• My review of the Morbid Angel, Kreator, Fueled By Fire and Nile show at Sofia in…

    20 nov. 2012, 12h49m

    Sadly I couldn't catch Fueled By Fire because my train for Sofia was late and all the busy traffic didn't really help me reach the hall in time.
    Nile - Now that's a band from which you can always expect the best with no surprises. As always awesome proffessionalism and great attitude from the guys. The songs from their not-so-great new album At The Gate Of Sethu surprisingly stood well with the now death metal classics Sarcophagus and Black Seeds of Vengeance. Sadly while the band was playing Hittite Dung Incantation there was a power shortage, but the guys handled it with a smile and quickly resumed with my favourite Nile song - Ithyphallic.
    Morbid Angel were the true headliners of the show. Despite David Vincent's controversial techno music influences and the band's plain weak last album all scepticism was quickly erased with the very first song Immortal Rites. David can still put most metal vocalists in his small pocket, and the band's temporary drummer replacing Pete Sandoval is.. I don't really have the words. Technical yet fast would be an understatement. HE ABSOLUTELY OWNED. He was honestly the best live drummer I've ever seen, even better than Nile's George Kollias. Now I can only wish Morbid Angel would return to making metal, because they definately still have the fire.

    Kreator were not my cup of tea. I enjoy some of their songs but the long set bored me, and even the massive circle pits and walls of death wouldn't help but leave me dissapointed. The sound was also pretty bad and by the 5th song the guitars became really hard to trace and the solo drum was way too loud. They played a lot of songs from Pleasure to KIll including the self-titled one and ended with Flag of Hate and Tormentor.
  • BMTH - There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A…

    7 jui. 2012, 15h01m

    Originally written for my RYM.

    Time to re-write my ridiculously fanboyish review. First of all, this has to be one of the most hated metalcore bands of all time, for various reasons some of which are quite valid. First of all, Bring Me The Horizon employ a very metrosexual image which may piss off some "trve" metalheads who are annoyed by this for some reason. Also, BMTH has been enjoying all the media attention they have been getting for the seven years of the band's existence, and employ new age philosophies, like veganism and so on.

    So, now let's get to the music. This band has always had a rather large metal influence, which has done them the bad favor of being in the average metalhead's field of vision. This, of course brings more negative attention to the band. They sounded like a heavier and more hardcore version of At the Gates on their debut album Count Your Blessings (which has an unrealistically and hilariously low rating here), which sounded a bit naíve but had plenty of hooks and quality riffs. Also, it's production is excellent.
    Then the band drastically changed it's sound. Suicide Season hardly has any death metal elements and relies much more on the simple song structures and hard hitting metalcore. Still music for teenagers, still attracting a ton of hate (this band got both the "worst band" and "best band" awards by Kerrang!, pretty indicative don't you think?).
    Then there's THIS album. Sounds nothing like the previous two. First thing to make an impression is the elaborate cover art. A person in a ritual robe and mask, one half being white, female and holding a key and the other being dark, male, injured and holding a ritual dagger, both united by a keyhole. There is a hint to the artwork in the band's "Visions" music video. Second of all, there's a lineup change. Jona from I Killed the Prom Queen on guitars and additional vocals. He's been in the scene for a very long time and is definately partially responcible for the band's drastic change in sound.

    When you play the album you notice the stylistic change immediately. The album is far from formulatic. There are much more post-rock and ambient elements (first used on the title track of the band's previous album), samples and electronica. Second of all, the band frequently uses atmospheric keyboards and guest vocals, the beautiful Canadian pop singer Lights being on two songs (sings the mantra on "Crucify Me" and a major part of "Don't Go"), You Me At Six's clean vocals on "Fuck" and The Chariot's vocalist on "The Fox and the Wolf". This adds a huge amount of diversity to the album.
    Also, Oliver Sykes has changed his vocal approach a lot. His style is roughly a mixture of Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols) 's snarling, Barney Greenway (Napalm Death) 's roaring and Martin Van Drunen (early Pestilence, Asphyx, Hail of Bullets) 's growls , especially on the deeper parts in songs like "Blacklist" and "The Fox and the Wolf". This gives the band a very distinct sound, since most metalcore bands just rely on the generic scream-clean chorus-scream formula.
    Roughly I'd call this a metalcore album. The hardcore attitude is still here with the background shouts and occasional mosh parts but musically this is largely metal. It's much closer to the metal formula with the riff, chorus and solo part (yes there are solos here), with the song structures being dynamic and not always typical, sometimes being quite progressive.
    I'm giving this 5 stars for two reasons:
    First one is the fact that the band did a major stylistic change for the third time, and is willing to experiment and improve in the stagnant genre of metalcore, which is commendable.
    Second one is the sheer quality of the songs. It's been ages since I've heard such a strong collection of songs, all of which are both very memorable and innovative.
    Overall this is probably the best metalcore album since Converge's Jane Doe and one of the best metalcore albums of all time. An album far ahead of it's time.
  • Metal Masterpieces

    11 juin 2012, 22h57m


    The Gathering -Mandylion

    Every time I listen to this album I feel like everything of it -the riffs, the lyrics, the melodies of the songs -everything was made for me and nobody else. Unique in it's nature, this album combines doom metal, progressive rock and gothic metal so well that the album sounds as homogenous as it's possible. The Gathering created many great albums after this one, but for me Mandylion is untouchable and impossible to be replicated by anyone. It's magic.

