• I did it

    28 avr. 2011, 16h02m

    I deleted all my data. First song:

    Johnny Hobo- New Mexico Song
  • Awesome Songs that remind you of awesome partys with awesome friends and awesome…

    5 déc. 2010, 15h16m

    Band of Horses-The Funeral Is such a track. It is just pure memory of great nights that happend. It is all that once was great and you want it back. Immediately. A reminder of all the stupid things we did. In slow motion.

    lubo-Maluma & Bier I love his music quite a lot, he is still unknown. This how I credit this song: This sounds like a party in your memory, just like a fading black and white photograph of your best childhood friend. Awesome lyrics.

    Weezer-My Name Is Jonas This is an ongoing party, wherever this track is played. This really sounds like entering a dorm, a house or a club. It is loud, welcoming and friendly. And it got some very cool "YEAH"s in it. Just like a neverending film about freshmen in college.

    Johnny Hobo-New Mexico Song This reminds me of driving a car through the german countryside while humming this song. I start singing louder and louder. In the end I catch myself screaming. Awesome.
  • Folk Punk

    3 fév. 2010, 23h02m

    Jeah, the last genre that I started getting into is Folk Punk. It really kicks me, I enjoy the way these guys express themselves, namely in a direct, honest and simple way. I think that is what makes me like this kind of music. It is really pure to what music used to be before there were recordings.

    Music was a rather social thing, because if no was playing there was no music. Simple as that. People would spend evenings playing and singing songs in their living rooms, using or even sharing one piano, violins and later even guitars or guitar-like instruments (but the history of the guitar is a different thing). I often feel like that this just turned around: In those days the music was where people were and it was something special, something social, today we have to explore new music through the net (which is basicially a really good thing), but then we shout ourselves out by listening it through our IPods. I often want to know what a certain person on the street, in the bus or in the mall listens to in that very moment. But I am often to shy to ask. Another thing is listening to music through your IPod while passing some guy on the street playing live music for everyone. Even if he is not the next Springsteen, one might esteem that. I feel we all are often so surrounded with music that we do not value it enough. Ok, whatever, here are some artists which I think are so pure that they turn this new way of listening to music around,a bit at least. Please have a look at the vids.

    Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains This guy really amazes me. He can not sing, he can not play the guitar, but his style of writing lyrics and the way he "sings" is so pure that you might feel familiar with all of his songs, even though you hear them for the first time. I hope his drug probs get better.

    New Mexico Song This is one of my favorite songs sung by him... The cam is a bit shitty in the loud parts, please overlook that kindly. He plays in some is a social thing, you can watch other videos of this song where you can not really distract him (and band members) from the crowd. That makes this awesome. And what is the difference in that sing along from that at other concerts? Well, this might happen in a certain place, where the crowd is not that random as in regular concerts.

    Wingnut Dishwashers Union Well, Johnny Hobo performs as Wingnut Dishwashers Union now (Pat the bunny). Fuck shit up! (whananana) is another cool track by him. I can not really hear that much difference from Johnny Hobo, but I think at live performances he now has some kind of band backing him up. Just linking a video..he is performing near a cemetary

    and there in some kind of corridor/living room or what

    Ok, I will this text is going to be long, so I speed it up a bit:

    Andrew Jackson Jihad-People II: The Reckoning This song is awesome. AJJ are a trio, a singer/guitar, contrabass and a mandolin. It is quite musicially (not as the aritists posted before), lyricially its maybe a more artsy. Please check those vids performing at a parking lot. It sounds 1:1 like the studio version..which is a compliment. another awesome live performance. I would love to see those guys live.

    Just check the related artists if this kicks you as well. I am doing this myself atm.
  • 2009 in music

    24 jan. 2010, 12h31m

    Hey, everyone.

    I would like to write something about the music that I was accompanied by in 2009. So, I took the most listened artists within the last 12 months...

    #1 Red House Painters Well this band is just amazing in every way. I love their way of phrasing words, composing accustic guitars to something unique, I love the way they sing. And I love Sun Kil Moon as well, as these guys are roughly the same persons...God damn, I wish I could see them live...

