DAMN BOY, Homme, États-Unis
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T.I.Stand Up Guy (Amended Album Version) 15 fév. 2008
TraeSong Cry 15 fév. 2008
Z-RoRespect My Mind 15 fév. 2008
Lil' ODo You Think About Me 15 fév. 2008
Pimp CComing Up 15 fév. 2008
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DAMN 1: to condemn to a punishment or fate; especially : to condemn to hell 2 a: to condemn vigorously and often irascibly for some real or fancied fault or defect b: to condemn as a failure by public criticism 3: to bring ruin on 4: to swear at : curse —often used to express annoyance, disgust, or surprise intransitive verb : curse swear ******************************************************** BOY 1often offensive : a male servant 2 a: a male child from birth to adulthood b: son c: an immature male d: sweetheart beau 3 a: one native to a given place b: fellow person c—used interjectionally to express intensity of feeling ************************************************************* Houston, South Park rapper BORN AUGUST 29 has been rapping for 15yrs. Overcomming a near fatal gun shot wound to the jaw with a 45 auto. 8/12/94 by a close friend this incedent somewhat changed his perseption towards people making it difficult to trust anyone and it made him somewhat antisocial, quiet and observant of ones actions... this young gifted artist overcame his opsticals and continued to persue his dream.. With his gift for writing(rap & r&b), singing hooks, producing,& Acting "DAMN BOY" is 1 very complete package. (quote)"I RAP FROM THE HEART AND BY DOING SO I RAP FOR THE PEOPLE THAT CAN FEEL AND RELATE TO WHAT I`M RAPPING ABOUT". "DAMN BOY" is known for his many styles, whether it`s rapping fast or slow his "voice" will surely catch your attention.(quote) A MIMIC I`M NOT, I DID A SONG CALL "CERTIFIED PLAYA" SOME PEOPLE TOLD ME I SOUND LIKE THE LATE "FAT PAT" R.I.P, I TOOK IT AS A COMPLEMENT BUT REMEMBER I HAVE A FEW MORE STYLES INSIDE OF MY BLACK BAG SO DON`T GET TO COMFORTABLE". DAMN BOY has appeared on such albums as, Billy Cook `CERTIFIED PLATINUM`` in stores now. RE-RELEASED 2004 GO COP DAT! Def Souf Records presents "SoufSide so Screwed vol.2 " Pop Trunk in Texas- screwed by:Beltway 8 ; and a over 20 mixtapes; M.C.A`s HUSTLE TOWN MOBBIN` movie&soundtrack staring:LIL` FLIP, LIL TROY, SOUTH PARK MEXICAN, DJ SCREW(R.I.P),S.U.C, C-NOTE,AND MANY MORE..... 2003 RE-RELEASED @ YOUR LOCAL BLOCKBUSTER VIDEOS... all albums listed can be found on www.CDNOW.com Film Debut in VH1`s TV movie, The Way She Moves` aired 8/29/01 McHammer Story`To Legit to Quit` aired12-19-01 andthis spring VH1 releases "WARNING:PARENTAL ADVISORY" SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2002 8:00pm Central starring: JASON PREISTILY from the hit t.v show "BEVERLY HILLS 90210" "DAMN BOY" Has Performed in concert with artist such as U.G.K, SOUTH PARK MEXICAN, DO OR DIE, CASE, JERSY AVE., R.P.M, SHAZAM(of the group H-Town), BIG MOE, SWISHA HOUSE, LIL` FLIP, DESTINY`S CHILD, TREMENDOUS, MAJOR RILEY,STREET MILITARY,S.P.C, TADOO CLICK, SCREWEDUP CLICK, BOTANY BOYZ,PAPA REU,TELA, SLIM THUG, 3-2, E.S.G, BIG POKEY, SGT.LOU, WICKETT CRICKET. CAPITAL B., MR.TAZ,H.A.W.K, BIGMELLO, C-NOTE, ACE DUECE D-REDD,YOUNG N THA GAME(Y.N.G), TOP DOG, NICKOLI VOCALS, BILLY COOK,DEEP THREAT,LIL TROY,STRESS-N-MAGYVER, CLE`CHE, DEM FRANCHIZE BOYZ just to name a few. Has work with super producers such as, MIKE B, JHIAME, MYKILL, T-MO, LUKE AUSTIN, CHRIS DAY(mintcondition),PROWLA, SQUARE BIZ.,L.O.U, CAPITAL B, CHICKEN HAWK,E.FRY & BLU-NOTE..........