    Dark Tranquillity Fiction

    The artwork reflects the album's atmosphere perfectly. You imagine desolated landscapes, ghost towns, gray urban images and not a single beam of light. The album's music is a glorification of the Gothenburg death metal sound - heavy, yet melodic riffs, menacing, yet understandable growls and Iron Maiden inspired guitar solos. But this is not all. Dark Tranquillity also finally perfect the usage of keyboards they started in Haven. They improved the specific style of riffing from Damage Done. They improved the driving melodies from Character. This album even features female vocals on the final track, The Mundane And The Magic[track], for the first time since The Mind's I, and are executed much better.
    The best that Dark Tranquillity has ever done is here. This album sums up their entire career and proves them to be one of the most respectable metal bands.

    Angel Dust Enlighten The Darkness

    A concept album about a soldier's thoughts on war and how he gets to take human lives away with no judgement, his nostalgia to his past life and how death is what humanity deserves for it's deeds. The music is speed/power metal, greatly inspired from Savatage and Dio. It's power metal without all the flaws power metal usually has -this album is not cheesy, predictable, does not overuse keyboards or high pitched screams, and is very much mature. The perfect power metal album.

    3 The End Is Begun

    This album here is art rock in it's purest form. Both dark and very unencumbered, joyful yet sad. Combines elements both from Rush and The Beatles, metal and pop music, modern and classic influences but is not pretentious even one bit, quite the opposite. Noone can write catchy hooks like 3 and be progressive at the same time. A must-have album for any progressive rock fan.

    Spend your time well before you go.. Here in Hell.

    Amesoeurs - Amesoeurs

    A dark and organic metal masterpiece. It starts out strong with [track artist=Amesoeurs]Gas in Veins
    which is a direct attack on the listener combining black metal agression with a post-metal atmosphere. Like with Neige's other projects, this album is a combination of black metal, post-metal, shoegazing and post-punk but for me this is the closest thing to perfection he's ever done. All the tracks are extremely melancholic, emotional, memorable and hard hitting, it's hard for the listener to stay indifferent . Audrey Sylvain's voice is actually the main thing that polarizes some of the Amesoeurs fans. It's a pretty, girly clean singing which transitions to an agressive and punky black metal shriek. I was personally charmed the moment I first heard her sweet voice. She's really emotional and does a really good job on the album, especially considering this is her debut as a singer.

    Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones

    Tom Warrior created the album of his life exactly 30 years after he started out with Hellhammer and created extreme metal. Eparistera Daimones sounds like a much heavier version of his last album with Celtic Frost, the masterpiece Monotheist. It's an album that crushes you with it's demonic sadness and rage from start to finish. This album summarizes everything Tom has ever done in his career with Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, (except for Cold Lake). This album has brutal thrash metal (A Thousand Lies), crushing doom metal (Goetia and Abyss Within My Soul), avant-garde and gothic metal (In Shrouds Decayed, Myopic Empire), and thrashy black metal (Descendant) and continues his experiments with atmospheric and ambient music (My Pain). This is one of the heaviest and most diverse metal albums the music has seen and is the best Tom Warrior, the father of extreme metal, has ever offered.
  • Seen live

    11 juin 2012, 22h49m

    My not-so-great seen live list:
    This is going to be updated as I go to more shows.

    Morbid Angel (god-tier show)
    Kreator (terrible live)
    Nile (good)
    Fates Warning (best show I've been to)
    Dark Tranquillity (perfect)
    Fish (most emotional show I've been to)
    Leprous (god-tier show)
    Ørkenkjøtt (tons of fun)
    Loch Vostok (badass)
    Persefone (awesome)
    Machinae Supremacy (OK)
    Metallica (perfect)
    Anthrax (tons of fun)
    Megadeth (OK)
    Slayer (awesome)
    Pain of Salvation (OK)
    4? (great)
    Riverside (perfect)
    Anathema x2 (perfect)
    Alice in Chains (god-tier show)
    Tides From Nebula (OK)
    Stone Sour (good show, shit music)
    God Is An Astronaut (slightly dissapointed)
    Mental Architects (perfect)
    Rammstein (perfect)
    Manowar (cancerous show)