• Pukkelpop 2006

    22 août 2006, 3h45m

    I had some worries that Pukkel wouldn't be as good as other years since i didn't know that many names of the bands that were coming...
    1 band and the boiler room made it all worthwile for me. The Boiler Room was crazy. Starting at 12 am and keeping that up till 4 am they played beats that crept into your soul and stayed there. I am telling you the vibe you got in there, unbelievable. One thing about Pukkel is its crowds! they are all nice and crazy and they give it everything they got till they drop ^^
    Massive Attack was prety good (hooray they playd Angel :p) Radiohead was prety lame the first half hour but then they got going and by the end they gave us Everything in its right place and Fake Plastic Trees and stuff like that so the finish was great :) DJ Shadow was nice, Pendulum, DJ Krust, Roni Size all good. Morningwood had a realy sexy show :p and so many more but they were not THE band!

    Now the band that realy made it worth the 115 euros was...
    Hell i think i would have paid 115 euros for the hour and a half they had me in their power. where was i? Right! The band :p

    DaFt PuNk

    Their show took me to another place and time. I almost cried when it ended (well not realy but you know what i mean :p)

    There were parts where I thought i was gonna go crazy. They gave me that feeling you get when you are having a conversation about something you cant comprehend. (infinity, existence, the meaning of life, ... you know, that kind of stuff :p)

    If they ever play again in a 1000 mile radius from where i live i am going again :p

    I have been watching YouTube movies of their show ever since i got home... Totaly addicted to Daft Punk :) WORSHIP THE PYRAMID ^^

    for all you other lovers out there that can't get enough -->

    (There are alot more where that came from so check it out if you want to)