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31 mars 2012, 19h58m

Andrew Morrison:
Andy's April show features two hours of new and exciting music, including a session from The Metatrons as well as brand new tracks from Kuedo, Sleigh Bells, His Electro Blue Voice, Ghost Society, Rangleklods, Baby Blue, Errors, The Frank and Walters, Scuba and Yeti Lane. Teresa's appears with a Tasty Tip, and Scott introduces a Funky Five Minutes, plus there's a competition to win an album by Louis Inglis on Sean Hocking's Metal Postcard label.

There are 2 shows from Marcelle this month. A very special compilation of 'The Worst Songs of The Fall' plus her regular show where she shows the effects of 'Unhealthy piles of vinyl'.

'The worst songs of The Fall as voted by Fall fans'

Disappointed by their lazy and idealess latest album, Fall-fan-from-the-start Marcelle decided to ask Fall fans for their own songs that they dislike from the band they love. Appeals on her various radio shows and on the Fall website led to quite a lot of suggestions coming in, leading up to this Fall blacklist.
Suggestions came with their reasons - such as:"Dull and unnecessary", "Lazy and grim", "Mark ranting unintelligibly over redundant bullshit beats", "It's just mumbling for five minutes with no music", "A very bad attempt at a conventional pop-song that sounds like lousy karaoke", "It sounds like a Fall self parody", "Far too poppy and the trumpets are too loud", "Ridiculous prole rock", "I do not feel it's one of Mark E Smith's better lyrics", "It represents a total lack of imagination from all concerned", "A total album filler of the worst kind", "Refrain from giving airtime to any of this dismal trash".
You can't have a better recommendation to listen to a Fall radio show than that, can you?

'Unhealthy piles of vinyl'

For her regular show Marcelle has brought back unhealthy piles of vinyl from her latest DJ journeys. Amongst others from Berlin come some original African 7"-singles, new releases from Golden Diskó Ship and Young, Paul, Irmler and FM Einheit. Hamburg's Golden Pudel Club, where Marcelle is a resident DJ, released a live album from Demdike Stare, recorded live at the – as Marcelle explains – sometimes not so poodly club. We also see the return to form of old dub masters Sly And Robbie, Lee Perry and Mad Professor, the latter utilising his exquisite sillyness for reshaping Colombian rhythms.
In anticipation of the new Black Dice album, Marcelle plays a solo effort from its member Eric Copeland and the Soul Jazz label released another beautifully packaged compilation: a 5 LP and DVD box comprising of original music from Palenge, Colombia which also gets remixed by amongst others Deadbeat. To continue on the forward thinking electronic (dance) front Marcelle plays fresh vinyl from people like Tessela, Kyoka, Randomer, NHK, Monolake, Mark Ernestus, Addison Groove, Gothtrad and – in Wax Across The Water - Ugandan Methods.
To top it all, Marcelle can't remember which Look Back Bore LP, bought by her 30 years ago, she is playing!
That's what unhealthy piles of vinyl do to someone's mind ...

Mark Cunliffe:
There are 2 shows from me this month.
My regular show was made as I prepare to head down to St Ives to attend this April's yearly Bible Dicing event I need to tell you how this month's show is going to roll.
Shigeto is fiddling with a tangled slinky which has Ryuji Takeuchi thinking very unfavourabley about it. Mackai and Flats think the whole of Luxembourg is possessed which gives you the willies under Dr Buddha's conditions. No.Lay is trying to follow in Floella Benjamin's footsteps which Mr Bald is proper charged about. There's also a fantastic live session by China Shop Bull recorded at The Bell last December, such energy ...
My other show is a Moombahton Special.
Moombahton is a genre and a scene to have emerged when Dave Nada slowed down the Afrojack remix of the Silvio Ecomo & DJ Chuckie song "Moombah" from 128 BPM to 108 BPM. 108 BPM being the speed that reggaeton tends to bit pitched at.
In this hour special you'll hear some straight moombahton, some moombahcore and even some moombashment from some of the main players in moombahton right now. The likes of J-Trick, Nadastrom, Freaky Philip, Gladiator, Jwls and Mackai to name a few.

Mark Whitby:
April 2012 marks the date we finally make good on our promise to bring you a live session from one of Earth's finest bands, the wonderful Extradition Order. That this coincides with a flurry of releases from show favourites Alisia Casper, Llamatron, TeKlo as well as Zoomonk's collaboration with Zelig Concrete may provoke in earthlings sufficient delight to make them happy, for once, that they don't reside on one of the moons of Saturn.
Further terrestrial succour is provided by Iceland's Toddi Wellman, Malaysian (we think) noisemakers Sonic Death, pizza-fuelled Croatians Crawander, dubby Italian spaghetti western stylings from Heroin in Tahiti and Spain's Los Autocratas alongside more from those celebrated EPs from Men of Good Fortune and Quektis and fresh off the shelf releases from last month's session guest ANT and, among others, Jammin J and Mitoma.
Throw in previews of forthcoming albums by The Sinatra Test and Gentle Mystics, an introduction to the delights of Solarno, and the Felling Male Voice Choir and tunes from a wonderful new charity compilation from our friends at Audio Antihero (including a new Jeffrey Lewis track, no less) and inhabitants of our troubled planet might feel inclined to cancel that one-way flight to Titan after all.

