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blink-182Heart's All Gone 26 jui. 15h17m
blink-182Dammit 26 jui. 15h13m
blink-182Pathetic 26 jui. 15h12m
Sebastian BachWishin' 26 jui. 11h53m
Sebastian BachLost In The Light 26 jui. 11h49m
Sebastian BachOne Good Reason 26 jui. 11h44m
Sebastian BachDream Forever 26 jui. 11h40m
Sebastian BachLive The Life 26 jui. 11h36m
Sebastian BachDirty Power 26 jui. 11h33m
Sebastian BachI'm Alive 26 jui. 11h28m
Sebastian BachAs Long As I Got The Music 26 jui. 11h25m
Sebastian BachCaught In A Dream 26 jui. 11h21m
Sebastian BachDance On Your Grave 26 jui. 11h18m
Sebastian BachTunnelvision 26 jui. 11h14m
Sebastian BachMy Own Worst Enemy 26 jui. 11h10m
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À propos de moi

1st track: Aerosmith - The Other Side
500th track: Sum 41 - Nothing on My Back
1000th track: Sum 41 - Ride the Chariot to the Devil
1500th track: Carlos Santana - Satellite (Spanish Version)
2000th track: Blink-182 - Go
2500th track: Scorpions - Humanity
3000th track: Sum 41 - Still Waiting
3500th track: The Rolling Stones - Mother's Little Helper
4000th track: Queen - Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)
4500th track: Tina Turner - The Best
5000th track: R.E.M. - E-Bow the Letter
5500th track: INXS - Heaven Sent
6000th track: Green Day - Know Your Enemy
6500th track: Quiet Riot - Winners Take All
7000th track: Bad Religion - What It Is
7500th track: Nazareth - Turn On Your Reciever
8000th track: Guns N' Roses - IRS
8500th track: Chris de Burgh - Last Night
9000th track: The Offspring - Black Ball
9500th track: Led Zeppelin - Wearing and Tearing
10000th track: Green Day – Good Riddance
10500th track: P. Houston & Billy Joe - Angel And The Jerk
11000th track: O.N.A. - Jestem silna
11500th track Bad Religion - Slaves
12000th track: Distemper - Кислое вино
12500th track: Queen - Love of my life
13000th track: Bryan Adams - Run to you
13500th track: Green Day- Holiday
14000th track: Sex Pistols- E.M.I
14500th track: Cinderella- Make Your Own Way
15000th track: Green Day- Ha Ha You're Dead
15500th track: Green Day- ¡Viva La Gloria!
16000th track: Bad Religion- Slumber
16500th track: Nickelback- I Don't Have
17000th track: Sum41- A.N.I.C
17500th track: Linkin Park -Hands Held High
18000th track: Ramones- I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
18500th track: Metallica- Enter Sandman
19000th track: Green Day- Basket Case
19500th track: Queen+Paul Rodgers-Through The Night
20000th track: Green Day- 21 Guns
20500th track: Ramones- Pet Sematary (single version)
21000th track: Cinderella- The More Things Change
21500th track: Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Deja Vu
22000th track: Red Hot Chili Peppers- Under The Bridge
22500th track: The Rolling Stones- Flip The Switch
23000th track: Kult- Idiota Stąd
23500th track: Gotthard- Immigrant Song
24000th track: The Rolling Stones- Mother's Little Helper
24500th track: Def Leppard- Ring of Fire
25000th track: Sum41- King Of Contradiction
25500th track: Gotthard- All We Are
26000th track: Freddie Mercury- Let's Turn It On
26500th track: El Canto Del Loco- Super Héroe
27000th track: Theory of a Deadman- Not Meant To Be
27500th track: Bruce Springsteen- Dancing In The Dark
28000th track: The Corrs- Angel
28500th track: Nightwish- Wishmaster
29000th track: Madsen- Verschwende dich nicht
29500th track: Chylińska- Wieczny Problem
30000th track: Green Day- Strangeland
30500th track: Def Leppard- Don't Believe a Word
31000th track: Quiet Riot- I'm Fallin'
31500th track: The Clash- I Fought The Law
32000th track: Bad Religion- Sensory Overload
32500th track: The Corrs- Only When I Sleep
33000th track: Edyta Bartosiewicz- Ostatni
33500th track: Distemper- Кислое вино
34000th track: Janis Joplin- Try
34500th track: Joan Jett- I love rock&roll
35000th track: Green Day- Jackass
35500th track: YUI- Please Stay with Me
36000th track: Hey i Chylińska- Angelene
36500th track: Mötley Crüe- Kickstart My Heart
37000th track: John Williams- Haunted Brownstone
37500th track: El Canto del Loco- Escuela de calor
38000th track: Jerry Lee Lewis- Wild One (Real Wild Child)
38500th track: Gotthard- Movin' On
39000th track: Sum41- Welcome To Hell
39500th track: Guns N' Roses- Bad Obsession
40000th track: Michael Jackson- Billie Jean
40500th track: Sum41- Never Wake Up
41000th track: Sam Phillips- Reflecting Light
41500th track: Rancid- Blackhawk Down
42000th track: Aerosmith- Fallen Angels
42500th track: Nirvana- Plateau
43000th track: Duff McKagan- Hope
43500th track: Skid Row- Rattlesnake Shake
44000th track: The Offspring- Demons
44500th track: Aerosmith- Three Mile Smile
45000th track: Europe- On The Loose
45500th track: Gotthard- Everything I Want
46000th track: Emily's Army- Broadcast This
46500th track: Blink-182- TV
47000th track: Ramones- I Can't Give You Anything
47500th track: Pernice Brothers- Clear Spot
48000th track: Guns n' Roses- It's so easy
48500th track: DJ Ashba- Ballad of Death
49000th track: Sixx:A.M.- Accidents Can Happen
49500th track: Izzy Stradlin- Gone
50000th track: Cinderella- Back home again
50500th track: Sum41- Thanks for nothing
51000th track: Ashba- Walk - Don't run
51500th track: Black Sabbath- Breakout
52000th track: Deep Purple- You fool no one
52500th track: Sum41- Still waiting
53000th track: The Clash- London's burning
53500th track: Led Zeppelin- D'yer Mak'er
54000th track: Sixx:A.M.- Heart Failure
54500th track: Aerosmith- Rats in the Cellar
55000th track: Paramore- Miracle
55500th track: Green Day- Boulevard of Broken Dreams
56000th track: Green Day- When I Come Around
56500th track: Sixx:A.M.-Lies of the beautiful people
57000th track: Rancid- Start now
57500th track: Sixx:A.M.- Tomorrow
58000th track: The Clash- Tommy Gun
58500th track: Skid Row- Get the Fuck Out
59000th track: Scorpions- Love Em Or Leave Em
59500th track: Skid Row- Mudkicker
60000th track: Metallice- Through the Never
60500th track: R.E.M.-The Great Beyond
61000th track: Papa Roach- Lifeline
61500th track: Steel Panther- Gold-Digging Whore
62000th track: Steel Panther- Fat Girl
62500th track: Iron Maiden- The Numer of The Beast
63000th track: Gotthard- Blackberry Way
63500th track: Papa Roach- Never Said It
64000th track: Dire Straits- On Every Street
64500th track: Steel Panther- Death to all but metal
65000th track: Green Day- Homecoming
65500th track: The Pretty Reckless- Hit me like a man
66000th track: Green Day- Longview
66500th track: Rod Stewart- You're in my heart
67000th track: Guns n' Roses- 14 years
67500th track: ASHBA- Who I am
68000th track: Motley Crue- All in the name of...
68500th track: Janis Joplin- Move over
69000th track: The Pretty Reckless- U make me wanna die
69500th track: Pop Evil- Last Man Standing
70000th track: Sixx: A.M.- Intermission
70500th track: Sixx: A.M.- Help is on the way
71000th track: Green Day- ¡Viva la Gloria!
71500th track: Sixx:A.M.- Smile
72000th track: Green Day- Fuck Time
72500th track: Queen- Too Much Love Will Kill You
73000th track: Queen- I Was Born to Love You
73500th track: Sum41- Over My Head
74000th track: Ramones- Blitzkrieg Bop
74500th track: All Time Low-Remembering Sunday
75000th track: Nickelback- Figured You Out
75500th track: All Time Low- Damned If I Do Ya
76000th track: Steel Panther- I Want It That Way
76500th track: Cinderella – Shelter Me
77000th track: Steel Panther- Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World
77500th track: Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons- Big Girls Don't Cry
78000th track: Iron Maiden- Run to the Hills

