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5 mars 2009, 3h51m

Primavera Sound 2009:
Liars - Best band of an amazing weekend. Easily one of my favourite bands in the world so seeing them in Barcelona was always going to be a bit special. So many highlights from an impeccable set. Such good banter too, "we'd like to thank Neil Young for opening for us!" Brilliant.: 5/5

My Bloody Valentine - What's a word that means better than incredible? That's what MBV were. Being physically moved by You Made Me Realise is one of the greatest moments of live music I've ever experienced.: 5/5

Yo La Tengo - One of the bands I was most looking forward to, they played such a good set, nice mixture of old and new, Autumn Sweater was the highlight for me, I've been completely obsessed with that song for quite some time now, it was performed to perfection. The new stuff they played sounded great, high hopes for the upcoming album!: 4.5/5

Sonic Youth - Come on, it's Sonic flippin' Youth for crying out loud, they were never going to be anything other than amazing, quite a recent song dominated set but still, the perfect way to end the best music festival I've ever been to.: 4.5/5

Neil Young - He really is such a great performer, I can see why he has the sort of fan base he has. Easily the biggest crowd of the weekend, the whole festival pretty much shut down to watch him.: 4.5/5

Lightning Bolt - Insane, I think it's the first time they've ever played on stage (this may be wrong) but it worked really well! Totally blown away by them. Such a great start to the weekend.: 4.5/5

The Mae Shi - The Mae Shi are the most fun band in the world, that's not my opinion, it's fact. They were still a guitarist down but he was simply replaced by a laptop! I spent half the gig underneath a parachute, good times.: 4.5/5

Jason Lytle - Such a strange set, in one way it was a total disaster, they had borrowed all their equipment so weren't sure how everything worked, this really made the performance work though, just a few guys coming round to play a bunch of songs to friends, more gigs should be like that.: 4/5

The Jesus Lizard - I only know a couple of their albums but as this is probably the last tour they'll ever do, I figured I should probably go see them, I even sacrificed the end of Yo La Tengo for them, worth it though, definitely.: 4/5

Bat For Lashes - Natasha Khan, in Barcelona... yes please! How many times can I go see her live before it counts as stalking? Reckon i'm not far off. I should probably say something about the music...: 4/5

The Bug - London Zoo is probably my most listened album from last year (I think it's actually Microcastle, but it's close) so I was really looking forward to seeing him, the bass was unbelievably heavy, just the way it should be. I thought Flowdan was a bit off though and wasn't keen on how he mixed a few of the songs, plus he got cut off half way through Poison Dart, bit disappointing.: 3.5/5

Aphex Twin - I reckon if I was drunk and wide awake, this would have been one of the best sets of the weekend, however, I was sober and sleepy (he started at 1:30am) so I wasn't really feeling it. So much love for AFX though, he really is a musical genius.: 3.5/5

Other bands I saw/bands I didn't manage to catch full sets of.:

Deerhunter - Humbled.
Sunn O))) - Slow and doomy goodness.
Phoenix - Acoustic lovelyness.
Shearwater - What a voice!
Jesu - Doomy post rockage.
Bloc Party - Kele's deadly, Mercury isn't.
Dan Deacon - Not everyone here speaks English, dummy!
F*cked Up - F*cked Up.
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Pleasant surprise.
Marnie Stern - Filthy.
Spiritulized - Gospely.
Herman Dune - Folky.

May 23rd 2009:
The Mae Shi - Been wanting to see them for a while now ever since hearing of their incredible live shows. The fact that it was in a venue as small as Captain's Rest was just ridiculous, and following Dananana as well was just a total fun overload, they were completely brilliant, even a guitarist down, they still managed to pull off a great set. The I Get Almost Everything sing-a-long afterwards was superb!: 4.5/5

Dananananaykroyd - The 5th time I've seen them in a year! This was definitely the best they've been. The venue (Captain's Rest) was perfect for them as it's way too small, meaning that everyone had to dance, like it or not! So much fun!!: 4.5/5

