Amatorski @ AB review 29 january 2012


30 jan. 2012, 13h12m

Sun 29 Jan – Amatorski

As one of the most interesting recent bands in Belgian music, it's interesting to see the directions Amatorski decides to take. They started out at Humo's Rock Rally and got widespread attention for their folky popsong "Come Home". Although the other tracks on the ep were already more reminiscent of Scandinavian post-rock.

The first single "Soldier" from their debutalbum TBC seemed a step in yet another direction: postrock with triphop/dubstep flavour. Yet again, the rest of the album seemed to follow a less spectacular genre change. Yesterday evening the spirit of their "idols" Sigur Rós was everpresent. The show was presented as "Concert + film". The film were just visuals projected on two screens, one in front of the band, one behind. This created some nice effects, but I must say I expected a bit more. The screen in front did remind me of Sigur Rós. They started off with Soldier, which sounded good, although I missed the intimate atmosphere in which I had seen them before.

The violinist from Balthazar was also missing. After another track from "TBC", they played some new tracks for quite some time. These were markedly more experimental and delved further in post rock territory. Some sounded even a bit like Godspeed You ! Black Emperor. I kind of liked it, but I can imagine that it wasn't quite the cup of tea for some in the audience who looking forward to hearing "Come Home". I do hope they keep on renewing their sound, as in post rock a lot of ground has already been covered.


  • uddback

    it was an amazing concert . i love how the band play with e film; sometimes they remind me explosion in the sky. some people with closed can't love it but it was a beautiful set . the drummer was fantastisc , very persona

    2 fév. 2012, 22h38m
  • uddback

    ... very personal touch. the singer is a little bit shy but she just really knos how she must use her voice, really clever . really a good hope :)

    2 fév. 2012, 22h40m
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