Some songs you "should" have!


2 sept. 2010, 7h27m

Hallo Hallo! :D
No... I am not saying that you should listen and have this songs... It was just a title for my writing... as I could not find a better title for this! hahahaah
Well... Gonna list below some songs (with videos/audio videos) that I have been listening these days...
I am not sure, but I think I can say that these songs are in my "Top 10"... anyways...
Hope this list gives you a new artist or song to listen to.

1 - Eliza G - Summer Lie
As an lover, I must say that this song was one of the best songs of 2009... But I only found this some days ago! hahahah Okay... a little late, I know. :D
This was produced for the same Italian team that, in the 90's, produced artist like Double You, Ice MC, Alexia and many others - the team = Robyx.
Great tune and great remixes - Her single has 9 (nine!) versions/remixes! this is what I myself call a "super-hyper-mega-maxi single" hahahahah

And here, in my opinion, the best remix for Summer Lie!
Summer Lie (Boom Boox Remix)

2 - Ace of Base - All For You
Well, almost everybody already knows that Ace of Base has a new line up, a new song and video.
I am a fan of the "old" version of the band and already a fan of the new tunes that Jonas and Ulf are bringing to us in the voices of Clara and Julia.
Not only All For You, but also One Day (Demo Version), Golden Ratio (Demo Version) and Bla Bla Bla (On The Radio) are great tunes for me.
Below the video for All For You:

3 - and here, a Promomix I made with all 5 songs of the new Ace Of Base line up:

4 - Sandy Chambers - Cloud N° 9 (Favretto Edit Remix)
One of the best (and most "used") voices of the 90's ....
Many, many, many eurodance projects in the 90s have her voice and not only in the 90s, but nowadays artists like Benassy Bros use her voice in his projects.
And although this song has this strange title - I find it really strange - it is a great great house tune... And her voice is magic!!! Listen:

5 - Jenny Berggren - Gotta Go
Well, former Ace Of Base singer, Jenny Berggren has gone solo... So far she has released 3 songs of her own... Free Me - That was not an official release, but a "gift" for her fans, Here I Am, her first official single, and now Gotta Go, the best one in my opinion.
It is a strong dance song with a touch of pop rock (? - Like The Killers)...
But yet no official video for the song... So, listen, if you still don't know it:

Well... Got tired of writing... I know when I click the button "Submit" I will remember some songs I forgot and should have posted... But it is ok, I'll make another post soon.


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