• And Yet Another Poem :D

    18 déc. 2012, 0h33m

    Marianne Moore inspired poem:
    Based on:

    "An Epic Poem on Poetry"

    "I, too, enjoy it: my favorites are lyrics,
    Poetry in music.
    Writing it, however, can be difficult, I
    Struggle with
    Choosing my words, setting the rhythm.
    I like poems I can feel, words
    The reflect my thoughts, my feelings.
    If I must, I'll write my own not because

    I want to, no, it's required for education
    They will
    Judge. When they see that I've become
    The same is true for all of us, we
    Do not admire others
    We cannot understand: the lonely
    Keeping us apart in search of something that's the

    Same, people fighting, a brave man taking a hit, an endless
    Conflict between
    Ourselves, the children shaking like dogs
    Afraid of death, the worth-
    Less soul, the forgotten--
    Never are loved
    To discriminate against "Separate but equal

    Is not equal;" all these lives are important. One must show
    Some compassion
    However: When blessed in life by luck, or fate
    The result is not sympathy
    For the ones among us that will be
    "Victims of
    Humanity" --below
    Happiness and recreation and live only

    For survival, "you can never silence the voice of the voiceless"
    It seems I have forgotten. The topic of this poem lost,
    Instead words of life in
    All its rottenness and
    You have read it to the end,
    Surely, you are interested in poetry."
  • Another Poem <3

    18 déc. 2012, 0h31m

    "The Perfect Drug"

    "Music is the perfect drug
    Musicians are the dealers.
    Songs that express our deepest feelings,
    Can be the greatest healers.
    Whenever you may feel,
    Like you are hopeless and alone,
    Your music is your friend,
    Always there to bring you home.
    Music is an addiction,
    Without it I'd surely die.
    My one true love for all of time,
    Forever, getting high..."
  • Sneeze Fetish Details

    30 nov. 2012, 6h14m

    I think fetishes are fascinating, and for as long as I can remember, I've found sneezing attractive, and I didn't know why. I used to be ashamed/embarrassed by my fetish, but on the internet I realized that I am far from alone. Now I embrace it and truly appreciate the beauty of the sneeze.

    Sneezing can turn me on like nothing else can. I think it's cute when guys sneeze, but my sneezing/other girl's sneezing do nothing for me. When they try to talk during the build-up, maybe warning about it, is my favorite. (Perhaps with "I'm gonna sneeze.." "oh god.." or "look out..") There's nothing more sexy than a sensitive nose.

    I guess its even a sexual thing... Hearing a guy sneeze just.. tickles me, in all the right places.. It can make me wet, and yes, sometimes I even use it to masturbate, a bit.

    I like long, slow-ish build-ups especially. What the urge to sneeze does to the voice is so sexy. I love when they desperately try to hold it back to get the words out, the breathy stuttering of words, (Like: "I.. I, c- cant.. stop, sn- sneezing.." or "No.. D-dont, sn- sneeze..") and being interrupted mid-sentence, or even mid-word, by sneezes. I also enjoy the adorable sniffle-y, stuffy-ness, the cute little "Mm" sound people will make sometimes after sneezing, or even the occasional "whimper".

    I don't care too much for visuals, I just really like the sound a lot. Sometimes visuals can be cute though, the twisted facial expression, twitchy nose, flaring nostrils right before the sneeze. Rubbing the nose before or after, or maybe a desperate, "finger under the nose" attempt to stop it.... But they aren't "necessary."

    Being sneezed on, sounds interesting.. I've never had it happen, but it seems like it would be nice. Especially if they don't mean to do it, then are embarrassed and apologize for it afterwards.

    Allergy sneezes are probably my favorite. (Although I also love to take care of a guy when they're sick, like with a cold.) And "sneezing while hiding" is my favorite scenario. I find it especially sexy when their sneezes are so strong, that it's very hard for them to hold them back, and they can't stop them, no matter how hard they try, they still explode out of their poor little tickle-y nose. :3

    When you think about it a sneeze is very similar to an orgasm. It's an uncontrollable reflex, in which you experience release afterwards. The feeling you get during/after having a sneeze is said to be equivalent to a fraction of an actual orgasm. Some people can even get pleasure from their own sneezing, or it can make them horny.

    There's quite a community for it on Youtube, lots of videos, male and female. These "sneezers" often take requests from their fans, and many have the fetish themselves. Most people have specific details/parts of the sneeze that they like most. Such as: stifles, nose-blowing, hold-backs, loud sneezes, messy sneezes, build-ups, rapid fits, etc...
  • Roleplay Fun

