Laura Marling and Human-looking Godlike Genius @ Admiralspalast, Berlin (May 6 2009)


12 mai 2009, 17h58m

Wed 6 May - Andrew Bird @ Admiralspalast
the best night of my life.
you can kill me now.

OK, the venue looked just like I imagined. Pretty, pretty place.
My friend and I came there at 8 pm, hoping for some nice places. AND WE HAD THE BEST PLACES EVER, right in front of the microphone. I thought I was gonna faint beacuse of exhaustion [we've been walking through Berlin for about 7 hours, for Christ's sake!], but when
came. She was right at the button. She came with a little glass of red wine, what I guess was really stylish, and if you add her cute white shirt [or whatever it was] with folklore ornaments, she was really pretty lady :> She began with 'Ghosts' and suddenly I found myself sobbing, just like few months before when I heard her for the very first time. But then a funny echo effect made the whole audience laugh... The concert was unreal. Just like a meeting around the bonfire with a forest nymph who came to share her songs with simple people! I broke down into tears at 'My MAnic And I' and I was crying until 'Alas I Cannot Swim' [alas, the last song].
So, Laura gave us wings. I no longer felt tired, but excited [exstatic!] about upcoming show... We had to wait for Andrew Bird to appear about half an hour!, but it was a blissful state.
And when he finally came...
I was asking people around me if he's a real person. I can hardly believe that he is a human being! Anyway, definitely the most charming, surprising, etc etc, creature in the entire world. And marvelously talented. This man lives with music. He breathes it. He talks with it. I could not imagine Andrew Bird without his music.

People, if you listen to Andrew Bird and you think you like Him, don't fool yourselves. You have to see his gig to realize how genius he his.

I wish He and his ensemble *winks at sir Jeremy* played endlessly. Masterpiece of Masterwarm, cool versions of Opposite Day and A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left, pity that there was nothing from Weather Systems, but Imitosis was just delicious. Oh and I enjoyed Oh No for the very first time, I suppose now I understand the phenomenon of this song. But I still don't like Effigy, sorry. Oh, Anonanimal was phenomenal as well/hell. And Why? live was the best!

Week ago was supposed to be just another day. It turned into the most fabulous day ever.

I'm happy to be 15 and have the opportunity to attend Andrew Bird's show. Yeah. It makes me happy.

Fine, I just couldn't find words to express myself, right?
cheers. x

PS I was probably the most annoying person at the concert, so if you remember a little redhead girl going completely insane at Fake Palindromes, it was me. Feel free to say hi or shut up or whatever you want ;) xx


  • foxboro

    *throws her eyes in the air* (...) *tries to catch it* Dammit! They splitted!

    12 mai 2009, 20h02m
  • DominiqueTheFox

    :O! you need somebody's help! what would we do without your precious photos? :'( :)))

    12 mai 2009, 20h18m
  • Takademi47

    "This man lives with music. He breathes it." True! : )

    25 mai 2009, 9h06m
  • DominiqueTheFox

    It's probably the best bit of the whole rubbish up here... Thanks :)

    25 mai 2009, 19h56m
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