• August 2 2011

    2 août 2011, 4h20m

    Today is a day to be remembered. The day that the estimable RJD2 has tragically lost his perch, usurped by the firebrand Hood Internet.

    'Bout time, really.
  • Whence

    4 jan. 2011, 19h58m

    How did it start, the sound wave love affair? The lust for emotional vibrations. The dancing shapes and ethereal visions conjured up by modern wizards with electricity and energy and fucking BASS.

    Whyever why it did begin, I'm glad it hasn't stopped. I need it to continue. I thrive in my musical womb with a gold plated quarter-inch umbilical cord.
  • Hm.

    5 avr. 2008, 5h25m

    y'know..... meshes perfectly with my compulsive desire to catalog and provide in list form for review large collections of data about my life.

  • EVER.

    15 août 2005, 20h31m

    Bear Vs. Shark is the best band name ever.