    #2 dälek Yes. I enjoy hip hop, I really do. I enjoy wall of noise. I really do. And in a nutshell this is what Dälek are about. Great stuff. Nuff said.

    #3 Sigur Ros This is really good music to study to. That is why they are that highly ranked. This music is amazing in a way that you can listen very carefully to them or just have them as a sound collage to your life. Jup, that is the way it is.

    #4The Weakerthans I saw John K. Samson live in Frankfurt, I think it was november, it was just great. His lyrics and the way he sings them are incredible. I love "utilities" and I love "One great City". It reminds me of Mannheim. I missed said song on that gig, because it was the first song he played that night.

    #5Johnny Hobo This guy is so punk. Seriously. I missed how basic music used to be when there were no recordings. Music was a social thing, not a personal thing like it is today in times of I-Pods (they are even called "I"-Pod), I enjoy the thought that music is a social thing, because thats what is really is: People gathering in some sort of meeting, having fun playing the guitar and singing and claping and screaming toghether. And that is pretty much what this guy does.

    #6Hüsker Dü Alternative Rock roots ftw. They have some really experimental tunes and some that sound like pop music. That is what i really like about them.

    #7Alice in Chains I missed to see em live last year. I had to do some university stuff while they had their gig in my area. Shit happens. I am really glad that they are writing music and be touring again. That is great, even though I still miss Layne. I came into them just 2-3 months before he died. Sad story. Btw check out Mad Season, they are just great.

    #8Nick Drake I love his music. I came into it while watching this cool Volkswagen ad on Tv This. The colors and the spot itself is just great. Pink Moon is a pearl of an album, really. It sounds like was recorded at night. And it really sounds like this. I came to realize that his earlier albums are really good, as well, even though they are much brighter and not that dark...

    #9 Radiohead No comment needed.

    #10 The Antlers My personal favorite album of 2009. Musicially and lyrically impressing. I love "Two" and "Wake". This music really accompanied me in 2009, it feels great listening to Hospice while wandering lonley in your dreams, your city or even woods may work. This album is strong in it weakest moments. Dont know if this is understandable, but if you know this album, you might understand that.

    #11 Coldplay I enjoy their earlier works. Thats it.

    #12 Sun Kil Moon Told you about them in 1.

    #13 KASHIWA Daisuke This guy is awesome. One of the best post rock artists I discovered last year. His new album was disappointing, but Programm music is really awesome. I love "Stella". This is really good music to what I understand as this term.

    #14 Yann Tiersen I love his works on "Goodbye Lenin", great songwriter, great singer, great instrumentalist. Jeah, he is. I listened to him a lot in 2009 while sitting in front of my computer doing nothing but painting pictures in my mind according to his music.

    #15 dredg Well, still a good band. 2009er Album sucks, CWA wasnt that great either, but I still love their first two albums. They are just great. I listen to Dredg every now and then, to different occasions. I like the fact that this music is good for dancing, jogging or just sitting there and enjoy it.
  • Coversongs: Metal

    28 jui. 2009, 12h32m

    My last blog entry was about Coversongs in general. This time I am going to write about metal/rock covers of non metal/rock songs. I know that this is only a short and incomplete list, but these songs are the first that came on my mind. Enjoy.

    Sebadoh-Pink Moon I love Nick Drakes´ work. Every single one of his albums is a beauty, really. This is the title track of his final work. The original is a quite and calm songs, arranged with guitar, vocals and additional piano only. One may know it through an Volkswagen advertisement by the way. No matter. Sebadoh, a lo-fi "punk" or "indie" band from the 80ies, rearranged this song into a wilder and somehow angry tune without causing a lack of the songs´ original hooky melodies. A good cover, really.

    Crowbar-Dream weaver The original is by Gary Wright from somewhen in the 70ies. What I love about this cover is the fact that Crowbar just added their massive sound upon this pop-tune. Whereas the original is quite laid back, Crowbars´ version is just straight, heavy and massive as their songs always are. The guitars are like walls here.

