• Last Curtain Call out now!

    23 mai 2011, 15h48m

    Last Curtain Call, Theatre of Tragedy's farewell DVD, was released on May 20th and features not only the band's 18-song final concert played in Stavanger on October 2nd 2010, but also interviews, tour reports and clips from the last rehearsals.
    Combining a crystal-clear sound, wonderful filming that really gives you the impression you were beneath the stage, Theatre of Tragedy's most amazing performance ever (as many long-time fans noted) and wonderful-looking graphics both on menu and booklet, this release is a must-have piece for all Theatre of Tragedy fans, both new and old, as well as any Gothic Metal lover out there.
    Last Curtain Call will be released as a DVD, both in standard and special edition; the special edition will feature a bonus audio cd with the the best songs. Besides, there will also be a separate audio cd release featuring sixteen songs (two songs were cut out due to sound problems during the recording).
    Here's the DVD tracklist:

    1. Hide And Seek
    2. Bring Forth Ye Shadow
    3. Lorelei
    4. Frozen
    5. Ashes And Dreams
    6. A Rose For The Dead
    7. Fragment
    8. And When He Falleth
    9. Venus
    10. Hollow
    11. Storm
    12. Image
    13. Cassandra
    14. A Hamlet For A Slothful Vassal
    15. Fade
    16. Machine
    17. Der Tanz Der Schatten
    18. Forever Is The World

    This final release of one of the most important bands in the Gothic Metal scene covers their whole career span, with a remarkable performance of new songs as well as old classics, revamped in a better-than-ever shape but still staying true to their original sound.

    You can find all the links to buy it here.