, who first had the misfortune of NOT getting into Scarcepop album. Awesome melodies and vocals.

Journey to Arcadia - One of the most old-avantasia-like tracks of album too. A ballad/epilogue done right. Reminds me of the old good times when Avantasia contained tracks like Into the Unknown or Farewell. Good times those were. And this track confirms that Tobias knows how to write good music, but decides to go the sellout way :[




good album , proving that the band contains only professional musicians. Unique and awesome female vocals.

Tracks worth mentioning: Broken,Meltdown, Pretty Words, No Answer, Nietzsche



Döxa - Once... and for All

A decent symphonic metal effort.

Tracks to mention: Eternal Awakenings, The Devil in Love, Standing for your Wishes, To Die Only Once, Sins Of Symmetry, Heaven Is Frozen



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