    Prayer For Cleansing-Salvation Jeah, what a song. I personally like "The Cranberries" because they are pop music that is still listenable. Sure, it is easy and catchy, but it is still good. And: They are not thaaaat famous that you might overhear them (ok, "Zombie" is annoying). The song starts with this cool guitar chords, a really fruitfully riff here. Prayer for Cleansing (who invented "deathcore" years ago and are now know as parts of Between The Buried And Me) take over this starting chords, add some more speed, screams, short blasts and a great cover of a good song is made. They added clean vocals on the chorus which is a really cool thing here.

    Nevermore-Sound Of Silence Haha, what a song! Nevermore is a great metal band. What I personally like about them is the fact that they are traditional metal and that they are no traditional metal at the same time. Whenever I listen to them thoughts like "Yes, that is what traditional metal should sound like today" and then they will pull something off what blows my mind away, just like answering my thoughts with "No, sir, fuck you, this is much more serious as you think". The cover of this well known song is great. I love the way they translated these melodies into a cool metal song. I did not really like the singer at first, but his voice is great and now I really love his way of singing. They wrote a new song relating to the existing chords, melodies and lyrics. Great!

    Neglected Fields-Breath Neglected Fields are a tech-death band from Latvia. So they are unfortunatly not that know, which could be changed by this great death metal cover of Prodigys´ "Breath" (which is by itself a great song). Well their cover is arranged with growls, screams, a chapman stick bass,these typical noisy feedbacking guitars from the original....I really like this version.
  • Songs to cry to because they are too beautiful to believe it

    3 fév. 2009, 23h45m

    Well. Good music moves you. It does not really matter in what way: you can feel touched or disgusted it does something to you at least.

    Here are some of my favorite songs to that. Listen to them carefully.

    Red House Painters-Over My Head This one is such a diamond of a song. Really. Catchy, but strange. Great lyrics. This main riff made me cry. It is played with such passion and soul that it is just...args.

    Hellsongs-Paranoid I have never realized how sad this song really is. Geezer must have felt like an alien or something while writing these lyrics. Really moving, but I honestly think that Hellsongs just made this lyrics obvious to everyone. Heavy metal may be a good thing to overplay your lack of confidence in yourself. But there is more behind all these loud and noisy guitars. Hellsongs discovered it. So can you while listening.

    Pink Floyd-Time I am a guitarguy. I love the guitar sound in the solo part. Really, even the sound is so moving, incredible. I see colours of purple and dark yellow flashing and it really tells a story (no, I am not doing drugs). I get angry while thinking about the Pulse live version of this song. It is just not sufficient to the recorded solo.

    Reinhard Mey-51er Kapitän God. My father is still alive but this one is really moving. I love the live version of that song. It is about dreams of a father and archieving them in life. The person fails, but he just changed his priorities from being obsessed with his own goals to prefer his family stuff over all what he wants he needs. Great.

    Godspeed You Black Emperor-Moya I do not need to talk about that band much. My favorite band of all time, i think. This song just sums up what they have done in their career. It is their "Smells like teen spirit" or something. I can recommend GYBE to all fans of good music..really. I would give everything to see them playing live again. I would pay any price for that, really.
  • Coversongs

    19 oct. 2007, 20h33m

    Jau, ein tolles Thema. Ich stelle hier mal ein paar meiner persönlichen Favoriten, die mir gerade einfallen vor.

    Ich versuche mich hier auf die an sich genrefremden Coverversionen zu beschränken- die sind nämlich spannender, als das x-te Metallicacover von einer Metalband. Finde ich jedenfalls.