Tubelord - They've totally stepped up their game since I last saw them, seemed like a totally different band, cannot wait for their debut album, it's gonna contain an unhealthy amount of awesome.: 4/5

May 20th 2009:
Deerhunter - Bradford seems like such a decent bloke, really good banter. Nice set, Nothing Ever Happened the definite highlight for me, absolutely love that song. "Remember this gig for better than it actually was", okay!: 4/5

May 12th 2009:
Pivot - Hmmm, not so good, they were a totally off form, that fact that their bass amp broke didn't help matters either, first gig in a long time I actually considered leaving half way through.: 2/5

May 11th 2009:
Holy Fuck - They were the best band I saw at T in the Park last year so I had high expectations for this gig, it didn't disappoint. Definitely one of my favourite live acts, they just seem so involved in what they're doing all the time, none of this pressing play on a laptop nonsense! Support was from It Hugs Back, really enjoyed them, will check them out.: 4.5/5

May 2nd 2009:
Art Brut - Good fun as always, the new tracks sound really good, I should probably give the new album a few more listens. We arrived a bit late so were stuck at the back with our view obscured by a big pillar!: 3.5/5

April 26th 2009:
Camera Obscura - First time at the Barrowlands in way too long! Easily the best venue in Glasgow. Camera Obscura were great, seem like genuinely nice people too which always helps! "We're playing The Barrowlands... wits that aw aboot?!": 4/5

Attic Lights - Good stuff, surprised how much I liked them, will definitely investigate further!: 3/5

April 22nd 2009:
65Daysofstatic - Great band, great gig. Set was brilliant, good mixture of new stuff and old. Retreat! Retreat! was the highlight for me, what an amazing song! Support from Amusement Parks on Fire was top notch too.: 4/5

April 8th 2009:
Bat for Lashes - What a truly fantastic woman. The new album sounds so much better live than recorded, really hope she releases a live album so everyone can appreciate it's brilliance.: 4.5/5

April 6th 2009:
Dananananaykroyd - Album launch in The Arches, they played the album right through, start to finish, great fun as always!: 4/5

March 31st 2009:
David Byrne - Unbelievably good. Easily one of the best gigs i've ever been to. Probably the closest i'll ever come to seeing Talking Heads, he played a 'Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno' set. So many highlights from the night, a Remain in Light three-in-a-row and Help Me Somebody with Byrne performing the vocals were probably the standouts for me. Each song was brilliantly choreographed with dancers performing each song. The man is a living legend.: 5/5

March 31st 2009:
Frightened Rabbit - Matinee show in the Captain's Rest, they were as brilliant as ever, Poke was again the highlight, with Scott coming into the crowd and playing it totally acoustic, looking forward to hearing some new stuff now.: 4/5

February 26th 2009:
Passion Pit - Sleeeeepyheeeeeeeeeaaaaaddd!!: 2.5/5

February 20th 2009:
Modeselektor - Incredible, the best gig i've been to since Bjork. Speaking of which, they even did a Bjork remix!! So many highlights of the night I don't even know where to start. My ambition in life is now to see Modeselektor as many times as possible.: 5/5

February 12th 2009:
Ra Ra Riot - Happy bands make for happy gigs, everyone knows that! Good gig, again, debut album so they just played everything and even chucked in a cheeky wee new one.: 3/5

February 8th 2009:
Late of the Pier - Oran Mor twice is the space of a couple weeks? Good times! Great gig, I love debut album tours as you know they'll just play everything they've got, Focker lacked a bit of it's energy live but really good other than that.: 4/5

January 26th 2009:
of Montreal - They've somehow managed to release 9 albums without ever playing Scotland, so they had a lot to make up for! They're like no live band i've seen before, each song a few extra people would come on stage and 'act' out the song as the band performed it, it was amazing!: 4.5/5

January 13th 2009:
Animal Collective - After releasing one of the the most fantabulicious albums in forages, couldn't wait to see them perform it live, Art School wasn't quite bassy enough to do the album justice but great gig nonetheless!: 4/5


