Excuse me?


17 juin 2006, 16h12m

Tracks played: [temporarily unavailable]
wtf is this! Now i want to know how long "temporarily" means in the eye of the beholder. Boy oh boy, lately this last.fm has been nutty!


  • marshee

    I know...but we're due for a huge site overhaul this month...I can't wait, and I don't mind a bit of irritation... It's always worth it.

    17 juin 2006, 16h40m
  • tinydancr13

    Dear Mr. W, I have no idea what you are talking about (since I joined yesterday, thanks to your wonderful knowledge on this)... but i think you can figure it out yourself..... Sincerely, Miss A!

    17 juin 2006, 17h16m
  • StopDropListen

    I was so pumped when I started seeing my tracks-played number increase instantaneously. I was not so pumped when they said this was a mishap due to their switching systems or whatnot. But marshee's right, it's all for good things to come. A new and improved last.fm is alright by me.

    17 juin 2006, 18h44m
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