    Hellsongs Die haben sich das gleich als Bandmotto genommen: Metalsongs als Jazz/Folk/Pop-Lounge Musik mit weiblichem Gesang. Ganz, ganz großes Kino. Ganz ehrlich, ich fand Black Sabbaths Paranoid album immer verdammt groß, bis auf den Titeltrack. Aber hey, diese drei irren Schweden covern den Song und die Stimme überträgt die Selbstzweifel und das Gefühl der Angst, welches der Text vermittelt (was Ozzy aber komplett anders rüberbringt). Simple Zeilen wie: "Make a joke and I will sigh and you will laugh and I will cry
    Happiness I cannot feel and love to me is so unreal" machen den Song perfekt. Hellsongs sind definitv eine große Band!

    Neglected Fieldssind eine nur in Szenekreisen bekannte lettische (Tech)Deathmetalband, die Einflüsse wie Death, Cynic oder Atheist mit durchaus coolem eigenen Sound verwebt. Auf ihrer Platte Synthinity haben sie neben dem erwähnten überdurchschnittlichen (und mit Exotembonus versehenem) Deathmetal als letzten Song eine Überraschung parat: Sie cover Breath von The Prodigy. Und wie: Da sind nicht nur Akkustikgitarren (wie im Original) am Start, sondern ein krasser Chapman-Stick und Growls. Ingesamt ein vollends gelungenes Cover! Ein Elektrosong erstrahlt im Deathmetalsound (oder so). Und weiterhin großraumdiscothekenwürdig und tauglich!

    Krass finde ich auch Sachen wie z.B.

    The Crimson Jazz Trio welche, wie der Name schon sagt Songs von der kreuzgenialen Progband King Crimson in (noch) jazzig(ere) Gefilde führt. Ähnlich funktionieren die häufig "String Quartet Tribute to ..."-heißenden CDs, auf denen eben klassische Orchester bekannte Bands nachspielen. Das ist immer Geschmackssache. Manche sind gut, manche kann man sich getrost Schenken.

    Achja und im Plattenladen nie, nie,nie auf diese "Gregorian Tribute" CDs reinfallen, die sind der reinste Müll. Ich habe zwei davon (ja, die waren verdammt billig und die Songs darauf mochte ich), aber: niemals kaufen. Billige PC-Hintergrundmusik dient als Collage worauf klischeebehaftete und gar nicht so dolle, weil total verhallte "Mönchsgesänge" die meisten Songs einfach nur ganz schlecht approximieren aber dabei jede, wirklich jede Eigenständigkeit vermissen lassen. Und gerade dieses Thema kann soviel bieten.
  • Meine Lieblingsgitarrensoli (Rock/Metal) Part I

    2 oct. 2007, 23h20m

    Ist immer verdammt schwer so eine Liste aufzustellen. Aber das ist jetzt quasi nochmal was konstruktives bevor ich mich zu Bett begeben werden. Achja, Hendrix, Clapton und Co habe ich mal rausgelassen. Genauso Tom Morello, der gehört auch dazu, aber da kann ich mich nicht entscheiden.

    At the Gates- Cold : Warum? Weil das Solo meine Ansprüche an ein gutes Solo vereint. Zum einen ist es natürlich erstmal sauber gespielt, es ist KEIN Technikgepose/Speedangeberei, es ist nachsingbar und hat diesen komischen kaputten Sound (den sie live übrigens nie so hingebracht haben, daher finde ichs auch live nicht unbedingt so cool). Ein tolles Solo einer noch tolleren und richtungsweisenderen Band.

    Pantera-Cemetary Gates Jo, hier sogar die Liveversion. Ist eigentlich gar nicht so spektakulär, aber: Dime ist Dime. Man hört das sofort am Ton, das Solo an sich ist auch recht "normal" aufgebaut, eine normale Steigerung, am Ende ein wenig Speed-Picking und sonstwas. Was hier das tolle ist: Der Sound wirkt nie leer, weil die restlichen zwei Instrumentalisten einfach so viel Eier haben, dass die eine fehlende Rythmusgitarre einfach wettmachen. Vielleicht finde ich das so geil hier.

