The Best of 2007


30 déc. 2007, 3h54m

Three years in a row.. I am exceeding my own expectations here, but 2007 I guess was a year I plunged myself even more into elctro and deep, dark hip-hop beats from both this side of the pond and t'other.

I have discovered a lot of great acts this year (not just from this years releases) mainly from word of mouth and festivals, as this year I went to the mighty mighty Reading and the insanely fun Global Gathering, both were a laff, but only at the former did I discover some shit hot new music... step forward Foals, Bombay Bicycle Club andNoisettes

3 amazing bands I just couldn't stop playing on my ipod this year, and the first I'm sure will be the biggest electro band in 2008.

As for albums, I told you lot GOOD Hip-Hop would come about this year, which (thank god) it bloody well has; with loads of tasteful stuff being released this year with some obvious exceptions ahem..Curtis

Anyway enough belly-aching my top 10 are... (in reverse order for the first year)

10. Arcade Fire-Neon Bible

The Fiyahhh (as we say down my way) are back, in the year of what seemed to be the "shitty second" album, Arcade fire more than maintain respectability in their ochestral, alternative style with Neon Bible. However this album took quite a few listens and a performance on the glorious mainstage at reading... at sunset... for me to start to play this album through a little bi of "like" not just "wanting to like". Well admittedly I got there in the end, although this album in my opinion is not a patch on Funeral, which effortlessly combined orchestral and epic, Neon Bible is just orchestral I guess.
Stand out tracks Intervention, Windowsill and my favourite No Cars Go

9. Wu-Tang Clan-8 Diagrams

Hype can kill a lot of things... Nights Out, The X-factor final... Christmas... And cor bilmey did big-fat-over-hype nearly kill this album. Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen but THE HYPE did NOT match the finished article 8-diagrams is a good Wu album (or hi-jacked Raekwon solo project) but unfortunately it is not the epic that we all hoped and prayed for. Basically my sentiments about the album just re-iterate many of the critics.. so to be succint I'll just quote them.. "nice forward step for the Clan", "one day when the hype has died maybe we'll be able to appreciate this album as a classic" and "Method Man sounds ace"
Stand-out tracks Take It Back, The Heart Gently Weeps, Windmill

8. The National-Boxer

This band just understands "cohesion", The Boxer is one hell of an album, extremely together and a beautiful collection of songs to while away your days to. If you have an unhealthy relationship with music (like I sometimes do) I'm sure a few songs on the album will make you cry, and if your love-sick I'd reccomend you don't even go there... I feel like this album should place higher but this year has brought about too much good stuff.
Top Tracks - Brainy, Fake Empire, Gospel and my favourite Slow Show... so beautiful.

7. Arctic Monkeys-Favourite Worst Nightmare

Another 2nd album that rose above the crud was the arctic monkey's favourite worst nightmare with its melodies galore, the lads sure do know how to write a catchy little riff. Brainstorm is probably one of my favourite songs of the year and I can't wait til I can do some mash-up mixing with it on 12''. As they say "Keep up the good work... but don't hesistate to take break"... yeah that age-old saying.
Top Tracks - Brainstorm, D Is for Dangerous, Old Yellow Bricks

6. Kings of Leon - Because of the Times

When I was about 18 I used to hate this band and this was further compounded by a mate-who-wouldn't-know-indie-if-it-bit-her-in-the-arse claiming they were her "Fav-wit band of all time"... yeah get off the bandwagon luv... Anywho, it was only this year that I thought I'd give the Kings a chance, and only after they gave me a stonking performance at reading. After the festival I went and bought a load of catch up music and I've been in love with Because of the Times and its damn catchy tunes ever since. I can also now reflect and say that overall the Kings are a pretty awesome band.
Knocked Up, My Party and Fans

5. Interpol - Our Love to Admire

Our Love to Admire is another great album by Interpol , equally matching its awesome predecessor, Antics. Like all Interpol albums the "love" is never instant, it takes a good few rotations, but soon enough your hooked. I love this album mostly because each track is brilliant, with not even an inch of wasted space. Interpol did fail me at Reading though, their moody, alternative stylings just did translate to huge festival mainstage, and as such I'm desperate to see these guys at a little intimate venue.
All brilliant tracks but if someone held a gun to my head - The Heinrich Maneuver, The Scale and Rest My Chemistry

4. Akala - Freedom Lasso

Another exciting 2007 find for me, britsh hip-hop artist, Ms Dynamite's little brother and pretentiously self-dubbed black Shakespere, Akala. He's second full album "Freedom Lasso" is nothing but novel trying to crossover to range of different masses, bit of hip-hop, bit of grime, bit of electro its got it all. Though this album is NOT a perfect find as there are two tracks on there I need to have a good word with Mr. Akala about (i.e.
Love In My Eyes and Put a Spell on You), this album is interesting, different and instantly addictive. I challenge anyone to not find one song on freedom lasso that they like just a little bit, and for someone with such eclectic tastes as me I challenge you not to like the whole damn thing.
Electro Livin' and Comedy, Tradegy, History

3. Daft Punk - Alive 2007

I've been some amazing gigs in my time, but goddamn I'd probably trade em all in to be at the Perth gig that Daft Punk recorded Alive at, though the album near enough transports you there. Fantastic mixing, tangible excitment and lots of little suprise along the way. A-mazing!
Best Mix - One More Time / Aerodynamic / Aerodynamic Beats / Forget About the World

2. Common - Finding Forever

Ok this pains me (bigtime) to place the man I believe to embody true hip-hop 2nd in my best of the year list, because by far he is my favourite artist of all time, but I did not quite "find forever" in "finding forever as it is not such a cohesive collection of songs such as with his past albums. It appears to be quite clear that old Kanye told Common to release an album full of singles in an effort to show two-fingers to cohesion and fully embrace mainstream. Despite this I'm still a sucker, as the standout tracks on this album arenowt but amazing. My main gripe with Finding Forever is how it trys to follow on exactly where Be left off, it doesn't quite do it, as Be is one hell of an act to follow.
Stand-out tracks - I Want You, Misunderstood and The People

1. LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver

All hail LCD, brilliant, brilliant perfect find record, absolutely love it, even more than its two disc predecessor... I shan't elaborate any further.
North American Scum, [track artist=LCD Soundsystem]Someone Great[/track[track artist=LCD Soundsystem]Time to Get Away[/track]

Apologises to the albums I missed this year (well own but haven't listened to), these include Mirrored, Graduation and Soulwax
I'm predicting Lupe's The Cool will make my Best of 2008 list, God Willing

Happy New Year


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