It's the Big Heat


9 nov. 2008, 1h49m

The Big Heat arrived last week, and it's been getting a ton of play in the car (which doesn't show up on The Blonde likes Stan a lot better than Wall of Voodoo (although there's still a special place in her hear for Back In Flesh).

I really, really like the title track. "Everybody wants another piece of pie today, she said." That really brings Twin Peaks to mind, but of course the album is from 1986, so it anticipates the show ("the front page of a newspaper dated 1992" indeed!).

The out-of-control piledriver; the passive cab driver; the super-salesman ("I just read the map and steer"); all great stories. And, yes, this week everybody "wants a real deal." 76 years ago we got the New Deal, and now we want the Real Deal.


  • JoeIsListening

    Glad you're enjoying it! "But I think she did it better last year before her boyfriend broke her arm..."

    10 nov. 2008, 1h30m
  • DudeTheMath

    The way he delivers that so matter-of-factly is a bit chilling. It's the only thing we were concerned about The Bunkie hearing (as opposed to having Ben Folds on, heaven help us). I enjoy having her sing along, and sometimes (on the way to gymnastics, e.g.) she pipes up from the back seat with, "Just keep your eyes on the road, and drive!" Hee.

    10 nov. 2008, 18h15m
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