The most important concerts I've been to:

O.N.A. - 07.2001 [Gdańsk, Poland]
Guns N' Roses - 11.07.2012 [Rybnik, Poland]
Chemia - 11.07.2012 [Rybnik, Poland]
Scorpions - 31.08.2012 [Wrocław, Poland]
Green Day - 18.06.2013 [Łódź, Poland]
All Time Low - 18.06.2013 [Łódź, Poland]
Steel Panther - 24.02.2014 [Warsaw, Poland]
Exlibris - 24.02.2014 [Warsaw, Poland]
Chemia - 16.03.2014 [Poznań, Poland]
Aerosmith - 12.06.2014 [Łódź, Poland]
Walking Papers - 12.06.2014 [Łódź, Poland]
The Treatment - 12.06.2014 [Łódź, Poland]
Alter Bridge - 12.06.2014 [Łódź, Poland]
Iron Maiden - 24.06.2014 [Poznań, Poland]
Ghost - 24.06.2014 [Poznań, Poland]
Slayer - 24.06.2014 [Poznań, Poland] (SO BORING, DON'T GO IF YOU CONSIDER GOING!!)
Of Mice & Men - 03.07.2014 [Poznań, Poland]

Going to see this year:
Skid Row - 31.07.2014 [Kostrzyn, Woodstock Festival, Poland]
Blink-182 - 15.08.2014 [Prague, Czech Republic]

MAYBE going to see this year:
Of Mice & Men - 19.08.2014 [Berlin, Germany]
Slash + Myles Kennedy&The Conspirations - 15.11.2014 [Basel, Switzerland]

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