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  • BeaLu_punk

    yeah! RAMONES ROCKS!! you've a good taste, neighbour =)

    décembre 2008
  • jeroenramone

    "Your musical compatibility with DmitryRamone76 is SUPER" GABBA GABBA HEY!!

    octobre 2008
  • headbanger_89

    Hi friend, thank you for the add. HEY HO LET'S GO!!! Ramones for life!

    juillet 2008
  • eoooo

    we have excellent match, but.. eros ramazzotti??

    juin 2008
  • carolmoro88

    I'm fine and you? I loved Ramones ^^

    mars 2008
  • durvi

    ince compatibility... at last someone with love for punk 77 and blondie, too :) i really like debbi harry's vocals...

    février 2008
  • carolmoro88


    janvier 2008
  • zverec

    Good taste,dude!!!I never heard about that russian bands but other rocks!!!

    novembre 2007
  • Kevin1802

    Hey Ho, Let's Go! Greeting from Holland!

    octobre 2007
  • DukeKurt

    I know that I might be being redundant, but you listen just the créme de la créme of music! hugs

    août 2007
  • klarij

    wow.our compatibility is SUPER! good taste!:-)

    juillet 2007
  • igp123

    knock knock

    juillet 2007
  • joffertheloser

    hi dmitryRamone. Conform what is it?I believed it is the mark of sport shoes wearing by the Ramones but i'm sure.nice taste

    juin 2007
  • Szaman_PL

    Zdrastwujtje! Greetings from Poland! Great sense of taste,great music!

    mai 2007
  • EmilseKidA

    I must admit I can't get a word in russian... but I also must admit you have a great taste! R-A-M-O-N-E-S!

    mars 2007
  • Helketta

    yo :D

    janvier 2007
  • ylajala

    Amar dorak

    janvier 2007
  • BigBlueJim

    Greetings my Russian neighbor! Big props to your music tastes. Cheers

    janvier 2007
  • Larionov

    Indeed it does! However, i'm not russian. I choose my username because of two things: my big brother used to call me larionov when i was a child, and also because of my fascination of soviet hockey

    janvier 2007
  • audiohouse

    O= The Ramones <3

    décembre 2006
  • rocco_bankrupt

    Gabba Gabba Hey! Check out this Ramones tribute song: Farewell To The Cretins

    novembre 2006
  • Kjersti454

    Hey! Ho! Let's go! Nice taste neighbour :)!

    novembre 2006
  • mightycolobos2

    hey, some good music taste, especially for a Russian :P Im studying Russian and i just wondered if they are many good Russian rock groups?

    septembre 2006