December 23rd 2008:
The Twilight Sad - Four new songs and a Joy Division cover!: 4/5

November 19th 2008:
High Places - Probably the least people I've ever seen at a gig, maybe 15 of us in total! No idea why as High Places are awesome!: 3/5

November 16th 2008:
TV on the Radio - Easily one of my favourite bands around just now, they played a few songs they missed out in Paris, good times!: 4.5/5

November 11th 2008:
Art Brut - So much fun! Spent the whole gig in stitches laughing or with a massive cheeser on my face! Plus free JD and a free tshirt!: 4.5/5

November 8th 2008:
Built to Spill - Really good gig, kinda disappointed by the set though, they were supposed to play their best album in full, they didn't. Their cover of Paper Planes was brilliant and they ended with an amazing 15 minute instrumental!: 3.5/5

November 6th 2008:
Leonard Cohen - 3 hours of non-stop classics and 4 encores! He's 74 and still manages to pull off the same charm that he had on albums he recorded over 40 years ago. One of the greatest poets of all time, a true legend of a man.: 5/5

October 29th 2008:
The Bronx - The best punk rock band in the world? Yeah, pretty much. Could have done with a better venue though.: 4/5

October 26th 2008:
M83 - Brilliant, such a strong set. King Tut's really suited their sound too, good times!: 4/5

October 13th 2008:
This Will Destroy You - The 'stage' in Captain's Rest is so small that they couldn't even fit their keyboard on it!: 3/5

October 3rd 2008:
Pivot - Went to see them without having heard any of their stuff before, just because the Manngina keeps yapping on about them, really good, very impressed!: 3.5/5

September 30th 2008:
TV on the Radio - TV on the Radio... in Paris. How could this not be one of the greatest moments of my life?!: 5/5

September 28th 2008:
Islands - Tiny wee venue, pretty much standing face-to-face with the band, played a good mix of both albums, good times.: 3.5/5

September 25th 2008:
Frightened Rabbit - Free gig in Edinburgh, what's not to like?! Could have done with a being a bit louder, gutted we missed We Were Promised Jet Packs.: 2.5/5

September 17th 2008:
Bon Iver - Sitting in a church pew and paying £3.60 for a pint made it probably the poshest gig i've been to! Bon Iver and band were completely brilliant, pretty much just played the album from start to finish, with a few cheeky covers chucked in.: 4/5

Connect 2008:
Sigur Ros - Mesmerizing, seriously beautiful music.: 4.5/5

Franz Ferdinand - So much fun, great way to end the weekend!: 4/5

Stephen Malkmus - What a legend of a man, really good set with The Jicks: 3/5

August 14th 2008:
The Twilight Sad - Incredible. How they can make so much 'noise' sound so good is beyond me, even better than they were at Belladrum. They are without doubt the best Scottish band around right now.: 4.5/5

Frightened Rabbit - Possibly the best support act I've seen, saying that, it was more of a double headliner than a Twilight Sad show. They played Poke totally acoustic (no mics or anything), it was amazing, can't wait to see them again!: 4.5/5

Belladrum 2008:
The Twilight Sad - FINALLY got to see them (on the 4th attempt!) They were the only band I saw all weekend so definitely band of the festival for me!: 4/5

T in the Park 2008:
Holy F**k - Band of the weekend, absolutely amazing, there's no one else quite like them. Spent half the time wondering how they were managing to play half the stuff they were playing and the other half completely blown away by the some of the best music I've heard live!: 5/5

Rage Against The Machine - Insanely good, better than I thought they could be, everyone sitting down with their fists in the air during the Wake Up speech is one of the best moments of any gig I've been to!: 5/5

Band of Horses – Incredible, there's just so much to love about this band! Ben Bridwell is a total legend!: 4.5/5

Ghost of a Thousand - Insane! Probably the craziest band I've seen at a festival. Never seen a band enjoy playing their music as much as they do. There was about 30 people there but every single one of us were going completely mental and screaming every word of every song, brilliant fun!: 4.5/5