Neil Jenkins:
This month, Neil is proud and honoured to bring you Big Joan live, recorded at the launch of their CD 'The Long, Slow Death of Big Joan' at The Louisiana in Bristol on 10 February 2012.

Paul Ackroyd:
A great month of new releases in the electronic world sees vinyl from Nhk'koyxen, Death and Vanilla, Ital, Mmm, Felix Kubin, Burial, Ugandan Methods, and Slant Azymuth nestle alongside weird, wonderful, and otherworldly pieces from Raja Ali, Marika Papagika, seyoum gebreyes and wallias band, I-Roy, The Soul Stirrers, and Jessie May Hill for April's Kamikaze show for Dandelion. Plenty more besides those bits, including some old Andy Stott and Scorn in Wax Across The Water. Three hours of solid hits.

This month's three-hour show features an exclusive new session from One happy island, a complete live set from Allo Darlin', and tracks from featured album "Valentina" by The Wedding Present. There are also new tracks from Sock Puppets; Alisia Casper; Peru; Breton; Eux Autres; The School; Shrag; Liechtenstein; and Tigercats.
There's tracks from the excellent download compilation "This Is What Feminism Sounds Like 2", and electronica from BIRD O10C; and Damabiah. Pinch remixes Mark Stewart with Primal Scream, while Black Tambourine take on The Ramones.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is a punk rarity from 1977, while this month's Educating Elizabeth is a 60s psych / soul crossover.
As well as little known acts, here's a little known fact: Three alleged members of top Russian band Pussy Riot are currently in jail awaiting trial for "hooliganism" for performing an anti-Putin song in a Moscow cathedral last month. If convicted they face seven year prison terms. They were protesting about widespread election fraud in the recent Russian presidential election which brought Putin back to power. Free Pussy Riot!

Sean Hocking:
This month's show I've given over to one of Beijing's two major independent record labels, Maybe Mars (on Facebook) who kindly let us have access to their entire catalogue.
Maybe Mars now has 40 or so releases under its belt having supported local independent music in Beijing and increasingly around the China for nigh on five years. Here's what they say about themselves on the Rock In China Wiki
"Last year while big-name acts like Nine Inch Nails, New York Dolls and Cui Jian strutted across the stage in front of crowds of screaming fans at the 2007 Beijing Pop Festival, a newborn record label quietly released three albums from local Beijing indie bands.
Since then, Maybe Mars Records has recorded 11 albums for bands that define indie music in China¹s capital, seen some of them open on tour for internationally renowned groups like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and Blixa Bargeld¹s Einsturzende Neubauten, helped them release albums in China and Australia, sign and record with British music giant Martin Atkins and work with Public Enemy drummer and musical director Brian Hardgroove. Not bad for a first-year anniversary."

- China Music Radar.
"Maybe Mars are like Factory Records (English record label credited with discovering The Happy Mondays and Joy Division, and the founding of The Hacienda in Manchester, birthplace of modern dance/electronic music). We have very informal relationships with the bands we endorse, helping them to record, distribute and perform. We think it's really important that we remain independent."
- Zheng Changyu, manager of Maybe Mars

So who have we included?
The very popular Carsick Cars who've been spearheading the indie scene for a while in China. Liu Kun the voice of new China Folk, Shanghai band Muscle Snog who we've featured in earlier shows and new discovery Xiao He (also rated by Mark Coles fellow Dandelion traveller) who to us sounds like a bizarre combination of Tiny Tim and Captain Beefheart circa Trout Mask Replica ... but in Mandarin! Bizarre and wonderful.

Yank Sizzler:
Spring has sprung and my allergies hate my soul. I'm blind with swollen eyes, snot runs from me like a broken tap and my sneezes usually get the cops called on me, but I'm going to take solace in the sheer joy that I get to play you splendid people this amazing music!
There's thrilling new records by Summer Twins, Crystal Stilts, Wild Belle, Young and in the Way, Delta Spirit and Carolina Chocolate Drops.
Some of the hardest working indie labels like Numero Group and Light In The Attic bring us crazy spectacular treasure troves from unknown artists like Shirley Ann Lee & the South Korean master producer Shin Joong Hyun.
Of course, I can't be helped when it comes to playing a few favorites of mine from Grimes, Dirty Beaches and the lost jackpot that is Pisces!
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John Peel, Dandelion Radio


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