    11 nov. 2012, 11h24m

    You: -we are walking home from a date, its dark, and strangely quiet.. we enter a particularly bad part of town.. i start to get nervous and hold onto ur hand.-
    Stranger: *i put my arm around you and pull you closer*
    You: "Daniel..." -i look around- "I think someone's following us..."
    Stranger: *i turn around and see a figure a few steps behind us with his hood up*
    You: I whisper: "Lets get out of here.." -i squeeze ur hand and we start to run.. the guy runs after us-
    You: -i look over my shoulder, gasp. "he's got a knife..!"
    Stranger: Keep going! *i turn around and block him but he plunges his knife into my lower abdomen, i open my mouth to scream but no sound comes out, he grabs my wallet from my coat and twists the blade inside me before pulling it out and running off, i fall on my knees, clutching the wound*
    You: "No..!" -i rush to your side as the man runs off in the other direction- "Daniel... Baby, are u okay?" -i look at where u were stabbed and see blood..
    Stranger: *ive gone pale, my eyes glaze over and i lift my hand and stroke your cheek*
    You: -my eyes start to fill with tears- "We... we need to get you to a hospital...."
    Stranger: *i fall onto my back, the blood pumping out onto the concrete sidewalk*
    You: -i pull out my phone and dial 911- i take ur hand, look into ur eyes.. "come on, baby.. stay with me.." -a tear runs down my check-
    Stranger: *i slowly close my eyes, trying not to*
    You: -squeezing ur hand i feel ur grip loosen-
    Stranger: *my head falls gently to the side, my grip becomes completely loose*
    You: -on the phone, my voice frightened and desperate- "yes? on the corner of maple and state street.. my boyfriend's been stabbed... please, hurry... he's passed out, and losing a lot of blood.."
    You: -i set down the phone and lean in closer to you- "Helps on the way...You're gonna make it..." -i try to smile through the tears-
    You: -i kiss u softly-
    Stranger: *i slowly open my eyes and smile, my lips are dry and blue, i kiss you back*
    Stranger: *the dark around my eyes is becoming more vivid as i become more paler*
    You: "Danny...I'm right here, sweetie.." -a siren grows louder as an ambulance approaches-
    Stranger: *i pull you closer, whispering gently* I love you *my head drops again slowly, my arms fall too, i take a deep breath out and go still*
    You: -the ambulance pulls up and medics rush towards us. a doctor approaches me and pulls me away- "No..!" I say and try to struggle away -"Mamn, I'm sorry but you'll have to come with me.." -he leads me away and the medics surround u-
    You: "he's.. he's going to be okay, right?"
    Stranger: It's hard to say, the blade twisted and ripped his lower abdomen tissue
    Stranger: *the medics put me on a stretcher then into the back of the ambulance*
    You: "Can I ride with him..?"
    Stranger: Sure
    You: -i run into the ambulance-
    Stranger: *they take me back to the hospital and take me to surgery. You have to wait outside. It's a long operation 5 hours long, a doctor comes out and takes you into a small family consultant room*
    You: -i take a seat without saying a word.. i still can't believe whats happening... i bring my knees up and bury my head in my arms..-
    Stranger: He's stable... But he's very very weak. We can let him home in a few hours but he'll need a lot of looking after
    You: "Ooh.. Oh thank god he's alright... Can I see him now..?"
    Stranger: He'll be out shortly
    Stranger: He's very lucky to be alive. If he was stabbe an inch to the left hed be dead
    You: "Thank you..."
    You: -u walk out of the operating room, bandages cover your wound. u walk slowly, and still seem very weak, but i'm so happy to see you.. i rush over and give u a hug-
    You: -maybe squeezing a little too tight...-
    You: (You're doing very good btw ^_^)
    Stranger: *i groan a little as you squeeze*
    You: -i let go and step back- "Oh, d- did I hurt you? I'm sorry.." -looks down-
    Stranger: *i pick your chin up and kiss you softly, im still pale and weak*
    You: -i smile- "Let's go home.. you need to rest..."
    Stranger: Back to yours?
    You: (am I doing alright too? .-.)
    You: "Yes, if you want to.."
    Stranger: (Your doing amazing)
    Stranger: *i smile and walk with you*
    You: (awh, thanks :D i love to write ^_^)
    You: -i put my arm around you for support... we get to my car and i open the door for you to get in-
    Stranger: *i get in and hold my abs as i sit down*
    You: "It still hurts, a lot, huh? ...I'm sorry... It should've been me..." /:
    Stranger: No. Im glad it was me and if it happened again i still would have done the same
    You: "..I'm going to do whatever I can to help you feel better.. okay?" :)
    Stranger: *i smile at you*
  • My Poem <3

    5 juin 2012, 18h43m

    “Shadow in the Night”
    By: Charlotte Parker :D

    I’m the words you regret saying,
    I’m the path you didn’t take.
    I’m a shadow in the night,
    I’m a smile that you fake.
    I’m the eyes you feel are watching,
    I’m the shiver down your spine.
    I am the voice inside of you,
    That tells you not to cry.

    I’m a soul searching for purpose,
    I’m the stutter when you speak.
    I am a blanket wrapped around you,
    When you shivering and weak.

    I’m the scream that can’t be heard,
    I’m the song that isn’t sung.
    I’m the whisper in your ear,
    I am the safety of a gun.

    I’m the hand that wipes your tears,
    I’m the madness deep inside.
    I am snowfall in the summer,
    I’m the place you go to hide.

    I’m a writer without inspiration,
    I am the things that you don’t say.
    I’m the dream you can’t remember,
    Like a ghost, I fade away.

    I’m a lone wolf with no pack,
    I’m the piece that doesn’t fit.
    I’m a stray without a home,
    I am the room that isn’t lit.

    I’m the awkward moment,
    I’m a locked chest with no key.
    I am the toughest critic,
    I’m my own worst enemy.

    I’m the stubborn jack-ass,
    I’m the horse that can’t be tamed.
    I am a singer with a voice so soft,
    I’m an artist without a name.

    I’m the self-inflicted wound,
    I wear a tattered bulletproof vest.
    I am the footsteps from behind,
    I’m the eyes that need to rest.

    A brilliant mind that lacks motivation,
    I’m the hand that reaches from behind bars.
    A hopeless addict, I can’t live without,
    And a sucker for cute guys with guitars.

    I am love without a lover,
    I’m loneliness in a crowd.
    I am a dark and silent angel,
    I’m the one that can’t be found.