Battles - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaringadungadinga
dungadingadungadaaa!!: 4.5/5

The National - Left Justice to go see them! They were pretty good, one of the "will go see them no matter who they clash with" bands of the weekend!: 4/5

Jaguar Love - Second year in a row that I've seen Johnny Whitney play to a crowd of about 50 people at T in the Park, people seriously need to realise the mans genius!: 4/5

The Hold Steady - Only saw about half their set due to them clashing with Ghost of a Thousand, luckily they played Chips Ahoy in that time! One of the songs of the weekend.: 4/5

Los Campesinos! - The best start to a festival, surprisingly big crowd, quite right too, they are so much fun live!: 3.5/5

Johnny Foreigner - I love Johnny Foreigner, gutted I couldn't stay for the whole set but what I saw of them was brilliant! Met Alexei at The National, had a good chat to him about the amazingness of Band of Horses, good times!!: 3/5

June 27th 2008:
Radiohead - Pretty much my favourite band of all time, this gig was never going to be anything other than mind-blowing. The strongest set i've ever seen, brilliant mix of In Rainbows and previous stuff. Fake Plastic Trees, National Anthem, 2+2=5 and Idioteque are easily amongst the best live songs performed by anyone... ever! Idioteque is probably my favourite song of all time and seeing Radiohead end with it was pretty much life-changingly good!: 5/5

Bat For Lashes - To say i'm in love with Natasha Khan is a massive understatement, she is simply the greatest woman in the world, she's got a pretty good voice on her too! Can't wait to see her on her own tour, too many people in the crowd didn't realise her absolute genius!: 4/5

May 31st 2008:
Tapes 'n Tapes - Really good gig, Stereo is a good wee venue. Insistor and Omaha were absolutely brilliant live!: 3/5

May 20th 2008:
Animal Collective - Great gig, easily one of my favourite bands of all time, still a bit glandular fevery so I didn't get to dance about as much as i'd like!: 4.5/5

May 16th 2008:
Finch - Stupid glandular fever couldn't stop me going no matter how much it tried! Finch are one of my all time favourite bands so needless to say, I was quite excited about this gig! The setlist was absolutely perfect, exactly the right mix of the two albums, getting the cheesy singles out of the way quickly before getting back to the good stuff.: 4.5/5

May 10th 2008:
Crystal Castles - The lead singer scares me! Pretty good gig, first i've been to in the Arches, total rave! Vocals were way too quiet though and the set was too short.: 2.5/5

May 4th 2008:
Vampire Weekend - Finally got to see them after multiple attempts, they didn't disappoint, one of the tightest sounding live bands i've seen.: 4/5

May 2nd 2008:
Dananananaykroyd - Free gig in the GoMA, brilliant, one of my favourite live bands. EP is out end of the month!: 3.5/5

April 22nd 2008:
Alabama 3 - Put on such a good show, plus they play the best country-acid-house-music in the world!: 3/5

April 9th 2008:
Future of the Left - Colin is a pussy, a very pretty pussy, Colin is a pussy, a very pretty pussycat!!: 3.5/5

March 18th 2008:
Dananananayroyd - Easily one of the best live bands around, they should be big!: 4/5

March 11th 2008:
The Mars Volta - The Mars Volta... in Scotland...: 3.5/5

February 28th 2008:
Young Knives - I was only going to this gig to see the support band (Vampire Weekend) who cancelled! Young Knives weren't that bad.: 2.5/5

February 20th 2008:
The Mars Volta - The Mars Volta... in Sweden!!!: 5/5

February 14th 2008:
Los Campesinos! - I love King Tuts and I love Los Campesinos!, that's a whole lotta Valentine's Day lovin'!!: 4/5

February 11th 2008:
Art Brut - One of the best gigs i've been to, definitely the most fun!! There is no one even remotely like them, can't wait to see them again, and again and again...: 5/5

