60s 80's albums i need alternative rock amazing american awesome beautiful memories best from the 10s best of 2010 best of 2012 best song of 2010 bloodshy and avant brillant lyrics chao chao chao crystal castles disco heaven dream pop dreamy electroclash electronic electropop energy experimental experimental pop favourite female fronted rock fuck yeah fucking awesome girl i know how you feel girl power glam rock great hand claps harmony hollywood sadcore hotness i hope she shows this to her 5th grade class i really really liked this song for an undefined period of time i still remember the day we met in december indie industrial rock killer beats klas ahlund lesser known songs by great artists lo-fi love at first listen love this song with all my heart makes me sad makes me want to dance masterpiece melancholic music you should listen to before you die my baby shot me down noise noise pop nuclear often stuck in my head oldies p-e-r-f-e-c-t pearls in stereo pop post-grunge psychedelic ridiculous and awesome rolling stone 500 greatest songs of all time should have been a single smiling music stuck in my head stupid song supernature synthpop these guys fucking rule this song should be a single this would play over the credits of the movie adaptation of the sequel to my life tropicalia vintage we could go together like cocaine and waffles weird and strange what you waiting for wow i really really looooove this song and want to listen to it all the time you and me are the the lucky ones in this time