Songs Rowland S. Howard wrote for BND/BP.


20 jui. 2009, 8h52m

I love Nick Cave. Trust me, I do. I just get sick of all the attention lavished on him while Rowland S. Howard is mostly ignored by fans of the Birthday Party - especially when songs Rowland wrote are improperly credited to Nick. Consider it a mild pet peeve.

Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)
(The Birthday Party have a version on The John Peel Sessions)


Ho Ho

Dull Day

The Dim Locator

Blast Off!

Several Sins

The Red Clock


Riddle House

Guilt Parade

Death By Drowning

Waving My Arms

Shivers (This is the one that most seems to be credited to Nick. Especially on youtube. But I guess that's youtube for you.)

I Mistake Myself

After A Fashion

The Running Goat

the cracked portrait



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