• Noniin

    31 août 2008, 9h47m

    I do this cuz Lcool did it too :)

    So, take the top 10 overall artists, and ask for each of them the following questions:

    1: First song heard from them
    2: Favourite song
    3: Favourite album
    4: Seen live?
    5: Favourite cover art


    1. Intro -> Linoleum (live)
    2. Green Corn, Showerdays, The Malachi Crunch, USA-Holes...
    3. Ribbed
    5. Eating Lamb


    1. The Boy Who Destroyed the World
    2. ooooooooh shit there's no way to decide this!
    3. Very Proud Of Ya
    4. No because they are sold out and ½gay these days
    5. Dork EP

    Bad Religion

    1. You
    2. All There Is, Generator (live), Grains of Wrath, Scrutiny, I Want to Conquer the World, You, Can't Stop It, Modern Man and many manyyy many more!
    3. No Control
    4. Maybe in future
    5. The New America (US cover)

    Good Riddance

    1. some song from Bound By Ties of Blood and Affection
    2. A Credit to His Gender
    3. Can't decide!!!! :S
    4. R.I.P. :(
    5. My Republic

    Frenzal Rhomb

    1. Russel Crowe's Band
    2. Mum Changed the Locks, Ship of Beers
    3. For the Term of Their Un-natural Lives
    4. Nah
    5. Not So Tough Now


    1. I'm Destroying The World
    2. Too many of 'em!
    3. The Album Formerly Known as a Full Lenght LP
    4. noooooo :((
    5. Eat Your Face


    1. May 16th
    2. everything from DUH
    3. DUH
    4. Almost but no thanks to rexman...
    5. I Think My Older Brother Used to Listen to Lagwagon

    No Use For A Name

    1. For Fiona
    2. Justified Black Eye, Invincible, Biggest Lie
    3. Don't Miss The Train
    4. Almost but no thanks to jew
    5. Live In A Dive

    The Vandals

    1. Euro-Barge
    2. Euro-Barge, Kick Me
    3. Live Fast Diarrea
    4. nope
    5. Peace Thru Vandalism

    Rich Kids On LSD

    1. Betrayed
    2. Rumors
    3. Riches To Rags
    4. R.I.F.P FUCK :((((
    5. Riches To Rags

    woohoo this was so great...