    Between the Buried and Me-Selkies: The Endless Obsession Auch dieses Solo besticht durch den an sich klar strukturierten Aufbau von langsam-jazzig bis hin zu Arpeggio-Sweeps. Das schöne ist hier, das Paul Waggoner im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Shred-Monstern (die aus den 80ern mit hässlichen Frisuren und vierhälsigen Gitarren) die Melodie und die Musikalität nie aus dem Auge lässt. Dem gehts gar nicht um die Technik, die ist hier nur ein Mittel zum Zweck und keine Egovergrößerung. Wunderbares Solo. Wird wohl immer einer meiner Favoriten bleiben.

    Pink Floyd-Time Dave Gilmour hat einfach den Ton und das Bending im Finger. Sein Sound ist unbeschreiblich (ungefähr so ist auch das Rig, das er dafür verwendet. Ich glaube, das hat mehr Elektrik als die Mondlandefähre...). Bei diesem Solo hat er das, wie ich finde, perfektioniert. Auch hier gefällt mir die Studioversion um einiges besser als z.B. die Liveversion der Pulse. Die Studioversion war wohl mehr oder weniger ein first take. Das tut dem ganzen ziemlich gut. Wer Ton will, soll Gilmour hören.

    Pearl Jam-Alive Jau. Ein klassisch angehauchtes Gitarrensolo. Man hört den Einfluss von The Knack auf das Spiel von Mike. Was hier das besondere ist im Gegensatz zu den anderen genannten Soli, ist die Tatsache, dass das Solo den Song hier nochmal um 50% nach vorne kickt. Während einige der genannten Soli sich erst selbst steigern, setzt dieses hier sofort an und ist ein Killer, auch wenn die Licks ziemlich "abgenutzt" klingen. Vorallem bekommt man endlich mal wieder ein Wah-Wah zu hören. Wer Mikes Gitarrenarbeit mag sollte mal in Mad Season reinhören.

    Vielleicht schreib ich irgendwann mal mehr Gitarrensoli.
  • Besoffen Heimkommen....

    21 jui. 2007, 3h13m

    Jau, also:

    Meine Lieblingsmusik für diese Momente, in denen sich die Welt dreht, Gespräche im Ohr liegen, man innerlich rotiert, man sich an Endorphin gelabt hat und alles in allem einen netten Abend verbracht hat, und nun nur noch schnell Mail checken und eventuell ein wenig ziellos umhersurfen will...I fire them away:

    Bohren & der Club of Gore Hier scheint die Welt still zu stehen. Unglaublich langsam und gefühlvoll. Man möchte sich von einer Brücke ins Nichts stürzen, in der vagen Hoffnung, jemand hält einen davon ab...Sollten einen nach einem nicht ganz positiven Abend durchaus gut begleiten können.

    RadioheadDer Pyramiden-Song ist wohl unglaublich gut, um einen Abend zu beenden. "All my lovers were there with me
    All my past and futures
    And we all went to heaven in a little row boat
    There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt" Ja, klingt befriedend, auch wenn das Lied vermutlich anders gemeint ist. Keine Ahnung, ist mir auch egal im Moment. Ich weiss nur, dass dieser unglaubliche Rythmus vom Piano einen in den wohlverdienten Schlaf wiegen kann, weil das Lied hinter allen traurigen Passagen doch eine unglaubliche positive Aura entwickelt.

    M83- Car Chase Terror. Für alle die, welche auf Horrorfilme stehen, aber keinen Fernseher haben oder die keinen Bock auf beknackte abzocker-Ratespiele im Privatsenderbereich haben. Einfach nachts diesen Song spielen und sich fürchtend von Albträumen ins Bett jagen lassen....

    Godspeed You Black Emperor- Moya. Unglaublich, welche Momente diese Band in diesem Song darbietet. Instrumental, knapp 11min lang, eine Reise ins Nichts, ins Traumhin, wohin man will. Alle Emotionen werden umgesetzt, alles wird gut, alles wird gut. Spannung pur, mein Herz pocht. Wir reisen zusammen. Das Lied und ich. Und alles wird gut. Ich weiss es. Unbedingt reinhören...

    Gute Nacht.