2000 + I'm negative about my Top 10


20 fév. 2008, 21h30m

[Yay, two journals in one day! :D]

My 2000th track is Radiohead with 4 Minute Warning.

Again, something to celebrate :P, I'm gonna complain about my TOp 10 artists.
It's easy.

10. Hot Chip
Made in the Dark is a bit disappointing. Please do something like My Piano.

9. Jamie T
You're definitely too talented and too handsome. Oh and I hope that clip to
Calm Down Dearest was just acting *suspicious*

8. Patrick Wolf
I hate The Magic Position. Why did you chande your style and turned pink?! It's awful. Please come back to old image. And some parts of your old stuff were too electronic instead of folk...

7. of Montreal
Sometimes you are too rude or your music is too pop to be able to listen to it [to to to to].

You are so very pop! And you don't play guitar. Almost every song sounds the same! And some of them are really lame! I think if you let Tom to write lyrics and play guitar I would like you more.

[Heather- oh, that's hard, innit? ;P But I was told to be negative, so I am. Bitter truth.]

5. Tunng
Would you release your album in Poland? Thank you.

4. Klaxons
Your album is too short. And please come to Poland. It's not even has to be Wrocław...

3. Larrikin Love
WHY TO HELL YOU SPLIT UP????!!!!! Please come back!!!
Album version of DSK is annoying.

2. Arctic Monkeys
I think it's because of Favourite Worst Nightmare you're not my number 1 anymore. Don't swear so much. Don't you cut your hair, excluding Jamie :P And you should play more instrumental tracks-not because I don't like lyrics or vocal, just because they are better. 505 really makes me mad.

1. Radiohead
You should play more happy songs. And, bloody hell, come to Poland!

That's it, folks.
Take care :)


  • HeatherGreenEye

    *Heather starts to bite her nails* Whoah,given that I am a Keaneobsessed little twit and Your friend,either, I am not going to pick on You! The fact of our friendship saved You from my vice :P Well,I`ve realised that I should do something in this shape for my case,because I am hardly negative about my favoutites... but that would be consdiered a rip-off,this or either way. lots of love :)

    23 fév. 2008, 15h03m
  • DominiqueTheFox

    Well, so do it! Your new juornal is not this kind :P Oh and sorryyyy, you don't like my bands either :P Oh and I love Yorke despite his opinion that you mentioned in your last journal! [I wonder why do I write it here... whatever ;)]

    25 fév. 2008, 15h34m
  • Jesse99999

    Honestly, I'm not familiar with many of them. Of course I know Radiohead though, and while I've never been bothered by the subject matter of their songs, it's a valid complaint. I usually find myself thinking that about Pearl Jam though (or at least the album Ten). I also have to agree with your comment on of Montreal. I'll admit I haven't heard a huge amount of their stuff (One album with a name I can't remember), but I wasn't able to get into it because it was just too pop for me.

    28 fév. 2008, 0h05m
  • oxiah

    i just got tunng's records,ready to enjoy. i got of montreal's all records including remix ones.how exciting!and 07album progress a little. i agree Keane's songs sound the same. it's crime that Larrikin love disbanded. they sound a bit like the libertines which is my fav band too. btw, babyshambles' better than dirty pretty things.but i don't enjoy pete's live very much.

    1 mars 2008, 1h44m
  • DominiqueTheFox

    Jesse-> well your music taste is rather rockish and alternative, mine is mixture of many things, so I'm not surprised ;) oxiah-> ooooh listen to Tunng! I hope that you're gonna love it [but I can't forget that I told you to listen to Los Campesinos! and that was a mistake ;)] I've got only a few of Montreal's tracks, most of them are covers but I'm about to change it ;) Well The Larrikins were rather folk than indie... It's another crime, The Libertines :/ Nothing sounds as good as them, no matter how brilliant Babyshambles are. DPT are quite boring, or maybe I just don't like Carl Barat ;> There's no wonder that you don't *rolling eyes*, but still I like him so much. He is so talented and he's destroying his career with drugs >_<

    6 mars 2008, 17h12m
  • Jesse99999

    True, I do lean towards rock moreso than anything else. I'm working on expanding my music collection though =D

    11 mars 2008, 0h18m
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