Scottish Accents

Scotland: musical powerhouse.

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Regional Accents

A musical tour of the UK via artists who sing, more or less, in their native accents. Starts in Scotland, works roughly downwards through mainland Britain, then swoops back up to Northern Ireland.

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Desert Island Discs

Meant to try this for years; and eight tracks, damn it's tough. Tried not to think just of my favourite music but music I'd actually like to be stuck with, alone, on a desert island for however...

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Soothing Female Vocals

Aye, it's all a bit twee and cutesy. But I'm a sucker for a pretty girl with a pretty voice.

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Emo: as It was Meant to Be

It's more than just MCR-type faux goth bollocks. Give it a chance - honestly, you might like it. First half is generally rawer old school emo, second half is more polished and probably closer to a...

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