• Anberlin at the Vogue

    17 oct. 2010, 5h26m

    Sat 16 Oct – Anberlin

    Overall a good show. Powerful entry by Civil Twilight with an odd, but interesting array of track choices. Crash Kings were extremely strong performers as the following act, prior to Anberlin. Tony made sure to allay any doubts of his skills both vocally and on keyboard. Most impressive was the strong on-stage connection noted between Tony and his brother Mike.

    With the entrance of Anberlin, it was clear the band was pumped. It was acoustically an impressive start with strong focus on visuals. Throughout the performance, however, I found it disappointing in its lack of balance of the audio. The vocals were drowned out over the instruments, and even though one could tell he possesses a good voice, this show did no justice. Collectively, the band members didn't seem quite as enthused as the lead, Stephen Christian, and lacked the closeness that made the Crash Kings' so strong. Overall, the experience of seeing them live after years of listening was a downer, with the opener making a significantly stronger lasting impression.
  • Fantastic

    9 août 2010, 8h47m

    Sun 8 Aug – Benga

    Ridiculous performance. Such an active and strong stage presence; he really enjoys his music and performing. The crowd was wild, and the night a memorable one.
  • David Usher concert

    20 avr. 2007, 1h24m

    Sat 14 Apr – David Usher

    This was an awesome concert. The atmosphere was great. Really low-key, with a small amount of people, even though the place was packed. David got up close and personal, and went so far as to pull people up on stage. At times, I was within 5 ft. of David during his songs. Altogether, a very powerful concert.