1 of the best 5 songs of 2010 4 moods and lucid dreaming 5 star albums acclaimed music top 3000 aitchepic alternative metal alternative rock always good to hear amasing amazing awesome awesome guitar jams awesome instrumentals awesome solo best trivium song broken hearted love songs chevelle-really downtuned clap-clap clap your hands cliff burton die katze hat gitarre gespielt drowning out the voices in my head during the apocalypse i would like to have this on my ipod energetic epiccore extreme guitar jam favorite favorites fish out of water god this should of been on an album good stuff gorgeous tunes got rhythm great great bassline great bassplayer great drummer great intro great lyrics great song guilty pleasures guitar virtuoso hard rock headbanging song heavy instrumental improvisation how does he play that incubus indie instrumental instrumental rock know this one off by heart late night romp legendary love love at first listen made of awesome makes me shiver sometimes but in a weird way melancholic melancholy melodic solos metal metalcore midpaced intro mightiness mind boggling music to listen to way too loudly must have release my music new wave of american heavy metal one of the greatest instrumentals oneoftheirbest passion ekeing out emotion play this loud enough to raise the dead post-grunge progressive metal progressive rock pure american metal radioultra relaxing rock rocket sauce rocksss rolling stone 500 greatest songs of all time sachen die ich gerne hoeren mag sassy violet shouldofbeenonalbum slow and nice clean interlude someone tell me that tunes not from doctor who songs i love to death songs that i love to play in guitar songs that remind me songs to hear before you die speed metal start a mosh pit this is how guitars are supposed to sound thrash thrash metal trash metal vapor trails and alpine skies vintage synth weekly number one 2009