Artists I've Seen Perform Live...


22 sept. 2006, 0h09m


  • QCassidy

    That is one hell of a list. What would you say the worst show you have seen is? For me it would have to be Sound Tribe Sector 9. But the bands before them rocked and I left early, so it was a salvageable evening.

    3 oct. 2006, 4h52m
  • krustywazoo

    How can Tom Petty, Kid Koala, the New Pornographers, or Gnarls Barkley be bad live? :(

    3 oct. 2006, 20h38m
  • Dystopian

    Krustywazoo...with the exception of Tom Petty--none of the artists you listed were bad. Unfortunately...The sound was so bad during Tom Petty that you couldn't hear him above all the drunk idiots in the crowd singing along. I wouldn't say he was bad...but the show was ruined for me due to the fact I couldn't hear him! QCassidy...HANDS DOWN I would say the worst show for me was Busta Rhymes. I wasn't too particularly keen on going but my friend had tickets and really wanted to go so I said what the heck. Big mistake. The sound was was way too loud and he was shouting into the mic so it came across sounding all staticy and fuzzy. Of the few things you could understand was him cursing out a woman in the first row because she didn't raise her hand when he asked audience members to. He spent ten minutes cussing the woman about about how it was so effin this and effin that and effin this and effin disrespectful blah blah blah. You get the idea..of course there were a couple of huge fights at the show as well ..(some white nazi dude with kkk tattoos all over his chest decided to take his shirt off and start using the N word. REAL SMART. My friend and I ended up leaving early because the fighting started to get so out of hand..)

    5 oct. 2006, 3h50m
  • krustywazoo

    Yeah, I realized after posting and logging off, that the artists you listed were the good, bad, and bland artists you seen live. :\ I'm sloooow. :P But that's both sad and kinda funny about the drunks. Mostly sad though. :( He seems like he would be amazing live, drunkards aside.

    5 oct. 2006, 22h13m
  • QCassidy

    I have seen Petty live myself and it was a great show. Kind of a weak encore. Well, not weak, but short. But I can certainly understand how drunk dumbasses can ruin a show. Some high school punks damn near ruined Steve Miller for me.

    8 oct. 2006, 20h06m
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