Creed "Human Clay" NYC Concert Review & Setlist


21 avr. 2012, 5h25m

First of all, Creed used to be one of my favorite bands a number of years ago, but then I kind of forgot about them. With their reunion and tours though, I've been getting back into them in a big way. That said, I was apprehensive about this show. "Human Clay" is easily my favorite album by them, and I had heard varying reports of past concerts of Creed's that didn't end too well. On top of that, the samples from the opening act (Eve to Adam) I heard didn't sound too good, so I was wary going in. Now that it's over, I'm happy to report that my fears were very much pointless.

Eve to Adam was much better than I thought they would be and smelled very much of a band that is better live than in the studio. They had a lot of energy and though they were very cheesy at times (the singer actually shouted "Rock and Roll!" at one point. Seriously.), the majority of their performance was almost flawlessly executed. These guys definitely deserve some attention and the songs they played have some definite potential to make them a big name one day. They, however, paled in comparison to the headliner.

Creed was INFINITELY better than I expected them to be. The band absolutely nailed every song they played and seemed to be in top form, as if no breakup had happened and they were at the height of their popularity and talent. Mark Tremonti and the instrumental section of the band were spot on all night and injected more than a few awesome solos into songs that were actually augmented by them. Scott Stapp was also on fire, warming up to full strength quickly and then just owning song the band played after that. Highlights of the night included the blistering "Say I", the phenomenal "My Own Prison", and of course perennial hit "With Arms Wide Open".

If anyone is still on the fence as to whether to see Creed live because of past mishaps they've had or bad critical reviews, ignore your fears. These guys are back in a big way and are just as good as they once were...if not better. Awesome concert.

Eve To Adam Setlist
1. Gift
2. Two Pills
3. Run Your Mouth
4. In A Hurry
5. Rebel Yell (Billy Idol Cover)
6. Banquet For A Starving Dog
7. Fault Line
8. Little Says
9. Reach

Creed Setlists
Set 1:

1. Are You Ready?
2. What If
3. Beautiful
4. Say I
5. Faceless Man
6. Wrong Way
7. Never Die
8. With Arms Wide Open
9. Higher
10. Wash Away Those Years
11. Inside Us All

Set 2:
1. Bullets
2. Torn
3. My Own Prison
4. One
5. One Last Breath
6. My Sacrifice

Fri 20 Apr – Creed, Eve to Adam
Eve To Adam


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