Shuffle Survey


7 jan. 2008, 8h00m

Set your music player on shuffle. For each new "scene" note down the song that comes next. So no cheating. Unless you feel it's necessary to skip a tune (say, the same song comes up twice, etc.)

WARNING: This "random" survey is more accurate and frightening than one would wish for.

Opening Credits: I Promise You Walls

Waking Up: There's Something Not As Vaild When The Scenery Is A Postcard

Average Day: Mandschurian beat

First Date: Goodnight & Go

Falling In Love: Tender Lies
(Ok this survey is getting fucking spooky now)

Fight Scene: Handshakes

Breaking Up: Natural Anthem

Getting Back Together: Honestly Mistaken

Secret Love: Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn

Life's Okay: Not Giving In

Mental Breakdown:The Nocturnal House

Driving: Beating Heart Baby

Learning A Lesson: Ah Ha

Deep Thought: Hiding On The Staircase


Partying:The DJ's Got a Gun

Happy Dance: Closer To You

Regretting: An Honest Mistake
(Ok what are the odds?)

Long Night Alone: The 15th (Tommie Sunshine mix)

Death Scene: Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above


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