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FilterOne Coups de cœur Hier 04h14m
FilterHappy Together Coups de cœur Hier 04h11m
Racer XChildren of the Grave Hier 04h06m
(hed) Planet EarthCrazy Legs Coups de cœur Hier 23h28m
(hed) Planet EarthCrazy Legs Coups de cœur Hier 23h28m
(hed) Planet EarthGet Ready Coups de cœur Hier 23h20m
(hed) Planet EarthDarky Coups de cœur Hier 23h18m
(hed) Planet EarthLet It Rain Hier 23h12m
(hed) Planet EarthBad Dream Coups de cœur Hier 23h08m
(hed) Planet EarthDaydreams Coups de cœur Hier 23h04m
(hed) Planet EarthI Got You Coups de cœur Hier 22h57m
(hed) Planet EarthBeware Do We Go Coups de cœur Hier 22h54m
(hed) Planet EarthOther Side Coups de cœur Hier 22h50m
(hed) Planet EarthStevie Coups de cœur Hier 22h46m
(hed) Planet EarthHalf The Man Coups de cœur Hier 22h43m
(hed) Planet Earth2 Many Games Hier 22h38m
(hed) Planet EarthSerpent Boy Coups de cœur Hier 22h34m
(hed) Planet EarthIt's All Over Coups de cœur Hier 22h28m
(hed) Planet EarthLiberation Coups de cœur Hier 22h24m
(hed) Planet EarthThe Truth Coups de cœur Hier 22h21m
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  • Stormfisk

    Alright. Reveille is indeed great. I prefer that kind of style over something like Clawfinger too.

    4 avr. 18h25m Répondre
  • Stormfisk

    I noticed your shout on the E-Town Concrete shoutbox. Anyway I'm not the biggest Clawfinger fan myself, but I wouldn't consider them to be the worst rapcore band by a long shot. They have that intentional "clumsy" feeling to their music, which upsets many people. I think bands like Project Wyze and Critical Bill are much worse. Btw the tag rapcore has a lot of shit in there, but I only consider the nu-metal oriented and hardcore+rap bands to be rapcore.

    28 mars 15h22m Répondre
  • Stormfisk

    Hey there. Why you hating on Clawfinger so much? Is it the irony-overload in their songs? Haha!

    27 mars 12h25m Répondre
  • visitors

    Greetings from France :)

    24 mars 3h34m Répondre
  • GerardTRUE

    Hello, thanx for accept. Hope I'll find sth interesting for me in Ur library for me. How R U?

    18 fév. 17h29m Répondre
  • Solicide

    I listen to quite some different styles of music indeed. I think that's "healthy" :) I would like to continue making music - I got a couple of hours of music written - but it is going to take a while before anyting fruitful happens. Fingers crossed though. :)

    16 fév. 13h59m Répondre
  • FearFaithFocus

    Yoy yo yo thanks mate :D

    13 fév. 9h41m Répondre
  • FearFaithFocus

    Hi, found anythin similar to MLC/FF/KJ since last year?? Peace!

    12 fév. 20h41m Répondre
  • x13xautumnsx

    You maniac, you! I haven't been able to scrobble for like a month because Apple's updates suck donkey dick and iTunes isn't recognizing my ipod anymore. Rawr.

    17 jan. 0h08m Répondre
  • TheArtistBox

    Hello, I am TAB co leader of the Under 100 listeners group of which you are a member. I am creating a list of active members who would like to be notified when a major update has been made for the group, to be shared new music with and to give more exposure to our current LISTED artists on the tag. Please find the thread and more details here.

    5 jan. 21h34m Répondre
  • Velvet_Myx

    By the way, would you happen to know where I could download Strong Deformity albums?

    13 jui. 2014 Répondre
  • Velvet_Myx

    Thanks for the tip! It's a shame that there isn't a good website for nu metal. The genre seems to be coming back little by little. There are tons of websites for all kinds of metal, but not much for nu metal at all. It's weird considering that it's among the most popular styles of metal of all time.

    10 jui. 2014 Répondre
  • Velvet_Myx

    Nice to meet you. I promoted my Charming Timur project over there. Anyway do you know if the forum is going to be back online or anything? I haven't been able to access it for like a week now.

    8 jui. 2014 Répondre
  • Velvet_Myx

    Are you Detox from NuSick forums?

    6 jui. 2014 Répondre
  • FearFaithFocus

    huge library >_< FF, KJ and MLC are my favourite bands, and I accept your invi with honour ;) have a nice day

    14 mai 2014 Répondre
  • ImParched

    holy shit, super compatibility

    21 avr. 2014 Répondre
  • x13xautumnsx

    No, I hadn't, nor do I think I've heard In Flames' cover of "Land of Confusion" which I just found because of your page. Is it awful that I think frigging Disturbed did a better job? Ugh, anyways. As far as "Sail", I think I prefer the original. Interesting that they did it, though.

    3 avr. 2014 Répondre
  • wafflesinmyvcr

    Omg, hell yes! I love AC and I LOVE Special Forces. So weird and cool and underrated.

    2 mars 2014 Répondre
  • nncerpower

    Okay sweet, thanks a lot !! =) I feel it's been quite a long time that I haven't checked a new band compared to usual, so... ^^ I will gladly follow your advice(s) and check all of that during the following days I think ! (And yes, too bad there's no e-mail alert ! It's always a matter of checking notifications regularly !!)

    5 jan. 2014 Répondre
  • nncerpower

    Thank you, that's checked ! :) There are still wayyyy too many bands I'm not even aware of, but that's now fixed ! Though now I remember you regularly mention Filter, I had the feeling it had been ages since I hadn't heard of them ! May check this one too. And yes, thank you about the vote, I had noticed your support :) (Still no sign of the winner announcement though... *sigh*)

    4 jan. 2014 Répondre
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