Soundtrack to My Life


28 nov. 2007, 2h30m

Basically play all your music on shuffle, work through the list, an the next song goes where you are up to in song place.

Opening credits:Dog's Life

Waking up: The Conversation

Average day: Generator

First date: Betcha Thought We Couldn't Do It

Falling in love: Violencer, Pt. 2

Fight scene: Once, a Glimpse

Breaking up: The Science Of Lies

Getting back together: The Traveller (demo)

Secret love: Poetically Pathetic

Life's okay: The Flame That Guides Us Home

Mental breakdown: Its Still Rock & Roll to Me

Driving: Temporary

Learning a lesson: The Callout

Deep thought: Gimme Back My Bullets

Flashback: Head For The Hills

Partying: Say You'll Never Leave

Happy dance: Deteriorate

Regretting: The Empire Strikes First

Long night alone: Breakdown

Death scene: Table for Glasses


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