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24 déc. 2008, 18h32m

The January shows are ready to roll - but if you catch this announcement before Christmas ... then you might just catch a one-off special show that plays from 23:00 to midnight on 24th December. It is the lead in to this year's Festive Fifty - that starts at at midnight on Christmas day.

Festive Fifty:
Continuing a Christmas tradition started by the late John Peel in 1976, join Dandelion Radio DJs Matt, Jeff, Rachael, Pete Jackson, Mark Whitby, Neil, Simon, Rocker and Andy as they take it in turns to count down through the best 50 tracks from the last year - as chosen by you the listener! Voters picked their three favourite tunes of 2008 in October and November, and now you can hear the full results of this legendary poll in one mammoth show, repeating daily from Christmas Day until the end of January!

Andrew Morrison:
Hear Andy's musical picks of the last year, in his first show of 2009. The show features highlights from the many exclusive sessions in 2008, including Decoration, The War Crimes and Alex Canasta. There's awesome remixes of MGMT and blank + jones; album tracks from Errors, Bloc Party and Lonely Ghosts; Teresa's Tasty Tips; Scott's Funky Five Minutes; and the Atomizer track that became Andy's favourite tune of the year! Oh yeah, and you'll hear a very languid-sounding "Taz" (Teresa's cat). Don't forget that you can still hear Dandelion's 2008 Festive Fifty countdown show repeating as part of the schedule until the end of the month.

The return of the Messiah

After last month's disappointing 61% vinyl guarantee Marcelle returns to form in the new year with a proud 81,1% vinyl guarantee for her January show. Furthermore the acclaimed Dutch deejay tries to attract an until now neglected kind of listener to Dandelion (babies between 0 and 2 years old) by playing not one, not two but three songs featuring babies crying (and farting and shitting).
By doing so she sneaky plays a track of her own double vinyl mix album 'DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess Meets Her Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory'. As another bonus Marcelle plays a Russian version of a familiar children's television show tune. However, Marcelle doesn't want to alienate the elderly listeners. From this month onwards she will play a 7' and a track of an album which were released 30 years ago that month. The series is called - after a famous Mark E. Smith line - 'Look Back Bore Records Of The Month' and logically features in this months show two classics from January 1979.
Some of the (now) new records by DZ & Loetech, Aardvarck, School of Seven Bells, Daniel Meteo, High Places, The Nightingales, Si Begg, Llyn Brianeno, Phokus & The Next, Duke Dumont and Toxic Lipstick amongst others will probably feature in the 'Look Back Bore Records Of The Month' editions of her 2039 Dandelion Radio shows.
Believe it or not: Marcelle even has the Messiah in this months show. On vinyl, what else?

Mark Cunliffe:
It's January and therefore, time for new goals. Considering Derby's strike force they'll have to be pretty big ones ...
On my show this month, Mungo's HiFi meets a Mexican called Heinz?????! Prozac Painkiller cheers us up with something approaching gabba ... but not quite. Polka Party turn Japanese? - D'ya really think so?? Dognoize sample a dictator (they got a Stalin tester pot from Wilko). There's some Asian psychedelia from a man called Singh. Sleaford Mods are back on form at the chapel and Anthony B thinks he's Batman. There's an artist who ran out of ink when coming up with his name cos he's just called F. Kink Kong's not bothered about Ann Darrow any more, he's moved on to the campaign for the legalisation of marijuana. Enduser's copying off Prozac Painkiller. Queen Ifrica once again gets conscious, unlike me on New Years Eve who was more towards unconscious.
Finally we have Grievous Angel plotting to do away with The Chuckle Brothers ... and so say all of us ...

Mark Whitby:
In what has to be one of the finest ever midwinter periods in the business of foraging for new music, Mark delivers a double-handed January knockout punch in the form of the very best stuff to surface in the pre-Xmas rush as well as a whole barrage of excellent new stuff about to come your way in the early part of the new year. Among those offering relief to the old cockles are electronic winter warmers from Zombie Nation and UNUSUAL & ELECTRIC distorted new year terrorist attacks from Wavves and Grampall Jookabox among a shedload of new stuff that includes the highly anticipated album from The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, a much awaited demo from paraffin oil shop and a not-before-time reissue from CPC Gangbangs.
And, as the 2008 festive fifty is unveiled elsewhere in the Dandelion schedule, Mark allows himself a quick look back at the very fine festive fifty of twenty years ago and digs out some winter chestnuts including something from Stump and something else from Loop which, if they're a band who took your fancy way back when, may lead you to care to peruse the wonderful new single from a highly desirable twig from their family tree known as Pumajaw.

Matt Jones:
Describing a radio show is a bit like weighing up a boat on dry land, but with firey abstract hiphop from Oregon's owl dudes, some beautiful blissed electronica from William Fields, shouty latin samba rhythm big drum type thing from Orxata Sound System as well as a whole lot more, including a session provided for us by globetrotting Geordie Drum'n'Bass/Jungle/Breakcore artist/genius Kid Hideous, you can be sure this particular vessel is well and truly watertight, if a little overpopulated by forward slashes and comensurately lacking in full stops.

This month's show features live sets from The Wedding Present and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, as well as a featured LP from Hazel Winter - her new third album, entitled "Situation Normal Then". There are also new tracks from Little My; Built by snow; Dean McPhee; The Manhattan Love Suicides; We Are Burkina Faso; and Je Suis Animal.
Grace Jones gets an electro remix from Aeroplane, and there is a whole slew of aeronautical-related goodies. There is more electro from Pindrop, and Ormatie, as well as dubstep from Kode9, and plain weird shit from Plinth.
This month's Peel's Big 45 is a soul 7" from 1974.
As well as little known acts, here's this month's little known fact: The longest artificial waterway in the world is the Grand Canal, which runs 1794 kilometres from Beijing to Hangzhou, in China.

Simon Hickinbotham:
After the absence of one whole month, its great to be back with my first show of 2009. We dive right in to the action with new songs from raw gash from Ireland, Fly Ashtray from New York, Orange Disaster from Brazil, Factory Floor from London and Pentolino's orchestra from Italy.
But we aren't just here for new stuff this time, oh no. Taking advantage of the New Year to make the point that nothing is from 2009 yet, we look back a little more than usual, to hear from festive fifty old-timers Arcwelder, a post-festive message from the Swinging Buildings, and a reminder of what went on at Bell labs in the 1970s from Laurie Speigel.
Add to all this the new "short song-long song" feature, and you have plenty to keep you happy on these long winter evenings. Enjoy!
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