February 4th 2008:
Coheed and Cambria - Been wanting to see them for ages! Welcome Home is awesome live! Claudio is so freakin' awesome!!: 3/5

Madina Lake - Emo rubbish: 1/5

Fightstar - Awful, I don't know how anyone can take them seriously (sorry Kath!): 0/5

Circa Survive - Best support band of the night... by a mile, he has such a cool voice!: 3.5/5

January 24th 2008:
Futureheads - Pretty good, never been to a gig in strath union before.: 2.5/5


December 3rd 2007:
Kings of Leon - Best free gig i've ever been to! Oh yeah! SECC is actually awesome now!: 4/5

Manchester Orchestra - Easily one of the best support bands i've seen!: 3/5

November 26th 2007:
Matt Berry - Legend: 5/5

November 8th 2007:
Biffy Clyro - Mon the Biff! The whole place went mental when they finally came on after waiting like 40 minutes, Gardner almost died!: 3.5/5

Nine Black Alps - Pretty good for a support band, Unsatisfied is a choon!: 2/5

October 26th 2007:
Enter Shikari - Gig was insane! Why does barrowlands have to be so damn hot though?! Gutted I missed Hundred Reasons!: 3/5

Connect 2007:
Bjork - Been wanting to see her live for ages, there really is no one else quite like her. Probably the highlight of my life so far.: 5/5

Modest Mouse - Unbelievable, Modest Mouse and Johnny Marr... in Inverary!: 5/5

The Beastie Boys - So good, what a way to end the first night!: 4.5/5

Seasick Steve - What a man, one of the performances of the weekend!: 4.5/5

Bat for Lashes - Brilliant, totally chilled just sitting watching them while destroying a hog burger!: 4/5

Rilo Kiley - One of the best bands of the weekend, would definitely go see them again!: 4/5

T in the Park 2007:
The Blood Brothers - Possibly the best band in the world.: 5/5

Queens of the Stone Age - Josh Homme is a freaking Leg End, such a good way to end the weekend: 5/5

Hot Chip - Unbelievably good, they remixed their whole album, it was just so good in the Slam Tent!: 4.5/5

Enter Shikari - Ladies and gentlemen, show your appreciation for Johnny Smeaton!!: 4/5

CSS - The lead singer is a nutcase, so funny, great show!: 3/5

June 13th 2007:
Stephen Lynch - Hilarious, anyone who makes fun of jews, "special" people and Christopher Reeves all in one show is a genius!!: 4/5

June 7th 2007:
Billy Talent - Really good live band in a really good wee venue.: 4.5/5

June 1st 2007:
Biffy Clyro - So good but so damn hot! Plus, a ten tonne chick landed on my head! Mon the Biff!: 3.5/5

May 28th 2007:
Paramore - Hayley is proper awesome, she totally wanted me...: 3.5/5

April 30th 2007:
yourcodenameis:milo - Amazing band in an awesome wee venue: 4.5/5

April 18th 2007:
Lostprophets - Insane, Shinobi was deadly, biggest. mosh pit. ever.: 3/5

Taking Back Sunday - Best i've seen them.: 3/5

Aiden - Didn't know any of their songs... plus, they were awful.: 1/5


  • TheWrongWayOut

    Man, just stumbled accross this. We've been to about half of the exact same gigs haha - excellent taste! :D

    28 avr. 2009, 10h37m
  • DangerousSnails

    Haha awesome! Any reviews you disagree with there?

    28 avr. 2009, 11h25m
  • TheWrongWayOut

    Not really! You're pretty on the money! The one thing was that I wasn't that impressed by Rilo Kiley at Connect 07, but oh well! Are High Places the guy that supported Animal Collective at the school of art in January by the way?

    29 avr. 2009, 0h11m
  • DangerousSnails

    Haha, I may have a slightly biased view on that due to my love for Jenny Lewis! :D Nah, that was High Life, check out High Places though, their compilation album thing "03/07-09/07" is fantastic!

    29 avr. 2009, 10h35m
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