Most Played Songs of the Past 12 Months


12 sept. 2010, 1h23m

The fall weather's got me thinking. Time to look back and see what I listened to the most in the past year... lets say the top 10 songs. On the computer anyways...

So what did I listen to and why are those songs so damn great?

9. Försvinn Du Som Lyser - 12 plays
These plays came from just recently. I was listening to Visor Om Slutet and thinking much fun it sounds like they were having making it. This song in particularly is extra fun to listen to, and was probably extra fun to make. And sure, it's got the most plays, but the best part of the album is it's not even the one standout track on there.

9. Miss America - 12 plays
I'll start off by saying this would have triple the plays if car music was included. It was only this summer when I really discovered Styx after having mostly ignored them. They wrote some rockin' riffs in the 70s and this song has just one of them.

6. Stairway to the Stars - 13 plays
Another simple rockin' song. Out of all the BOC I've listened to this past year I'm surprised this is the song that ended up on the top 10 list... I guess some of the other songs I would have expected on here were mostly listened on my mp3 player or live YouTube versions. Still though, most of this was probably listened to in one day when I couldn't get off this track.

6. In The Year 2525 - 13 plays
Found out about this after the recent episode of Futurama that had a parody (more like tribute) of it. Immediately after watching it, I learned how to play it... and then discovered that it was based on a real song, which is equally as awesome. Oh and by the way, that was the single really good episode this season so far.

6. Losing It - 13 plays
I bought Signals some time ago, listened to it a couple of times, some more to Subdivisions and then kind of forgot about it and went back to believing that Grace Under Pressure was the only really good album of the 80s Rush era. Time passed and I got more excited about seeing them this July, so of course I started listening to the whole discography. When I got to Signals it sounded different, I guess the mood was right. It's still not better than Grace Under Pressure, but it's a damn good album for sure. Losing It in particular is excellent. Good atmosphere all around.

4. Veteran of the Psychic Wars - 16 plays
I guess more than one Blue Öyster Cult song made it on here after all. I first heard this song on the Heavy Metal soundtrack, and it very gently blew me away. Sure, I heard Godzilla, Burnin' For You, and Don't Fear the Reaper before that, but what kind of view of BOC is that really? This song was pretty much what got me really into this great band. Still I'd say it's my favourite... maybe along with Astronomy.

4. The Prophecy - 16 plays
I really don't remember listening to this quite as much as some of these other songs. I do remember what inspired it originally. I've never thought of this as an outstanding Maiden track at all, until I listened to a band called Solstice who did an absolutely awesome cover of it. After I listened to that cover for weeks on my commutes, I finally came home and blasted the original for a while. So there it is! Now I see it as one of the Maiden classics. Thank you Solstice.

3. Monkey and the Engineer - 19 plays
It's a fun song, what more do you want? Also I learned to play it so half of those plays are probably just when I was playing along. Simple and fun Dead song, what more do you want?

2. Wind of Change - 21 plays
More good listening, when the mood was right this song was on repeat... a few different times. Also I attempted to learn it on piano but quickly lost interest. Something just didn't add up. I'll stay satisfied just strumming the chords to it and swaying. Although I forget even the chords now... I should remember those.

1. Carry on Wayward Son - 32 plays
No surprise here, and if car and mp3 player plays were counted, this would be significantly higher! I learned to play this almost in it's entirety (I'll get that organ solo one day!) on the keyboard, and it's just way too much fun to play with or without the actual song in the background. It's a pretty perfect song, too.

So that's the list. I'm surprised the play counts aren't all higher, but that's what you get when only computer plays are counted!


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